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A gaming community run by modders for modders. We supply the tools and resources to help make your modding project a success. The slide show below features some of the modding projects we're hosting and you can get a run-down on the services we offer a bit further down. If you'd like to join our community, click on the Forums link, above, then Create Account.

The Black Marshes

Explore the darkest and most dangerous regions of the Elder Scrolls universe in the mysterious Black Marsh. All new architecture, landscapes and deadly challenges await!

Dark Brotherhood Chronicles

The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large-scale quest mod. It boasts many new NPCs, locations, and both a large main questline and sidequests, delving deep into the shadowed history of the Dark Brotherhood.

The Order of the Black Rose

The Order of the Black Rose expands on the story of Logren Benirus. Explore new levels and an expanded Benirus Manor to uncover the mystery.

Acechadora's Tamriel Overhaul

Acechadora's Tamriel Overhaul is a mod that aims to improve and add content beyond the borders of the original game. Leave Cyrodiil's borders and explore a whole new world!

TES IV: Valenwood Islands

Tired of the pastoral landscapes of Colovia? Seen everything the Niben has to offer? Then take a holiday in the sunny southern isles of Valenwood! (Warning: package holiday may contain unnatural storms, pirates, cannibals and long-buried ancient artifacts of unimaginable power)

Elsweyr Pellitine

Ever wondered what was over the jungle hills beyond the border of Anequina? This mod will complete the Elsweyr province piece by piece, starting with Torval and working its way south to Senchal and all settlements in between.

Unofficial Morrowind Patch

A project that will gather all the previous patches and fix mods to create one comprehensive patch for Morrowind — one patch to fix them all.

Project Hosting

We offer hosting services to mod projects while they are in development, providing teams or individuals with forums and other features. Click on the link for more information.

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Upload your mod to our public download area. All mods may be downloaded without needing to register. You must be a member to upload your mod.

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Looking to start modding or need a bit of help? Check out our tutorial section.

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We can provide your project with a wiki from our MediaWiki installation.

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Git Repository

We offer public and private repositories to our hosted projects. We use GitLab for easy access.

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Just looking to hang out and chat? Chat with other members in our chat room.

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