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  2. Random Stuffz

    Guess they overheard someone talking about the GPU and got it all wrong, of course. (Probably overheard a customer more knowledgeable than them, which is true of quite a few customers, probably - the sensible ones who just want to get a look at the box, then go home and order it on the net if they like it and, of course, it's up to spec.) They have actually gone downhill, though. I used to pop into PC World here back in the 90s for accessories, and some of the staff did know their stuff. But then they amalgamated with Curry's, which is an old-established TV/Hi-fi shop in the UK, and now none of them have a clue. I hope I just persuaded a good friend of mine to not buy the gluefest that is the Microsoft Surface (I think those sales staff are desperately trying to palm those off on people). But it's still amazing to me how many people apparently will blow a substantial sum on a junk machine just on impulse (or the say-so of a sales assistant, ha ha!).
  3. Random Stuffz

    I hate salesmen: "See how beautiful that screen is compared to the other? That's because it has a better CPU!" Seriously...?
  4. Live updates for our mod bundle that is called Project Magnus (Project Magnus is a big bunch of mods that either allow you to explore beyond Nirn or explore all of Nirn. We try to make it lore friendly but with some none lore friendly stuff added, just to increase the flavoring. If you just want lore friendly stuff then try Beyond Skyrim. We want to also have scifi stuff in for those geeks, but since we're limited to lore we got to be smart about the space venturing. We will try to make these mods great. We will try not to use models or other none Vanilla assets to save space for XB1, and PS4 players.) Why have scifi stuff in a medieval game? Well great question we do it to mix up the flavoring of our mods. We still have on land mods that doesn't require any scifi mod to play it. Remember to check this area out once a week if you want to see the live updates or come often just in case I'm live streaming.
  5. The Mines of DS (AKA Minecraft and its clones)

    Okay, so I bought real Minecraft last week and I think the map generator got drunk:
  6. [HowTo] Add Images to Posts

    Uh, question: how do you add a thumbnail to the post in the new version? They changed the UI in the gallery and I can only figure out how to directly embed images. Edit: So you just post the link now? Is there a more user friendly way of doing it? I don't always want the link to auto-embed itself.
  7. Random

  8. Games on Sale

    I'll take that thank you.
  9. Recipes

    So here's an easy: Broiled carrots and bok choy: Season as desired and then broil on high for ten minutes to get them nice and crispy followed by broiling on low for ten minutes to let the juice come on out. Turns out brilliantly!
  10. Random Stuffz

    He should go back to the nut sorting room! The squirrels would enjoy the company! That version of the film was weird.
  11. Games on Sale

    Nabbed, thanks!
  12. Games on Sale

    GOG is having a "Black Friday Sale". Spend $15 & get StarCrawlers for free, normally $19.99. (Key will be emailed to you, which you can use or gift.) Right now, they're giving away the game "MDK"
  13. @Bongmongus Hey, just curious if you've had a chance to try the patch?
  14. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Ha! Now you're sounding like me! I'll have to check out the latest version. Hopefully it won't give me seizures this time.
  15. Movie Quote Game

    Oh yes, it's correct. That's why it stuck in the back of my head; because it was a term I thought I should have known & could find nothing on. Unfortunately, looking up the term lead me straight to the movie, so I'm out. That's okay, I wasn't going to get it anyway. At least there's more info on the term now, and why I couldn't find it back in, oh, 1999 or so when I first watched it. Nobody take that info as a hint, because it's not. Good job Malonn.
  16. (SSE) Hammerfell Remastered

    New Screenshots!! The landscape progress around Goldmoor
  17. RIP Malcom Young

    Very Good Band, sad to hear that one of the key members has passed
  18. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    It’s not up to Blender itself, it depends on whether someone has created a plugin for the specific version. I would check out the latest version and see if a NIF plugin is available. Skyrim has been a pain and no matter what you’re using, you will have to tweak the NIF with NifSkope to get it working with Skyrim.
  19. [RELz] Oldblivion

    I got it for free during the first month of release too. I always use it as my home base since it has lots of space. I decorate it with stuff from my Imperial Furniture Renovated mod. There’s not a big quest to do, but it has some goodies and it’s a nice little story. Fortunately it’s included in all the Oblivion packages now, so if you can get Oblivion for a good price, then it’s worth it. Now to get this thread slightly back on track... Oldblivion is just the base game, right?
  20. [RELz] Oldblivion

    Ah, Battlehorn Castle... not worth buying, IMO, but if you can snatch it it will entertain for a few minutes, kinda. They released free for a time back in the days, so I grabbed and backed up.
  21. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Wait wait. Does the newest Blender support Nifs? Or is there a version of the plugin compatible with the newest? Or am I confused again?
  22. Movie Quote Game

    I have no idea what it means. But it is an accurate quote.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I am actually pretty good at herding cats. Kittens on the other hand...

  25. Tech Advice and Stuffz

    We have Corsair in our machines and one of the sticks in Jimi's machine went bad after the breaker blew when I plugged the vacuum in. Not happy about that.
  26. Games on Sale

    That sounds weird!
  27. Random Stuffz

    It's too bad Amadaun hasn't seen this.
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