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  2. Random Stuffz

    Damn snakes! They come here, they sit at our tables, they eat our food!
  3. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    I disagree with this change as it make sense that Alit should have the Alit Bite spell. Also, what I did earlier today is something I haven't done before and that was to test what magicka cost the Resist Paralysis (50% for 30 seconds) spell had. So, I clicked on the Autocalc checkbox (it's unchecked in vanilla) in CS and got 15 instead of the vanilla magicka cost of 300! WTF!!! I even tried to create the same spell in-game, altough with a different name, and the result was the same as I got in CS. Still 15 magicka cost with the same duration of 30 seconds and 50% as magnitude. There is another spell I also checked and that was Aryon's Cure Blight Disease, which is part of a Telvanni quest and the result was the opposite. In vanilla, Aryon's Cure Blight Disease spell had 30 magicka cost, but when I checked the Autocalc checkbox in CS I got 300 and the same thing also applies for the Rilm's Gift spell too! Also, note that in vanilla the Cure Blight Disease on self spell costs 100 magicka and that seems to be normal, but in comparison to the other Cure Blight spells it doesn't make sense. So something is wrong here, I dunno what it is.
  4. Programming Languages

    So, you could keep us posted about your activity.
  5. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    That guy's mod description. Holy crap. It's like watching an older version of the same argument we get now for Skyrim. I may not know the MW patch all that well but I'm well aware of the fact that it's bug fixes, not a gameplay overhaul. I seriously wonder if they'd think moving a rock was part of a gameplay overhaul sometimes.
  6. Programming Languages

    Ok, here’s my opportunity for a pro tip: don’t memorize anything. Just take note of the fact that the language has a sort function, for example. Look up the syntax when you want to use it. At my age, there’d be no way I could program if I memorized the syntax of every command! That goes for Oblivion scripting especially. Actually I don’t even have all the functions memorized. I just note that there usually is a function to do something and I try to remember the search terms so I can find it again.
  7. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    What?! Actually Jay Leno used to have a segment where he would pick on stuff like that. Viewers would send in news clippings. Some of them were pretty funny.
  8. Today
  9. Huge Scare Today

    Well those guys are incels because they are misogynistic assholes. Alek has some issues. Apparently he went jogging every day and just stared ahead while running. He didn’t speak to anybody or wave hello. He just ran right by his neighbours. No we don’t support the death penalty. It’s also rare for us to keep someone in prison for life, although that is getting better. We just opted for consecutive life sentences quite recently. It used to be that if you killed 10 people, you would only get one life term because the 10 murder sentences would be served concurrently, so the convict would get out in 10 years with parole. Paul Bernardo is now up for parole and the families of his victims have to fight to keep him in prison. If his sentence had been consecutive, he’d still be in prison and wouldn’t be eligible yet. Another thing that I just hinted on is that our “life” sentences used to be 25 years, with the eligibility for parole after 15 years. It was called the faint hope clause. Apparently that got cancelled when we implemented consecutive life sentencing in 2011. Here’s a wiki article explaining our penalities for murder. However we also have some other lovely facts which make a farce of our legal system. First, a person charged with a crime must have their case heard by a judge within a year of being charged. We have a shortage of judges, so a lot of cases don’t make that deadline and they are simply dismissed! Yes, that can include murder cases, although those are prioritized. Next, the reason I said parole in 10 years is because we have a credit for time served in jails while awaiting trial. The real kicker is that some genius decided that those jails aren’t as nice as prison, so the credit is 2 or 3 times the amount of time actually served!! So if our suspect spends two years awaiting trial, he will be credited with serving 5 or 6 years already and voila! you have parole in 10 years. The credit for time served still exists, although supposedly now you don’t get the opportunity for parole until your sentence is done.
  10. Random Stuffz

    Unhappily for us! The alligators can't even take care of them! Granted, they are smaller than the python's old nemesis, the Nile crocodile. We need to release some crocodiles!
  11. Random Stuffz

    Yeah they were released pets. They love Florida and are happily getting big and reproducing.
  12. Random Stuffz

    We've got a python problem down in the Keys. It's a real mess!
  13. Programming Languages

    Yep. C++ has two or three forms of getline, for instance, with each having a slightly different syntax which can get confusing at times.
  14. Programming Languages

    Lol. Python has built-in modules with tons of functions. Let me ask you programmers a question that has the potential to make me feel better: do pro's have to consult documentation from time to time? I just don't see myself getting to the point that I won't need to reference the official docs for help.
  15. Random Stuffz

    Haha. Well Florida does have some venomous snakes. And then there's the ones not indigenous but released pets. Not too long ago there was a story of a lady in an Outback in South Carolina (if memory serves) that got bitten by a Copperhead. Right there in the restaurant; sitting at her table, eating food.
  16. Fun Facts about Me

    The clown girl in that video, I think. She goes by "Vitsie". ?
  17. Huge Scare Today

    Odd. Involuntary celibates. The biological urge for sex is no excuse. I wonder what kind of childhood these people had. The insanity plea is tough to pull off here in the States. I've seen some colorful characters try the insanity plea and fail. He just needs to take responsibility for the despicable act and serve his time. Does Canada support the Death Penalty?
  18. Random Stuffz

    It seems to have left. I took a big shovel and turned everything over and nothing was alive in there. Crisis averted!
  19. Programming Languages

    I think you mean forum. I like my puns.
  20. Fun Facts about Me

    Silly question but what's a Vitsie?
  21. Random Stuffz

    I can't even go in there, I really hate snakes. I'll look at contacting animal control today and see if they can help since I don't know what kind of snake it is. If they can't help, maybe they'll be able to point me to someone who can.
  22. Fun Facts about Me

    This was the theme of one of my favorite VHS tapes as a child. Vitsie is watching you. ALWAYS.
  23. Huge Scare Today

    A summary of the incel response. Note: Not safe for life or sanity.
  24. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Anyone come across TBYB cat litter before? Always wanted a beach shack: Always blamed Mum for not subscribing to prenatal education!
  25. Huge Scare Today

    Yeah we’ll see how this plays out. Hopefully he won’t even try the insanity plea.
  26. Huge Scare Today

    It's okay. The thing is, if he was part of the "incel" community, well, it's going to be really, really hard for him to claim temporary loss of sanity. I mean, there's people upset because they're lonely or dateless...and then there's these guys.
  27. Huge Scare Today

    Correction on my previous update: Alek has been charged with 10 counts with first degree murder and 14 counts of attempted murder.
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