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      Phase 1 is complete. There will be a second round once Linode gets a patch. I have updated the forum thread -  please see my post here.

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  2. Windows 10

    How do you get .NET 2.0 to install? I can't get the installer to launch and it won't install below 3.0 if I do it via Programs and Features. I need it for Dragon Age: Origins.
  3. Fallout: New Vegas Widescreen Issues

    Okay, for Skyrim it's the same deal: you have to manually change the resolution in the INI. Oblivion worked out of the box but had bad pillar boxing. I'll see if I can fix it somehow.
  4. Random Stuffz

    That was a good movie. If you like that, check out The Prestige--quite a good movie as well.
  5. Movie Quote Game

    Do you have youngins in the house, Amadaun?
  6. Dreams

  7. Today
  8. Kitties!!

  9. Mahjong Tilesets

    Certainly- see the OP. You can see the set was recently edited in a hurry, to account for geopolitical changes. Turkey and Burma flags are now- somehow not showing characteristics accorded to the others.
  10. Mahjong Tilesets

    Neat. Could you add some screenshots?
  11. Random Stuffz

    I need a comic book subscription...
  12. Dreams

    So yeah, last night I dreamt that people were randomly turning into Dolph Lundgren.....
  13. Movie Quote Game

    It's that Brenden Fraser film that I can't think of the name for, isn't it?
  14. Movie Quote Game

    Yeah, let’s try a new quote.
  15. Movie Quote Game

    Closer, but no. (And nowhere near as good.) New quote?
  16. Mahjong Tilesets

    Also carry on from this topic. Also acquired Mahjongsuite to compare. Actually prefer it in some ways, but it's been put away in a box because think tileset files are not interchangeable with Moraff's. As for the Tilesets- see the OP!
  17. Tilesets for Moraff's Mahjong

    Tilesets for Moraff's Mahjong View File Tilesets for Moraff's Mahjong. They maybe used or decompiled for other games. Made up a fine one for TES games- lost it - what a bother! Submitter Schtearn Submitted 01/22/2018 Category Miscellaneous  
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Tilesets for Moraff's Mahjong. They maybe used or decompiled for other games. Made up a fine one for TES games- lost it - what a bother!
  19. Finally got the website for my cattery set up! Should have been done months ago, but it’s up. Still more work to do, but it’s functional.

    1. Schtearn


      Hey, wow. Cattery hey. Got a link? 

      Mum (English teacher) used to tell me there was no such word as cattery in the parlance- but that was before Google Books. Not much in use prior to the 20th century - but look, it starts to get a guernsey as early as the 1900 edition of Concerning Cats! Possibly derived from O.E. Cattinge.

    2. AndalayBay


      Here, kennel is reserved for dogs. We call the feline version cattery.

  20. Yesterday
  21. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    Great, thanks. Yes, for the to-do list. There's no menu other than a right click pop-up quit from there. Does it uninstall and leave no trace as well?
  22. What are you listening to right now?

  23. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    Okay, the latest versions of Windows 10 won't let it install by default and give a message saying it's because of an unknown publisher (had the issue installing Qalculate as well). Clicking run anyways and it installs fine without trouble. One recommendation: a quit button in the program would be nice along with a help button that launches the help program.
  24. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    Thanks! Should be ok to go- it'll warn if the runtimes aren't present. Hope of all hopes there's nothing wrong this time around!
  25. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    It's been quite awhile since the last update. Any news?
  26. Last week
  27. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    Okay, I'll see about giving it a try. Is the VB6 runtime needed as an additional install or should that be taken care of already?
  28. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    Actually there's still issues. We are on the case!
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