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  2. Random Stuffz

    Don't we already use time for generation of energy using the flow as part of a turbine? Turn on the turbine, let time flow past (pun) and later you have energy. From whatever was actually passing through the turbine to generate energy. If there is no light to look at while travelling at a velocity greater than the absolute upper-level constant of light, does time dilation still occur? Is time dilation even real, or is it more of a perceptual trick of the mind? Or more accurately a theoretical perceptual trick of the mind, since no human has ever travelled faster than the absolute upper-level constant velocity of light. What if when viewing that light while travelling faster, the light is slowed because someone put a water globe in space along the path of the light (perhaps an aqueous habitat for spacefaring water-based lifeforms), would time dilation alter relative to the reduced speed of light, or would it still relate to the absolute upper-level constant of light velocity? In other words, does light (velocity) really have anything to do with time dilation at all, or is this just an easier way for people to understand it while actually being irrelevant? Would those spacefaring water-based lifeforms be pissed off at us for shining a light through their habitat just to experiment with time dilation? Or at the astronauts for mooning them from the ship as they pass?
  3. Random Stuffz

    I think that time, even in the quantum sense, would be scalar. Vectors need a direction as well as magnitude. And time can't have a velocity, because the equation for velocity is (the change in position)/(time). Now, it's been a while since my Modern Physics class, but as I understand it, the reason that time dilation happens is because (as far as we know) the speed of light is an absolute upper-level constant, no matter what our frame of reference is. So when someone is moving while looking at a light, it can't go any faster (to catch up with the viewer's velocity), thus the viewer's time is slowed instead. I swear this is how this works. And if you really want your head to explode, look up the new triple photon and how scientists created it and I don't even KNOW anymore even though I love it.
  4. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    Well here is another one, but this one is the opposite. I guess the uploader was upset about what Quorn did. https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44595
  5. Yesterday
  6. Dreams

    Oh, last night was very intelligent deer going to war against humanity. I think my brain is trying to tell me something.....
  7. Random Stuffz

    Just as the flow of a fluid has a velocity, it seems to me that the flow of time has one also. It's already been proven that the apparent speed of time varies depending on how fast one is going, seeming slower as one goes faster. Measuring the velocity (time is a vector, right?) is the tricky part but finding this velocity could potentially have a number of uses. For instance, it would allow for a vast generation of energy by using the flow as part of a turbine. Also, by matching the speed, one would exist literally outside the flow of time. This would allow for observatories of sorts.
  8. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    If you're talking about Skyrim, for SSE you won't notice any real difference at all between open and closed cities. The 64 bit engine provides all of the memory you'll need, and they'll even work on XB1 if you can manage to get the over all download size of the mod to fit within their space restrictions. For LE, you'll need the SKSE memory patch active. Once that's in place you should be fine. Original Skyrim's memory allocation system was designed to work on PS3 and was never properly adjusted for either the 360 or PC for whatever reason. On Oblivion, it's always been urban myth that open cities of any sort cause problems with performance. Usually people are either bumping up uGridstoLoad (bad idea, performance fail all over the game) or overtaxing the engine by trying to use 2K textures on everything. The mod has always been a scapegoat for problems it's not responsible for. I honestly have no idea why I kept at it, but I did
  9. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    I'm making the Cities in Hammerfell R open, I notice almost no performance hit, Then again everything is pretty much low poly comparing to Skyrim Models, haha But those scripts I wonder how many it takes to crash a game?
  10. Windows 10

    That's not an error that's a system message. It's just telling you that it checked and confirmed something happened as expected.
  11. Games on Sale

    I chipped in on the Go Fund Me campaign for that and I’ve never downloaded it, let alone played it.
  12. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    Yes, that’s correct, provided you don’t change GridstoLoad. Keep it at 5 and open cities aren’t any more of a hit than closed ones.
  13. Windows 10

    Yeah, it's near impossible to keep Fast Start up off permanently. It's very annoying! I never did understand the audit events in the log so I usually just ignore them.
  14. Windows 10

    Noticed this error (20/4 13.55) in the security log: Never noticed anything like that before in there, but "Your Device is up to date" in the Windows Update: Update Status section seems to indicate there is no problem- or at least one requiring a solution to this issue... And other than the black screen boot out of hibernation when the Fall Creator's update sneakily turned back on the "Turn on fast start-up (recommended)".
  15. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    The big features of the i7 are mainly things for developers, like additional threads. I usually say to go with an i5 unless you're doing dev related tasks.
  16. Dreams

    I'm hoping you weren't throwing these guys:
  17. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the cell loading helps to negate the performance hits of open cities. Of course, Arthmoor or someone like that would know more than me as I wasn't around when this discussion originally took place years ago.
  18. Games on Sale

    Steam and GOG are running a sale on War for the Overworld at 75% off.
  19. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    Yeah I’ve read that some i5’s actually out-perform the i7’s. As you say, especially for a game like Oblivion.
  20. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    I was thinking more of a fast i-5 vs spending additional money for an i-7. There may be other reasons for spending more for an i-7 but if you just want to run older games a good i-5 seems just as good as an i-7 and a fair bit cheaper.
  21. Last week
  22. Dreams

    I had a cool one this morning. I was a professional football player that played on a men’s team and a really good knife thrower. The weird part was that I was throwing Swiss Army knives that would flop around until I threw them.
  23. Dreams

    Last night, the pizzas ate you.
  24. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    We opened our cities in Black Marsh, which is for Oblivion, but still. I also run Open Cities in Skyrim. I hate closed cities.
  25. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    Well it’s pretty much impossible to get a single core CPU now, but yeah, you’re right.
  26. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    You are correct, the game was developed before multi-core processors were commercially common, so they did not optimise for them. Also even though there are various entries in the ini relating to multithreading, most of those were found to be ignored by the game.
  27. Star Trek Online

    They're running an event through May 17 where, if you create a character during that time, you'll gain account wide rewards for just playing through the main story with this character. Pretty nice, to be honest.
  28. Random Stuffz

    Oh, now I know what you mean! I think laser scanning may work for finding some stuff but I'm not sure how the water would affect the reflection of the optics (I'm not well versed on the equipment used in laser scanning). It would also be fun to use it to hunt for Atlantis.
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