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  2. Kitties!!

    Ada is pregnant. She has kitten handles instead of love handles! We’re hoping Curie is pregnant too, but aren’t sure. She should have delivered by now so we think she resorbed the kittens. It’s also possible she mated with Darwin at a later time. She had silent heats so it can be hard to tell.
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  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Can't remember if this was posted before. Just in case, here it is again.
  5. Random Stuffz

    This is how our beloved Borg Queen welcome new members to TAL.
  6. Potential Error in DLC

    Theoretically it's 16 million forms per file, but you'll never be able to practically hit that limit in any file because it would consume so much memory it would be ridiculous.
  7. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    Browsing this place actually clued me in to the fact that there is a released Pelletine mod, maybe that'll motivate me to play the game again for something other than Morroblivion, and do the merchant guild questline... I hope to play Black Marsh as well some day.
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  9. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    Most of the projects here have been abandoned, but Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and Black Marsh are still active. Most of the forums are private so you won’t see any activity. There are a couple of projects that have been completed and released.
  10. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    We have a community Discord server where you can engage easily with the team (but development talk happens elsewhere in private): https://discord.gg/Z6BudzK There is, of course, a very informative official website, but with no forum: https://beyondskyrim.org/ You can get a look at some of the progress on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqQ5maGI-JzbbubDJ8Gg2Q and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondSkyrim/ The DC forums weren't really being used anymore since a while before the shutdown; it pretty much happened on Skype, then Slack and finally Discord, so it made sense to shut down the forums. Discord is much better than the Skype chats I remember because it can be organized and logged much better. Trello is used for handling claims and Git for version control.
  11. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    Do you have a link to their site, if they have one?
  12. I am very happy to like you both!
  13. That's neat. I enjoyed that.
  14. Potential Error in DLC

    I'll probably leave it, or even attempt to restore it if I can get a better understanding of it. I can see it as an unnecessarily used ID, but what's the FormID limit, really? 16^6 or something like that?
  15. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    Okay, I've reconstructed it on Assimilation Lab here and on AFKmods here. I'll also have you know that Beyond Skyrim is actually very active and I just recently rejoined Cyrodiil after having dropped off in 2014 (I was implementation and scripting lead back then)!
  16. That’s pretty good!
  17. Occupy Blackreach

    Thanks for posting. That was fun. And you’re right about one of the guards sounding like Arnie.
  18. Occupy Blackreach

    And that's all there is, I'm now talking to you from 2020 again. I stopped posting updates because leaving Blackreach had made my Blackreach playthrough rather pointless; it had been a necessity because I couldn't get the spells and experience needed to advance in Blackreach from within it, but then there was no clear time point or reason to return to Blackreach, so it felt like I was going to spend an arbitrary length of time above ground, getting souped up. So that was the entirety of Jerkan's adventure. Maybe he wisened up and took up farming? As a silver lining, I later used Jerkan and his thalmor friend, Anassel (definitely pronounced "Anassel") in a small showcase project that I used when applying for Beyond Skyrim in mid-2013:
  19. Occupy Blackreach

    08/04/2012 ------------------- Still more business in the harsh light of day. First of all, my first enchantment ever. I consider giving the dagger a witty name, but I can't come up with anything. I also nab one or two soul gems from Farengar while he's busy looking at some stupid wall tapestry. Next up, I head to Arcadia's and make what I think is my first potion, but I'm not sure. My intention is to make a damage health poison, but the only ingredients I have that I know have that effect are falmer ears and crimson nirnroot, the latter of which I don't want to use. So I try to go from memory and buy a bit of troll fat. I end up making a potion of resist poison with some bullshit side effects. Wonderful. At least I discovered a bunch of effects from that. I go outside toward the ritual stone, but it turns dark much faster than I had anticipated, and the howl of a dragon makes me decide to turn tail and go find an inn. The guards are clearly gearing up for a fight, but I eventually safely stumble back to the city gates with my night blindness and rent a room at the bannered mare for a ten hour rest. Who says an aspiring blight on society shouldn't take care of himself? The innkeeper claims she is looking to retire. Perhaps I can help with that at a later time. I set out to find the ritual stone for real this time. The dragon seems to have left overnight. I come across a khajiit who claims to be selling skooma, and I decide to kill him for it. He turns out to be a tough opponent with his fisting skills, but I defeat him with my fire dagger, which I soon recharge thanks to my first soul trap ever, committed on a mudcrab. It's surprising how tough the slightly larger ones are at this pathetic level of power. I also reach level 5, but don't know what to do with the perk point. The ritual stone turns out to be a very easy decision. Only one of these blessings is fit for a necromancer. Now if only I knew where the apprentice and atronach stones are... Also, I've started using Imaginator to make Skyrim less desaturated. Can you notice the effect?
  20. Occupy Blackreach

    29/03/2012 ------------------- Minas Tirith, City of Kings. I continue further down south, dispatching various enemies along the way, including a marauder whom I actually took for a legionnaire until it was too late. As I approach Riverwood, it begins to rain (by the way, this rain comes as an optional plugin in WATER). There is little danger here, but I keep Mister Bones next to me regardless. I enter Riverwood and hear some old lady yapping off about a dragon. Ha, if only. Oh, yeah kid, whatever. I have a skeleton bodyguard and you're the one mouthing off. What're you gonna do, shout at me? What's that, Mister Bones? No, we can't afford to do that right now. Besides, I wager our viewers would find it to be...illegal. Oh, and look at this douchebag who comes running from the other direction. Hello! Why so hasty? Whatever he's up to, it must be really important, right? Anyway, I find the guardian stones and pick my blessing. Obviously, I choose the mage stone, but I have some trouble deciding between the mage's favor which 'increases the rate at which yo magic skillz increase, mang' or the mage's intellect, which is a flat magicka boost. I go with the latter, which resembles the bonus from Oblivion. Incidentally, activating the stone causes the weather to clear up. Back in Riverwood, I stop by the trader to pawn off some wolf pelts and the like while Mister Bones stands next to the doorway, for intimidation's sake. I also ask him about spell tomes (accidentally triggering a journal entry for the college, sigh) but he doesn't have anything useful. No no Mister Bones, that's the wrong one! The one you're thinking of had a shriller voice. Anyway, I believe it's time to pay a visit to Whiterun. There are some chumps fighting a giant, but I don't really care about that. I get stopped at the city gate, but I make up some story about Helgen being destroyed by a dragon. The guard falls for it hook line and sinker. I make my way up to the palace to visit the court wizard while citizens yammer about petty trivialities around me. Once inside, an armed dark elf approaches me with her sword drawn. "What are you doing here", she bellows at me in an alto voice. I want to tell her I ain't misbehaving, but she insists that I'm a threat. Hmm, I wonder... Pfft, it worked again! No wonder I've heard all these rumors about Whiterun's terrible security. I could just repeat the same lie until the housecarl herself invites me to stab the jarl in the nipples. Of course, I'm not actually going to talk with the jarl, or he might put guards in Riverwood. And we don't want that. Instead, I go shopping with Farengar Secret-Fire. He has a wider selection of spells than the riverwood trader. I purchase Ice Spike and Soul Trap, and become a little bit more of an ice-themed necromancer. Unfortunately, I don't have enough gold to buy Conjure Familiar Pack. I briefly consider expanding into the daedric arts, but I don't want to become that kind of conjurer. Compared to necromancy, atronachs are just so commonplace.
  21. Occupy Blackreach

    29/03/2012 ------------------- First of all, I'm going to loot some of the corpses I caused the other day. The ones that the dwarven centurion is still standing over. No problem, of course. I draw its attention and lead it around to the back of the nearby building. I also discover a chest along the way with some much-needed goods. And then...hup! Try and navmesh that, will you? Of course, I almost died from this fall and could've chosen a number of alternate, faster, and safer ways to lure the centurion away, but at least it lead me to that chest. I pillage the falmer and chaurus corpses, as well as that one sphere guardian. Then I start making my way toward Raldbthar. Doesn't this screenshot just wanna make you play Skyrim? Bethesda should make me head of PR I tells ya. Next, I crawl through the stream and get busted by that other centurion I activated (you can even see my 'oh shit' expression), but it doesn't matter, since the great lift is across the water, which probably has a terrifying corrosive effect on dwarven metal. There is possibly some magnificent symbolism to be found in pushing a button located on the dwemer bust's forehead in order to open up the elevator. However, I continue forward, vaguely muttering "I'll be back". Speaking of which, don't you agree that one of the male guard voice actors sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Either way, I stride into the taiga at early dawn, not sure whether to feel cold or not. It stands to reason that Blackreach might be quite toasty, being deep underground. It's also possible that the gigantic mushrooms are sending infectious toxic spores into the air. After all, fictitious mushrooms are creepy. At this point, I challenge myself not to open the map. Since I've also disabled the compass, I need to figure out which way is south. I see a river a little ways down. On the right, it flows into a waterfall, presumably toward the ocean, so I start following the river upstream. I get waylaid by a pack of wolves, but my skeleton (whom I shall refer to as 'Mister Bones' from now on) drives them off easily. This place is much less terrifying than Solstheim. Further ahead, the river becomes a lake, presumably where the source is. There is still no clear indication of south or west; tall mountains flank me on both sides, and there is nothing but snow in every direction. I decide to continue in the same direction. The landscape now resembles a snowy plain interspersed with trees, which leads me to believe that I'm in The Pale. Up ahead, I see a dwarven metal head half-buried in the snow. Odd, I've never seen that one before- Suddenly, three spiders drop down around me. I get two facefuls of poison, nearly killing me, but I manage to summon Mister Bones in time to draw them away from me, and start running like hell. Soon enough, I discover Korvanjund. I recognized it even before the message told me what it was, and I have a good idea of where I am now. The place is now occupied with bandits, so I give it a wide berth before turning left at the nearest pass. Here, the snowy white blends into the dreary, moldy color of Whiterun. I don't understand why people call it a tundra. It seems more like a steppe to me. An arrow zips past me as I get ready for a bandit fight, but it was just a hunter taking a shot at a fox. I wonder if hitting me would've given her a 40 gold bounty. I travel along the brook until I spot the valtheim towers. Then I turn tail and try to locate the ritual stone, which is obviously the most necromancey stone in the game. However, another necromancer is trying to hog the stone all to herself. She animates a nearby skeleton while I conjure mine, and we engage in a bout of undead pokémon. I manage to trap her between Mister Bones and I, getting free hits with my dwemer dagger while mister bones keeps the enemy skeleton preoccupied. Before long, she falls and her skeleton dissolves. Of course, I can't do anything with the stone yet (hint: I'm using the Signs and Guardians mod) so I'll have to travel a bit further south.
  22. Hello! I made game music compilation with rubber band but actually it's not just about oblivion but one of the part is oblivion's theme music so I'd like to share it with you too https://youtu.be/Jf7IC60Dl7I
  23. Potential Error in DLC

    Given the fact that Oblivion went past its deadline I'd say it's likely whoever was working on this thing disabled it because they couldn't make it work right. It may have been forgotten later on but time pressure is definitely the most logical reason someone cut it off. I also wouldn't advise ripping it out of the files either. It's doing no harm as-is right now so there's no risk in leaving it alone.
  24. Potential Error in DLC

    I believe it is a common habit to leave unused half finished content behind for many companies. It can be left because publishers/managers put pressure on the developers/actual workers to hurry up for release, or because an idea doesn't work, so it gets left to return to later while focussing on other parts, and then they forget the unfinished idea (just a couple reasons).
  25. Potential Error in DLC

    I didn't consider it to be intentional. I just can't get used to Bethesda's habit of keeping unused and half finished content in plugins. I'd like to clean all that shit out. Having said that, like AB said, I've played Knights through several times and never noticed issues, so maybe it's just a junk record that I can delete. I can see. But I can't seem to figure what stage it's supposed to be checking. Maybe I'll study the quest for more than 10 minutes and try to figure it out...
  26. Idle Anim Error

    Ok, I’ll take a look when I get back to modding. Thanks.
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