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  1. Vanilla Style Book Menu

    A custom-made book menu texture designed to stay true to the original. I think there's definitely room for improvement, but I'm very happy with the results so far! There's no bookmark texture included, since it should fit right in with the vanilla bookmark.
    Goes great with Hrnchamd's Better Dialogue Font!




  2. Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts


    This mod is primarily a model replacer for the book models in the game. But it also includes the scroll models which -in vanilla- use the tx_book_edge_01 and tx_book_edge_02 textures for the parchment which tend to look odd with texture replacers. So the scrolls now point to a new parchment texture added by this mod.

    This mod does not add excessively high poly models. They are smoothed enough to noticeably curb the sharp edges you see on vanilla books but not so much as to look weird or cause performance issues in large numbers.

    This mod is recommended to be used with Arukinn's Better Books and Scrolls (https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43100). But it can be used with other texture replacers such as Connary's Illuminated Books (http://mw.modhistory.com/download-56-6038) or Illy's Dirty Books (http://download.fliggerty.com/download-11-715), but you may find that UVs aren't aligned quite as well or that paper colors don't match up as well (especially on open books).

    If you use Book Jackets, install the included patch. This is actually a mesh optimizer for Book Jackets as well as giving them the improved geometry since the original meshes included unnecessary animations on every book.
    Book Jackets - Morrowind Book Jackets - Tribunal Book Jackets - Bloodmoon
    Note: the vanilla game has a large number of misplaced books; please verify that any placement issues are not present in the base game before reporting them on this mod. I have tried to match these book models as closely as possible to the vanilla book meshes.

    - Melchior Dahrk





  3. Better Dwarven Spectres - Mer and Maidens Edition

    This mod adds the long desired female Dwarven Spectre to the leveled lists and replaces one unique spectre with the new model. In addition, thanks to Moranar, this mod is also a BB conversion of the original Dwarven Spectre. And in addition to THAT, the mod also adds the Dwarven Robe worn by the spectres as a random drop from them; complete with male and female versions (just ignore all that sticky ectoplasm).
    The mod includes 4 different versions:
    If you want a 75% chance for male spectres and 25% chance for female, install "Dwarven Spectres BB + Fem.esp" If you want a 50% chance for male spectres and 50% chance for female, install "Dwarven Spectres BB + Fem (50-50).esp" If you want a 75% chance for male spectres and 25% chance for female, and for them all to be renamed to "Dwemer Spectres", install "Dwemer Spectres BB + Fem.esp" If you want a 50% chance for male spectres and 50% chance for female, and for them all to be renamed to "Dwemer Spectres", install "Dwemer Spectres BB + Fem (50-50).esp"
    Enjoy the mod!




  4. Jammings off

    This is an resource which using as part of Symphony project.
    May be it`s be useful for separate using and we create this file entry.

    What`s do it:
    It`s a patch for Base Animation files.

    - This files is an updated version of the BaseAnimation Files, which eliminated the jammings in narrow places to Player and NPC .
    Like the doorway or other.

    - Also, this files are fixed the Game crash if Player or NPC are using the Beast`s Races Armour or clothings.
    Now You can using  for Human Races all armors which was created specifically for Beast Races.

    - Also, all .NIF files has been optimized for decrease their size.

    The files which was updated:
    - Added New bones into Human skeleton.
    - Decreased the size of Bounding Box.
    - Removed all non used shapes\properties and other.

    xbase_anim.nif - BASE ANIMATION.
    xbase_animkna.nif - beast races animation.
    xbase_anim_female.nif - female animation.
    Xanim_dancingGirl.nif - Suran`s girls animations. Just for the complect.

    1. make backup of original files.
    2. paste this files into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

    1. delete these files.
    2. restore original from becup.

    This files may working with all other .KF files!
    And This Thing makes possibility to working with this files all other third-party animations plugs*.
    Like the original animations or full new, or some tweaked.
    Yes, all animations of  NPC are include into KF files.
    The NIF and Xnif files have no the skeletons animations.

    *Of course, may be the unknown problems but it`s unknown to me.

    This archive contain a small tweaked  .KF file of the Base Animation.

    This file is a part of Symphony, also.

    So, This .KF are tweak some animation groups! It`s make the animation as more Living.

    Added a new animation for these groups:
    - all melee weapons and Bow Idles.
    - Hand to Hand idle.
    - crossbow idle and shooting. Now You can`t to bowing to ground.
    - Torch Idle.
    - could be something else, but I forgot it.

    1. make copy of original KF file.
    2. paste this file into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

    1. delete this file.
    2. restore original from the copy.




  5. Better_Series_2005_2012

    This a compilation for single archive all old plugins 2005-2012 years.
    Only english version of the plugs.
    Just for History!
    It`s not recommended for using!
    Total file Size more than 2.1 gb! (in archive 760 mb)
    Better armor series:
    Better armor (rev1_Daedric)1.0\
    Better armor (rev1_Daedric)2.0\
    Better armor (rev1_Daedrik_Bound)\
    Better armor (rev2_Dwemeric)\
    Better armor (rev3_Ebony)\
    Better armor (rev4_Chitin)1.0\
    Better armor (rev4_Chitin)2.0\
    Better armor (rev5_Steel)1.0\
    Better armor (rev5_Steel)1.2\
    Better armor (rev6_Iron)\
    Better armor (rev7_Templar)\
    Better armor (rev8_Imperials)\
    Better armor (rev9_Bones)\
    Better armor (rev10_orcish)\
    Better armor (rev11_Indoril)\
    Better armor (rev12-13_furs_Leather)\
    Better armor (rev14_Glass)\
    Better armor (rev15_TBPACK)\
    Better Creatures Series:
    Better Creature (rev1_Daedroth)\
    Better Creature (rev2_GoldSaint)\
    Better Creature (rev3_twilight_finger)\
    Better Creature (rev4_Dremoras)\
    Better Creature (rev5_Kwama)\
    Better Creature (rev6_Clanfear)\
    Better Creature (rev7_Scamp)\
    Better Creature (rev8_Hunger)\
    Better Creature (rev9_Atronach)\
    Better Creature (rev10_UnDead)\
    Better Creature (rev11_Rat)\
    Other plugs:
    Better dwemers ruins\ - shining dwemer`s interiors.
    Better_Item_Suit\ - replacer for all miscellaneous items\books\lights and some like that.
    Better_Weapons_Suit\ - 100% new meshes for weapons
    Black Staff\ - small fun plug with skeletons.
    Rain\ - replacer for Rain, yes.
    Rethan Manor Extended\ - small extender for this Manor.
    All plugs in BSA archives.
    All plugs was not modified.




  6. Symphony patches

    New line of actual patches: (2018)
    0.1 (01 2018)
    Nothing critical and important but is recommended for activation.

    New ESP file! (ru\en)
    fix behavior for Pack guar companion. Now he will not try to use any weapons and shields. added forgoten flags "enchanting\spelmaikng" for Remove Curse Spell. fix "saint's black sword" mesh. Fixed blue color bug on it. else, was translated few small topics (only EN) "Kwama's perfume", "head the helmet", "Special offer" and "Rerlas Mon" "Special offer" is Rerlas Mon's topic for buying this Guar Companion. ___________________________
    0.2 (01 2018)
    New ESP files. (ru\en)
    Recomend to installation!
    fixed amount size of enchanting for heavy dwemer armors. Silver and Standard. added more Imperial armor sets for a trade to Imperial suppliers. fixed a weapons enchantment. All at "strike". added a small new thing. Go to Fort Pelagiad and find Ygfa. Talking about "new arrows". added Orcish cuirass without hammer. Look into level lists. Just without hammer on back.




  7. Symphony_The

    v 1.7 https://www.youtube.com/embed/i9hU8ZN6aaA Patches is here! Don't forget to look it!

    What is The Symphony?
     The Symphony is a large project that seeks to improve Morrowind's graphical components to the level of later titles.
     In fact, it is an attempt to creatively rethink all models in the game.
     Rather than simply repeating the 2002 designs with more polygons, we remade everything from scratch in a way we think conforms better to the game's setting -- a careful study of the living conditions and the creation of "realistic" elements for these.
     These redesigns not only include models and textures but also animations and scripts that change the behavior of creatures and weapons.
     It is not dictation, but an essay in "how I see Morrowind" after 10 years of "sitting" in it.

    The Project uses all known abilities of the game engine--scripts, effects, textures, animations--many of which could not be used in those early years.

    Highly recommend programs to use alongside the Project:

     Morrowind Code Patch
     Corrects numerous bugs and activates a number of important scripting functions for the engine.

     Morrowind Graphics Extender XE
     Renders distant terrain, scenery shadows, high quality shaders, UI scaling and other features.

     4GB Patch
     A tool that patches any x86 executable so that it can access 4GB of memory instead of just 2GB.
     The Project actively uses RAM -- normally more than 1.7 GB.
     Now included with the Morrowind Code Patch as of Version 2.3.

    It is also recommended to reset the cell cache in your Morrowind.ini file (see installation directory) to reduce the flow of RAM:

     Interior Cell Buffer=0
     Exterior Cell Buffer=0

    The Project can be used in conjunction with the Unofficial Morrowind Patch, although ideally it is necessary to conduct separate syncs.

    Why the name "Symphony"?
     A symphony is a harmonic connection, a combination of something. For example: a symphony of colors, a symphony of sounds, etc.
     It can also mean a collection of one or more compositions, consisting of the same words or meanings.

     All "Better" Project series in one performance, style and quality -- united in harmonious interaction.
     They complement each other -- a natural joining of all suites.
     Suite: A set of compositions, arranged to be played as one work.
     Suit: A set of similar garments designed to be worn together.
     Like a suit of armor for Morrowind that replaces and complements each piece.

     These revisions examine the old meshes through "gaps" of new opportunities, created suites for these ideas, which finally became the Symphony -- a  unity of techniques, meaning and content.
     A single entity that completely changes the game!

     A project for improving the graphics and technical achievements for this old but amazing title from the Golden Age of Great Games!

     Completely remakes all creatures, armors, weapons, lamps, items, etc.
     Statics, containers and activators remain unchanged.
     Updated objects get new meshes, textures, icons and numerous animations.
     Lots of new material.
     During the Project's development we found many new interesting features and techniques for working with meshes, textures and scripts.


    New Creatures (M -100%, T-30%, B-0%)
     New meshes for all of Vvardenfell, except the Heart of Lorkhan.
     Some new models for Tribunal.
     Many creatures get new animations which affect gameplay.
     For example, almost all creatures have learned how to block melee attacks.

    New Weapons (100% MTB) Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon.
     Added various animations.
     For example, some weapons only expand during attack.
     Whip? Battle flail? Predator spear? It is possible!

    New Armors (99% MTB)
     Added some animations.
     Found new possibilities.
     For example, the moving parts of the cuirass, in time will match the movements of its user.
    Now all Stalhrim and Nord armors are integrated into ver 1.7 of Symphony.
    But You can use Separate versions of it, without Symphony sources.

    Separate plugin. On the TAL.
    Separate Skaal Equipment plugin.

    New Lights (100% MTB)
     Added animation to fire pit.
     For example, fires react to weather changes.

    New Spell Effects
     Each effect has a unique model.

    New Ingredients, Tools, Potions & Books (100% MTB)

    1 IDE = 1 model.
     - 99.9% unique objects.
     - More than 9.5 th. texture files.
     * 99% of which are unique and use special settings to obtain interesting effects.
     - More than 8 th. NIF files.
     - More than 3.4 th. new icon files.
     - More than 90 new images for books.
     - Approximately 150 new sound files. 

    Project Versions

     Nothing new, changed only the original objects. Weight of the ESP is 2.5 mb.
     This is the most stable version of the Project.

     Adds a lot of new game features. Weight of the ESP is more than 9 mb.
     This is the FULL version of the Project. Includes all materials.
     Several new quests, lots of new items and creatures, new locations and some modified original locations.
     With secret Dwemer armor and a separate story for its restoration. 
     More than 1000 scripts! 
     Almost all creatures receive special scripts to greatly expand their possibilities.

     Additional Content
     - New books about creatures and weapons.
     - More than 50 volumes of new books with a detailed description of the creatures in the province. Habits, interesting facts, anatomy. 
     - Near 10 volumes describing of all known weapons.
     - Separate plugin which changes all magic effects.
     - New book menu, enchanting effects and rain.
     - Small plugin adding warm Legionnaire's armor on Solstheim.

     Most materials are added from start scripts and do not affect leveled lists directly.
     The Project is made with an eye for maximum compatibility with other mods.

    All these, taken together, make a symphony.
    Possibility, methods, results.
    For long life to this great game!
    That was the good news!

    Now the bad
     All the most interesting is written in Russian.
     New quests, books and dialogues about the history of Nirn and its future.
     Book textures are also partly in Russian, but there's now a patch for this.

     The Project completely updates Vvardenfell and largely updates Tribunal.
     Bloodmoon, however, remains unchanged.
     There are many thoughts and ideas surrounding these expansions and their items and quests.
     I hope with time they will be implemented.

    System Requirements
     Video: GeForce 9600 GT (2008) EA or better.
     *Like Radeon 270x. Bus speed 256x!
     Ram: DDR2\3\4 more than 2gb.
     CPU: Intel Corei7 2.5 Ggz.
     HDD: More than 8gb.

    More Screenshots

    Project Files

    Archive Versions

     (Here is) Standard - For the game only. All resources are in BSA archives. 
     This version is not recommended for modding, except for creating simple plugins. 

     Full Version - For mod-makers only.
     With the uncompressed NIF resources and 3D Source files.
     Includes a collection of notes for working with NifSkope and 3ds Max.
     If you want the Full version of the Project, please request it on our Forum.

    ESP Files

    Basic Files
    @_suitelite_v1.7(en).esp -The basic English version of the master file. All the standard objects get new meshes. No new content are added.
    No needed to activate  "@_bm_patch_v1.7(en).esp" with this version!
    @_SuiteLite(GR).esp - The German version of the master file.
    @_SuiteLite_v1.7(RU).esp - Russian version. 

    @_Symphony_the_v1.7(RU)FULL.esp - Main Project file.
     All bonuses, scripts, quests, creatures, game features and so on are here.
     Language is in Russian.
    *scripted light, stalhrim armors, nord silver weapons, bear&wolf armors, fabricants, magic effects are integrated.

    @_Symphony_the_v1.7(EN)FULL.esp - Main Project file.
     All bonuses, scripts, quests, creatures, game features and so on are here.
     Language is in English.
    *scripted light, stalhrim armors, nord silver weapons, bear&wolf armors, fabricants, magic effects are integrated.
    Translated more than 80%  version of the Project's. New books and dialogues on Russian.
    + scripts messages.
    + few small books and dialogues.

    @_Symphony_the_v1.7(__)TEST.esp - TEST versions. Ru\En.
     Test locations for quick access to different parts of the Project.
    *All other are same like as in FULL version.

    @_Symphony_the_v1.7(__)Compatible.esp- base versions, but without Spell Effects and exteriror locations. Ru\En.
    For better compatible with some other Overhauls.
    Reduced Exterior of Imperial forts and cave of Dagoth Yr.
    *All other are same like as in FULL version.
    @_effct(en).esp - spell effects. Which was reduced from here. If You want to activate it again, use this file.
    @_imperial_forts.esp - exterior locations. Only for this version!

    @_Symphony_the_v1.7(En)Lait.esp- Only English. Base version of Symphony without new dialogues, books, NPC, locations.
    It's very reduced version. But All creatures\armors\weapons\items have a scripts.
    Seems this version translated on 100%
    Else, not sure about stability of this version. Just not make a good test for it.
    *All other are same like as in FULL version.

    @_bm_patch_v1.7(__).esp - Patch for Bloodmoon. Activated all other items which have a scripts there.
    Some books, items, stalhrim ore + add small bonus for Stalhrim's Armor Quest.
    For better stability this was extracted from Base master files.
    High recommend to activation with a Full versions of the master files!

     All versions are required to start a new game!
    But if You have saves from 1.5 version of Symhony, You can to try to use them.
    Well, not sure about normal working of it. Be better to Start new game But, You can try to not do it.

    Optional Files
    @_bm_riverguards(__).esp - Guards and hunter instead reavers on Solstheim. En\Ru.
    @_bm_legionsnowarmor(__).esp - Added a new warm armor to the Imperial Legion forton Solstheim. En\Ru.

    @_AboutCreaturesBK.esp - 50 volumes about the creatures of the province.
     All placed in the game world, with a small quest to collect them.
     Language is in Russian. The total amount of text spans over 140 pages in MSWord.
     @_AboutWeaponsBK.esp - 25 volumes about the weapons of the province.
     All are added from start scripts to certain traders.
     Language is in Russian. More than 50 pages in MSWord.

    Textless Files
     @_arrowSpeed.esp - Equalizes the maximum and minimum flight speed of arrows and bolts.
     This improves the accuracy of shooting for both NPCs and creatures.
     @_Sympfony_theDCR.esp  - Lowers the armor rating of some creatures. Optional; only for Full version of the Project!

     +W_R_Fix -  Optional pluginless replacer for all default creature and weapon meshes.
     Make sure to backup your R and W folders before installing!
     Symphony BSA files are still required for object textures.

    Note about "Scripted Light".
    (now this plug was integrated into Main Esp files) (but the page will be still available some time)

    Recommended mods to use alongside The Symphony:
    Other Nexus pages of interest:
    *from other authors.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44824 - Modular plugins from The Symphony.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44523 - A few animations extracted from Symphony, including some for the AnimKit.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44223 - Shaders that look nice with The Symphony.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43613 - Some separate stuff from Symphony.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43609 - Backside shield sling for non-combat. Uses shield resources from Symphony.
     nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44859 - One-handed idle animation replacer for AnimKit. Extracted from Symphony's base_anim file.

    Version Mirrors

    on Nexus 1.7 ver
    has been deleted(C) at 02 2018
    Ggl-drive  (Up to 1.7)
    Same files! Like here, installer in  7z archive. Single file.
    Great Thanks for Caeris!

    Ya-Disk  (Up to 1.7)
    Same files! Like here, installer in  7z archive. Single file.

    Tracker/Torrent (Up to 1.7)
     Same files! Like here. But not archived.

     The Assimilation Lab (here is. 1.7 ver)
    Same files! Like here, installer in  7z archive. Single file.

    TESALL (RU version only! 1.7) *require registration on Site!
    Only Russian version of ESP and textures files.
    Link on anoter YA-d mirror.


    On 1.7 version.
    1. Download archive:
    2. Put into Empty folder.
    3. Extract installer files to another empty folder:
    4. And Start "SymphonySetup.exe" to Install\Update "Symphony_the" in Your Morrowind!

    It All.
    *log of installation can be found in "Documents" folder.
    *installer no make any changes in OS.
    *installer have no Malware or else something wrong
    *installer was made by SymphonyTeam (C).
    *if someone want's to update it, for better usability, contact me.


    Change video settings to 1080p for best visuals.


    Battle in Dwemer Ruins

    New Spell Effects

    Unused content.
    These models are not involved in the actual game but can be found in test cells.
    *Vivec's World: A possible plane of Oblivion.
    *Dwemer Turrets: Heavily armored defense mechanisms. https://www.youtube.com/embed/MwKd5ciRFUw  
    Ode to Morrowind  




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