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Dungeons & Houses

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  1. Privateer's Hold



    An alternate beginning mod. New characters now have a chance to
    play through the beginning dungeon from Daggerfall. Just look for Daggerfall Sword in the Prison Ship.



    Jman0WarS - The Models and Dungeon Creation & Permission
    ManaUser - Scripting, NPCs, and object placement.




  2. Of Dungeons and Abodes


    In the sleepy town of Gnaar Mok, a young Dunmer by the name of Daviimir Velodil searches frantically for his missing uncle. Naive and scared about the dangers of the world, he worries desperately about his beloved uncle, an estranged and distant relative of the family known for his bouts of adventuring and fighting lust, even in his old age. It may already be too late, months have passed without word, and Velodil Manor lies dark among the sunken swamps of the Bitter Coast. Will you help this poor distraught fellow find out the secrets of Velodil Manor? And what will you find? A hearty hearth of warmth and comfort, or a cold lair of hostility and death? And will you help rebuild the legacy of the Velodil family name? Well now, that's up to you, the player, to decide and find out for yourself!
    Of Dungeons and Abodes is, essentially, a dungeon, house,and quest mod all rolled into one, with an overarching story and a number of fleshed out characters for you to meet. You'll go on a typical adventure, clearing out creatures and looting along the way, as you would do in any dungeon mod, but there's a catch here, if you're willing to do a few quests and spend a little gold, every part of this dungeon can become a part of an ever growing home to call your own. Clear out one dungeon, rebuild, and make yourself at home, only to find another dungeon waiting for you to go adventuring again, and to add to your growing base once more. You can even expand your manor in other ways, contracting out for new construction and hiring on new characters to provide additional services.
    Keep in mind this mod isn't designed to be finished in an hour, or even two. There's enough content here for about three~four hours of play, but it's spread out over time, so you can gradually keep finding new things to do with Velodil Manor, even months after you've moved in. But I won't spoil the whole thing here, you'll just have to see for yourself.
    The first part of the dungeon is geared for players at a recommended level of between level 8 and level 10. The second dungeon is a bit more difficult, and you'll need to be about level 15 to have a decent challenge.
    Voting now open for additional features for Velodil Manor! Go cast your votes for what you'd like to see in the next major update to Of Dungeons and Abodes!
    *Cleaned with Morrowind Enchanted Editor*


    Included in version 1.0 of "Of Dungeons and Abodes":
    2 New Dungeons involving the secrets of Velodil Manor
    4 New Quests to unlock the potential of your abode
    A large manor, including numerous display halls (including display mannequins), a kitchen, library, dining area, ingredient gardens, alchemy lab (with labeled ingredient jars), magic lab, master bedroom, and more that you'll have to unlock over time
    An expandable exterior, with new dock additions and transport services you can unlock.
    A teleport amulet you can get through one of the quests for convenience.
    3 Fully fleshed out characters to meet
    Over 15,000 words of creative writing with dialogue,flavor documents, and journals for you to discover
    Morrowind Rebirth Compatibility
    High Capacity Storage Containers
    And Much More!

    The Morrowind Modder's Challenge and Release Trailer

    "Of Dungeons and Abodes" is the first mod in the Morrowind Modder's Challenge series. What's that, you might be wondering? The basic premise is that people can issue me a challenge to build a mod within a mere 32 days or a single month, and I'll video record the major design decisions outlining my interpretation of that challenge and the various difficulties of trying to meet the challenge within such a limited time-frame. Succeed or fail, I have to release the mod at the end of one month's time. Since this was the first go with this series, I basically issued myself a challenge and "Of Dungeons and Abodes" was the result. But now that this first mod has been released, you can issue your own challenges! Check out our thread on the Bethesda forums or the
    for more details.




  3. Balmora Wall House

    Originally posted by princess_stomper @ BSF
    Forum thread




  4. Lakeside House

    Move into the wonderful Lakeside House situated on the shores of Lake Amaya! If you have a good eye, you may be able to find the hints revealing some of the building's history.
    To reach the house, start in Pelagiad and head north until you reach water. Once there look to your left and you should see the house. It uses the House Hlaalu architecture. To get in, you'll need the key. The key is inside a sack, and the sack can be found in amonsgt the rocks in front of the front door.
    Lakeside House 1.13 was one of the featured mods on Darkelfguy's new Morrowind mod spotlight series.
    Morrowind patched to the latest version.
    Updating to 1.1
    Perform a clean save first, then update to v1.13
    Simply remove the old Lakeside House.esp from your Data Files folder, and place the new one in its place.
    When loading your save game, Morrowind will take note of the change and ask if you would like to continue loading the saved game. Click yes. Lakeside House 1.1 does not make any changes that might adversely effect your game.
    To install, just extract into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.
    Then start the Morrowind Launcher, go to Data Files, and make sure your choice is checked to activate.
    The mod has been cleaned of GMST's with the Enchanted Editor.
    Any mod that is situated within the exterior cell (-1, -6) may be incompatible with this mod.
    If there are any I will list any here once I know of them. Please contact me if you find any incompatibilities.
    Known Issues or Bugs
    As far as I know there are currently no known bugs or issues. Please contact me if you find any.
    1.13 - Added a few more flasks to the limeware platter
    - Added a small plant area next to the front door
    - Added a dirt path right in front of the door (thanks to johanrosen for all of these)
    1.1 - Corrected a typo (Thanks darkelfguy!)
    - Added four extra rugs around the house (Suggested by princess_stomper)
    1.0 - Initial Release
    Official Bethesda Forums: brucoms
    TESNexus: VesnaBrucoms
    TESAlliance: Brucoms
    The Assimilation Lab: brucoms


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