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Gameplay Changes

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  1. Intelligence Based Security Skill (IBSS)

    Security skill governing attribute is intelligence, But in the lock picking/disarming success calculation, intelligence plays no part in it, making the skill very unappealing for intelligence dominant characters. Isn't it logical that the more intelligent you are, the better you are at lock picking, basically lock picking is about getting the right combinations or moving the correct part of the lock. This mod will address that issue by making intelligence affect security skill directly. More Info in readme of the file.
    -Special Features-
    1. Skill is updated realtime
    2. Skill will correctly update when fortification effect wears off, even if a skill modification happens during the fortification!
    3. Provides detailed values of actual, modified and added skill value. Just type "startscript IBSS_INFO"
    4. Safe to remove anytime provided you have read the README.
    5. Works on existing characters even with existing fortifications or modifications from other mod




  2. Auto Ammo Equip for OpenMW


    When a crossbow or bow is equipped, any available arrows or bolts in the inventory
    will be automatically equipped. Furthermore, anytime the equipped ammo depletes, the
    next available ammo will be equipped. 

    The current type of ammo will also be updated whenever the player changes the weapon type(crossbow<->bow).

    The order of ammo  equipping is -> unenchanted,lowest value, lowest average damage..
    Also gives the player the option to disable and enable this feature anytime.

    As of August/2018, all weapons and ammos in the base game are affected by this feature, 
    except custom made weapons and ammos.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Download from Nexus




  3. N'wah

    Replaces the names of all the non-Dunmer NPCs in the game with "N'wah".
    The idea for this mod stemmed from a discussion on the Elder Scrolls Lore forum.
    Since I typically play as a Dunmer, I decided I had to experience the game like this. The first thing I tried was to replace all non-Dunmer (hereafter referred to as n'wah) dynamically, in game by using MWSE. Abot helped me get an edited version of Fliggerty's detect life script working, but due to the unstable nature of MWSE, it caused frequent crashes. So abot and I worked on creating a tes3cmd command and perl code which could create a patch in a semi-automated fashion.
    So, in the archive, you will find several things:
    1. NWAH.esp - replaces the names of all n'wah with "N'wah" in the Morrowind.esm (only edits the FNAM property, so dialogue is unaffected).
    2. NWAH_GOTY.esp - replaces the names of all n'wah with "N'wah" in the Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, and Bloodmoon.esm
    3. Batch files and detailed instructions to patch all your active mods and replace those pestilent foreign names with the more politically correct: "N'wah"




  4. Morrowind XP

    Morrowind XP
    Regarding mod stability:
    With latest version (v.1.4.6) when I completed 100% playthrough, no major bugs were encountered. During that playthrough game crashed three times. When using this mod there is one inconvenience: you need to save manually, don't quicksave.
    Inspired by SirFrederik’s wondrous Oblivion XP mod, I decided to create Morrowind’s XP mod. Due to the limitations of Morrowind’s scripting language, this wasn’t as easy task as I had suspected. In any case I started to plan things out, and before I had noticed my inner perfectionist forced me to implement many features, which required lots of work, but didn’t really serve as major improvement on their own. Now, after almost two years of work (I could have probably finished this in a week or two, but unfortunately my mind apparently isn’t capable of focusing to only one project extended periods of time) it is finally finished. Okay, at least almost finished. The most notable imperfection of this mod is the fact that it lacks any kind of balance. Amounts of XP aren’t really well-thought. Best way to fix this flaw is to let players tell their experiences -so feedback is important.
    Why I created this mod?
    When it comes to RPGs, Morrowind could be seen as a true masterpiece. However, it isn’t without it’s own flaws. For me personally, game’s leveling system is the worst offender. To put it bluntly, when it comes to raising your skills the game rewards player for quantity and ignores quality. This is due to the fact that skills will increase based on how many times spesific action has been performed, not how efficient action itself was. Hitting a bandit ten times with your sword yields ten times more skill adcvancement than OHKOing bandit with one powerfull swing. Game basically encourages players to play unefficiently! The problem is, it isn’t really fun to cast mediocre spells when playing as a mage or whack dozens of powerless swings as a warrior just to raise your skills. Combat can easily start to feel like a chore, tiresome grinding which you are forced to endure to strenghten your character (without exploiting various game mechanics, that is).
    Another problem all together is Morrowind’s way to punish players for leveling wrong skills at the wrong time -due to the fact that (specific) skills influence (specific) attribute growth rates, player is basically forced to carefully plan which skills to raise (this planning usually leads to grinding) before level up if he doesn’t want to seriously hinder his character.
    Goal of this mod is to remove this kind of hindering leveling mechanics, make character growth more natural part of gameplay without a need to powergame, and most importantly offer real satisfaction to player when his character is greeted with level up menu.
    To put it simply:
    Maximum player freedom combined with maximum enjoyment -that’s the goal.
    -Fully patched Morrowind with expansions
    -latest version of Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE v.0.9.4a + Merzasphor’s update)
    -MGE XE 0.10.0 b9 -use v.0.10.0 b16, check installation instructions below!
    This mod is likely to conflict with any mod that edits skill growth rates or modifies level up system in general. Skill uncapper which is included in Morrowind Code Patch is compatible.
    Nothing unusual here, just put contents to your data files.
    IMPORTANT! MGE XE 0.10.0 b9 isn't available anymore, use MGE XE 0.10.0 b16 instead. How to get it to work:
    1.Install MGE XE 0.10.0 b16 normally.
    2.create file called MGEfuncs.dll (just create empty txt file and change extension from txt to dll).
    3.Place dll file to Morrowind/mge3 folder.
    4.run MGEXEgui.exe once (it's inside Morrowind folder).
    That's it. Now just launch the game using MWSE launcher.
    Implemented features
    Following actions will grant XP to player character:
    -obtaining new books, scrolls and notes
    -finding artifacts ( Daedric artifacts and some other unique items)
    -pickpocketing NPCs.
    -stealing items (XP amount is based on stolen item’s value. XP will only be granted to player if player is sneaking when he steals an item)
    -lockpicking (XP amount is based on lock difficulty)
    -practising alchemy (i.e. creating potions)
    -practising enchanting (i.e. recharging and enchanting objects)
    -practising smithing (i.e. repairing equipment)
    -discovering new locations ( experience is rewarded based on player’s distance to nearest major city. You won’t believe how much it took me to make this work correctly)
    -gaining reputation
    -freeing slaves
    -completing quests/advancing to next rank in the guild
    -killing enemies. Maximum XP gained by this way is 5,0% (10% with sleep multiplier). I had to limit maximum XP because without it low-level player could reach high levels instantly by just killing few guards.
    Sleep multiplier has been implemented, and player will gain increased XP after he has rested some time (right now it doesn’t actually matter how long you sleep (althought if you only sleep short time, script doesn’t always have time to activate)). When sleep multiplier is activated, it will stay on until you have gained spesific percentage of XP which is needed to level up. Sleeping again will reset whole thing. (note.When sleep multiplier is active, corresponding icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen)
    How new leveling system works
    In your inventory you will find find green item icon which will show your current xp amount (icon is named as [XP], you should never try drop these)
    You will have one new spell, named as [boost Skill]
    Leveling is based on experience points -your actions yield xp which will be added to universal experience pool. When you have gained enought experience you will meet good old level up screen and all three attributes which you choose (exept luck) are raised by 4 (level up screen will insist that it only raises skills by 1, but it will actually raise them by 4). However, if player chooses luck as one of the attributes other two attributes will increase by 5 points. After a standard level up, new window will open and you may allocate either 25 (if under lvl16) or 20 skill points depending on your level.
    There is also a way to only increase your skills without actually leveling up.
    Casting a spell titled as [boost Skill] can be used to ‘buy’ skill advancement (like with skill trainers). It has static price of 5000 gold and requires you to sacrifice some of your collected XP (which is obviously less than xp needed to level up). Using this option is for those who don’t care to raise their level and attributes and just want to increase their skills. So it’s high-level players who will benefit for this. If you meet requirements to buy skills, skill menu will pop up. if you don't meet requirements, message will appear and notify you about them.
    -You should never raise enchanting, alchemy, sneak, security or smithing to 100. To compensate this, when you reach level 99 in said skills, you will get permanent fortify skill effect to boost skill to 100.
    -xp from Ahnassi questline is now calculated correctly.
    -improved Solstheim distance calculation algorithm, discovering locations should now give reasonable amount of xp.
    -There was a cell near Raven Rock that could cause game to freeze when entering. (command that told distance calculation script to stop processing itself when entering there got bugged and due to that script kept looping eternally)
    -fixed a bug that could cause duplication of books and artifacts in player’s inventory
    -stealing item from countainer can no longer create duplicate of said item.
    -mages guild xp reward script was bugged, now it calculates xp correctly
    -balance changes: player will now only receive 25 skill points when levelinh up if he is under lvl 16, afte that the amount is loweredto 20. When leveling up attributed are increased by 4 points, unless player invests in luck in which case other two stats increase by 5.
    -...disturping visual anomaly that haunted those that played in third person fixed
    -one outdated script removed that was meant to be removed in the last version.
    -Updated the formula that is used to calculate the amount of xp gained from defeated enemies. It should now scale less harshly at later levels. I also added new random factor to make killing weak enemies more rewarding: most of the time killing mudcrabs will still only give few experience points, but there is slight chance that player could get hefty xp bonus. It's still not perfect system but it's step in the right direction.
    -Morrowind XP is now fully compatible with MCP’s skill uncapper.
    -skill changes caused by damage/drain/fortify effects can no longer mess up leveling system.
    -trainer services are now safe to use
    -rare skill reset bug when leveling fixed
    -Repairing weapons and armor will now reward less xp (the old rate was way too high).
    -level up menu can no longer pop up when in menu mode
    -artifact found -message typo fixed
    -player's death can no longer trigger error message
    -rapidly travelling between outdoor cells will no longer give player extra xp.
    -Bloodmoon and Tribunal content fully supported!
    -major stability improvements: all rogue scripts have been rewritten, many script conflicts have been adressed.
    -permanent corpses will no longer trigger xp reward script.
    -fixed rare bug that deleted all saved location variables (due to this already discovered location could be rediscovered)
    -few skill books weren't working properly, now they work.
    -New feature added: freeing slaves gives experience now!
    -Fixed a bug that prevented experience from misc quests scaling to player’s level.
    -Removed test object that was erraneously left in the game world in the last update.
    -quick hotfix to fix minor oversight in v1.2.0
    -added level up menu for skills.
    -bug that could prevent updating from previous version has been fixed. Check the readme if you have problems with updating.
    -Fixed a bug that deactivated location discovery XP script after some time had passed.
    -added shiny new XP meter.
    -some minor performance fixes
    -Intial release
    Known bugs:
    -if two actions which are handled by same script occur simulatenously, player doesn't receive full XP ( eg. if you buy two different books from merchant in one go, or do quest which rewards you with two different scrolls, xp will be awarded only once). Luckily, this kind of situations are quite rare, so fixing this doesn't seem necessary)
    -Script which grants experience points for discovering new locations has one known flaw:
    It can't tell apart locations which have extremely similar names (actually only one instance of this is known: locations Shara and Shal were mixed with each other -this has been fixed, but if someone encounters other false discovery messages, it should be reported to me so that I can fix it)
    -If player steals a soul gem that is already filled, XP awarded will be based on the value of empty version of said soul gem.
    -if player obtains enough experience to level up multiple times in one go, attributes won’t get increased as they should. This is mostly theoretical problem because there shouldn’t be a way to encounter this kind of situation during normal gameplay.
    -Small-scale microstuttering can be encountered, especially when inventory menu is open. Fixed?
    Things to do
    -update script that handles xp that is granted for stealing stuff to take into account player’s guild status (right now the script doesn’t check if player is part of the guild and taking guild supplies is considered stealing. Should be easy to fix, it just isn’t that notable flaw so I didn’t bother to fix it)
    -balance XP gain multipliers.
    -if needed, boost performance of the mod by making it handle its scripts more efficiently (there shouldn’t be any serious problems with FPS, but I haven’t done any testing with low-end machines) performance is a lot better now.
    *next update will be about combat xp reward mechanics.
    -SirFrederik for original concept of Oblivion XP
    -GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and melian for creation of ‘Morrowind Scripting for Dummies’ manual (without this beginner-friendly guide I probably would have never bothered to learn Morrowind’s scripting language)
    -Soralis for his math mod
    -Modding community at Great House Fliggerty forums (If I had a problem with some MWSE function, Google usually led me there)




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