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  1. Travel for Ebony

    Just a mod source!
    All Works was stopped!
    All On Russian!
    Here is an Old (2008-10) years plug which planned as a small additional for Better Weapons Ebony
    But soon it`s grew to a full-fledged plugin. And began to demand more time and effort than I had.
    Also the stark contrast between the old and new meshes of weapons forced to switch all works to BW Suit... afterwards began the Work with Symphony.
    And all jobs with Plug was stopped.
    Well... May it`s be to better. Or not.
    Now I don't think that I'll be able to continue working with this plug.
    For some reasons.
    - the model is too old for My eyes. And needs to completely rebuilding.
    - I had lost the General Ideas about this plug. It`s not about scenario, it`s about my Wishes to do it like it been written.
    - I forgot about some small ideas.
    Well... Mod Source is it Now.
    About Plug.
    - ALL ON RUSSIAN! Sorry.
    - Here is existing a Scenario about this Story. But with TOO many misprints and on russian.
    - this is a Story\Quest plug, not only a new meshes.
    - this plug is a FUN plug with a special slang and Alcohol theme.
    - this plug isn`t funny but with a special slang and Alcohol theme.
    The Plug has been completed to 40-60%
    - Almost all locations are completed.
    - Written many scripts.
    - some new areas and new NPC\Creatures.
    - and all has been prepared to writing story line with making dialogues and events. Here is all are stopped...
    Now You can:
    - to see the beginning of this story and entered to Main locations. There is a backdoor to enter to some quest`s areas.
    - use the CS to see all locations and create new doors to enter there.
    - watch a few script`s events. Like; totally destroy this area.
    - new creatures, armors, weapons, items.
    - and more it!
    The Plug Story.
    - The Nerevar is welcomed to a new Imperial Fort in one of the plans of Oblivion. (But isn`t Oblivion plan, it`s an RELIC of the FIRST World)
    Here is a very strange place and You can Exploring it to solve a some mysteries.
    Of course You will catch a few great artefacts and .... MANY of ebony weapons and armors.
    Which later became as a separate plugin.
    Many materials from this Plugin are using by Symphony. But not All!
    For this reason this Plug had published.
    Maybe it will be interested for someone.
    Or will be found the people who will want to completed this plug.
    At that time, I had a topic on a one forum, where was invited to participate. But no one was found.
    And Also, the Central location have a high damage to FPS. MW not love a BIG buildings.
    Never mind.
    It`s My Old and Fun plug who was collected the dust in my HDDs too many years.
    Ah, Yes!
    Here is a small additional.
    Few dwemer objects in separate plug. (2012 e.)
    - mine
    - bridge
    - pipes
    - and something else that was planned as a mine shaft.
    Many of the objects to be was scripted for open and closed by script events.
    Now Only the meshes and the TEST location. Door to there in Aldruhn`s Guild of Fighters.




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