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  1. Rev's Creature Compendium Addon

    Game getting stale? Need a change to challenge and intrigue you? Maybe it's time for something new... Well check this out. How about 20 new creatures and 4 new NPC's. All worked into leveled lists where I thought appropriate. Not to mention... a new race! Caution this pack has some mean stuff. Designed for a heavily modded game, vanilla warriors beware! All of this is pulled from resources provided by Puddles I found on "The Assimilation Labs" website.
    Found here;
    If you have seen this resource before, expect that many things have changed. There are 2 versions of this mod. One with a CM Partner added for those who use CM Partners, and one without it added. I took heavy creative license, and a lot of time, to get everything as perfect and pretty as I could. I made 2 new ingredients and a customized vanilla mace. I also re-did the testing version for everything. If you want a peak, type coc testinghall in the console and find the door "TestRevComp" to see everything added by this mod. All of the inhabitants through the door are passive, unless attacked. Also, a table with the new items is in there too. A lot of other adjustment blah blah. I have done extensive testing and everything checks out. This mod isn't exactly lore friendly...
    Let us run down the list;
    Axolotl; Passive. 3 different colors. There are just cute. They are in the water.
    Nixad; Aggressive. 2 colors. Nice To look at. Find them amongst imps.
    Narwhal; Passive. Find this cool guy in the water.
    Aetheric Kite; Aggressive. Found in the water.
    Orca; Aggressive. Sorry about the texturing, couldn't solve it. Still is a good addition. "Whale Meat" ingredient added be me. Found in the water.
    Corrupted Shade; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.
    Mistman; Very aggressive. Archer style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.
    Wrathman; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.
    Death Hound; Deadly. Servants of Sheogorath sent out to hunt and kill unwary adventurers. Primarily found with Skinned Hounds in Dementia. Every pack needs an alpha...
    Burnt Spriggan; Aggressive. Think of it as a sub-daedra, or a "turned" spriggan, that now fights for oblivion. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.
    Burnt Spriggan Matron; Very Aggressive. A much stronger version of Burnt Spriggans. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.
    Abyssal Fish; Deadly. A beautiful killer. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.
    Daedric Leviathan; Deadly. Sleek and furious. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.
    Sandrose Mauler; Deadly. If you fear anything, fear this. Massive, fast, and mean as oblivion. They have been known to be seen levitating, and are mostly passive in this state. Beware the water...
    Gremlin; Aggressive. Small, green, and quick. Kinda like a treasure goblin... that attacks you. Found amongst Goblins.
    Hammerfell Gremlin; Passive. Just for show, unless using the CM Partner version. In that case, "Pinky" is present as well. Found in the Harborside Warehouse, Anvil Bay.
    The new race has not been set up for player use, though it is playable. The following are new NPC's and they require body mods to work properly (included nude versions). The females use HGEC M lower and D Cup Upper, very nice. The males use Robert's male v5.2 musclar athletic upper and lower, also very nice. A one piece male mesh is provided in case of that need. If you already use body replacers or don't want all of your npc bodies changed to nude, don't install these meshes. But I highly recommend it, and again they require HGEC female and Robert's male bodies to look proper. Otherwise the skin textures will be all wonky. Be aware, the head and upper body neck seams are not seamless, so that is normal.
    Fire Daedra;
    Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and fire magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and fire magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Frost Daedra;
    Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and frost magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and frost magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Cleaned with Tes4edit
    All needed resources included.
    HGEC female body (any or included) and Roberts male (any or included)
    CM Partners mod and anything it requires if you want to use "Pinky".
    Shivering Isles for Death Hounds to spawn only. Not an absolute requirement.
    The original mod Read Me (included) states the resources are free to use.
    Raiar's HGEC female body and Robert's male V5.2 are well known free resources.
    Puddles, Nuska, and others mentioned in the original Read Me's (included available Read Me's).
    Raiar for HGEC female body and Robert for male V5.2
    DrakeTheDragon for making the script for the female daedra dancers. Thanks a bunch!
    If I missed anyone for anything(hopefully not), let me know and you will be gladly added.
    Your gonna love this!




  2. DarNified UI BAIN

    This is my BAIN package with a wizard script for DarNified UI. You can install manually or use the wizard. See the DarNified BAIN readme file in the package (Core/Docs) for details. The readme has the links for Trollf's loading screens. The loading screens themselves are not included in the package.




  3. DarkUI'd DarN BAIN

    This is my BAIN package with a wizard script for DarkUI'd DarN. You can install manually or use the wizard. See the readme file in the package for details.




  4. In Memoriam

    In Memoriam v1.0 [BETA/WIPz]
    Author: tegeus-Cromis
    28 Nov 2017
    "His soul swooned softly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead."
    - James Joyce, The Dead.
    [This is a brief and provisional readme for TAL. Even the title of this mod may change soon enough.]
    This mod places dynamically updated memorials to the dead in all the cities, and two of the guilds. The memorial texts are updated around midnight on a daily basis and will display the date of death, provided the NPC died after the mod was installed - otherwise the death is registered as unknown. Oh, and if you do not see any memorials, that's because no-one's died yet in your game. Heh, just wait...
    Oblivion v1.2.0.416    (I strongly suggest you install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch too, though. I checked this against it.)
    OBSE v21 (What I used. I won't guarantee results with any earlier version.)
    I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack all the files in the archive to your game data folder and activate the .esp. Load order should not be critical, this should work anywhere - I tested it before and after Better Cities.
    Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete from \Data the files:
    In Memoriam v1.0.esp
    \Docs\In Memoriam v1.0 - Readme.txt
    and folders:
    This being mostly scripted, it should enjoy a high degree of compatibility. No base NPC records were harmed in its making. But it does place memorials in all the cities, the Arcane University and Kvatch encampment. However, I have placed them both with a view to vanilla and Better Cities, not forgetting the pathgridding, of course. It does mean that you might think a couple of them are in odd places, of course. Most are by the chapels, but I don't think the others should be too hard to locate. And the IC one is located there for a good reason (check round Talos Plaza).
    But - of course there may be clashes with other mods that alter these locations, I cannot speak for Open Cities Reborn, for example. If I'm told about them, I'm sure they can be easily patched.
    Tools used:
    TESCS (with CSE)
    meo3000 for the open book resource.
    Bethesda, for the game and CS (though big thanks to ShadeMe too, for extending the latter).
    Use of resources
    I retextured one of MEO's open books (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20643/) for the memorial, so due credit should be given to them if you use it, which you are welcome to do.
    More information
    For more information, please re-read this document.




  5. Oblivion Mod Maker Manual

    Oblivion Mod Maker Manual
    Look what I found! I've been going through my old files as I return to playing and modding and found this little gem. The author says it can be freely distributed so I thought I'd post it here.
    What is it?
    It's an updated version of the Morrowind Mod Maker Manual, which is the first manual we had that explained how to make mods for The Elder Scrolls. All this information can now be found on the CS Wiki, but when the wiki was moved the last time, all the images were lost, so many of the tutorials are too hard to follow. This has some of the same tutorials, but it's written in a way that doesn't need images, or it has images in the one or two cases that needed them.
    In addition to modding stuff, it also has a list of console commands and a section on installing and playing mods. Caution: I wouldn't count on any of the web links working. The author even spelled the address for the CS Wiki incorrectly.
    The manual is a PDF and has a table of contents with working links to the pages in the document. It also has bookmarks with working links, so it's really easy to navigate.
    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents
    Abbreviations and Definitions
    Chapter 1 - TESCS – What is it?
    Chapter 2 - Installing/Playing Mods
    Chapter 3 - Toolbar Description
    Chapter 4 - Windows
    Chapter 5 - Saving and Testing Your Mod
    Chapter 6 - Utilities
    Chapter 7 - Tutorials
    Chapter 8 – Tweaking Oblivion
    Appendix A - References
    Appendix B - Tables
    Appendix C - Websites
    Appendix D - Meshes and Textures
    Appendix E - Contacting


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  6. Ultimate Teleport Spell

    Ultimate Teleport Spell (UTS)
    by avalon2260
    version 20161218
    OBSE v20+ Main Site Nexus
    ConScribe ConScribe
    AvalonCore 20151231+ TAL Nexus
    ConfigReader 20160524+ TAL Nexus
    The Ultimate Teleport Spell?
    This provides a number of teleport spells which can be configured to the
    user's liking. It really began as an experiment in reading config files
    (handled by ConfigReader, which was written for, and in conjunction with,
    UTS). Currently, the teleport locations are statically defined (but can be
    changed while the game is running by re-loading the config file). I plan to
    add a mark and recall version, if I ever get around to it.
    - Unlike most other teleport spells, teleport locations are not hard-coded
    into the mod, but read from config files (uses a custom syntax), so you can
    teleport pretty much anywhere in any mod by adding some appropriate entries to
    the config file(s).
    - It is entirely scripted and independent of Oblivion.esm, so should work with
    total conversions etc. too (untested). One spell to rule them all! Just create
    new config files.
    - It supports an unlimited number of locations via an arbitrarily deep menu
    - Each menu can have any number of entries; if there are more than 9 entries,
    then the menu will use multiple pages (this could get a bit unwieldy though if
    you overdo it.
    - There are 6 built-in spells, though only the first one is used by the
    default config. Define menus for the others if you like. They are all
    functionally equivalent, so the main point of extra spells is to reduce menu
    depth. The spells are actually defined in a2core.esm, but they don't do
    anything without UTS.
    - You can also create more spells (as many as you want) in a 3rd party mod and
    define menus for them. The optional extra spells esp adds an additional 20
    - You can teleport to/through a door (if it's locked, you need the key), to
    any actor/reference, or to any arbitrary cell location (x,y,z coordinates).
    - The example config file has ~200-300 location entries. Shops, Inns, cities,
    vanilla houses, DLC houses, Daedric shrines, guild buildings, several mod
    locations, master trainers, etc. Add whatever you want. Remove whatever you
    You can specify conditions in order for a menu or location to be enabled. The
    current syntax supports several concurrent conditions:
    - map marker (visible/found).
    - quest (stage done, or 'completed').
    - faction (player is a member of, or minimum faction rank).
    - true test (run via RunScriptLine, must evaluate to non-zero).
    - false test (run via RunScriptLine, must evaluate to zero).
    All tests must pass for the menu/location to be accessible. This means that if
    any conditions for a top level menu are not met, the spell will fail
    RunScriptLine tests must evaluate to a numeric value (short). You can specify
    a reference to run the true/false tests on. You can also substitute an
    arbitrary reference into the string (see the config file doc for details).
    The new (2016-05-22) lcond feature allows an entry/menu to have any number of
    conditions (previously only one of each type was possible).
    Most locations in the example config have various requirements (e.g. for
    player houses, naturally you need to buy the house before you can teleport
    there, and so on).
    Copy the esp to the Data directory and the config files to Data/ConScribe Logs/Per-Mod.
    Put it anywhere, load order is irrelevant.
    If using the extra spells esp, this can load before or after UTS, it doesn't matter.
    See doc/uts_config_file.txt for details on configuration and the config file
    The scripts in this mod are in the Public Domain. Whatever.




  7. Loot Bags

    Loot Bags
    by avalon2260
    version 20170101
    OBSE v20+ Main Site Nexus
    ConScribe ConScribe
    AvalonCore 20151231+ TAL Nexus
    ConfigReader 20160524+ TAL Nexus
    Recommended: Enhanced Hotkeys
    Upgrade Notes
    There should be no need to clean-save (unless you are upgrading from prior to
    In the package, I have moved the ini file to the ./Ini directory to avoid
    inadvertently overwriting an installed ini file. If you are installing for the
    first time, you will need to copy this to Data/ini. If upgrading,
    ./Ini/update.ini contains the new additions, just insert/paste this into your
    ini file.
    If upgrading from an older version, you need to clean-save the scripts esp as
    some quest variables have moved around. I have renamed some variables in the
    Config quest for consistency (lowercase and underscores). Thus, you will need
    to update your ini file.
    I have also moved the hotkey token to the esp, so you will get a new one. The
    old one (in the esm) should remove itself when the scripts esp is clean-saved
    (give it a second or so before re-saving).
    What's New?
    Added ability to add/remove items to Ignored Items chest via the hotkey menu.
    This does not apply to `Special' items. While you can remove an item that was
    added via the config file, it will obviously be added back again on next
    save/load unless you also delete / comment out the item in the config file.
    `Special' items can no longer be added to the Equipment list (they are never
    stored anyway, currently).
    Added toggle_eq and toggle_ignored hotkeys for the hotkey menu. These are
    shortcuts to toggle add/remove for the Equipment list and Ignored Item menu
    entries (defaults are Forward and Back).
    Added some notes to Intro book about `dump container' feature. Forgot this
    last time.
    Loot Bags is a bag mod like the venerable Bag of Holding, the crusty Automagic
    Bags, etc.
    Tired of storing/retrieving items one at a time? Loot Bags has auto-storage
    bags that can auto-store all item types. There is a different bag for each
    type, and in some cases for sub-types (e.g. there are different bags for
    light/heavy armour, each weapon type, etc).
    There are several types of bag, the most interesting are the "autobags" which
    have the auto-storage ability. Additionally there are "single" bags and
    "multi" bags. There are also "sorters", which are not bags (and don't really
    sort anything!), which activate auto-insert/remove on multiple bags (or other
    sorters) at once. (I still don't have a mesh for the sorters, currently they
    just use the bag mesh.) There are currently about 50 different autobags, and
    around 80 bags and sorters altogether.
    See the PDF manual or the in-game help books for more details.
    Review the ini before starting, there are several settings and hotkeys you may
    want to configure.
    Quick Start Notes
    To pickup a bag, activate it while holding grab.
    Auto-store only happens in game mode. In menu mode, bags are added to a
    list and processed (in the selected order) once you return to game mode.
    There are in-game help books. Shift-Click the Cancel button on any bag to
    read them. The first time you do this, it will automatically open the Intro
    book. After that, it will show a menu to choose the book you want.
    Shift-Click an option (for bags that have them) to see a brief description.
    Use the hotkey (default Grab) to configure equipment etc. The hotkey only
    works in menu mode. The hotkey token handles several hotkeys, see the ini file
    for configuration. Read the hotkey book in-game for more details.
    The bags are fully operational in game mode. If you haven't already,
    install Enhanced Hotkeys so that you can hotkey a bunch of bags/sorters.
    Seriously. Do it now! This is how I mostly use the bags these days.
    The bags can be purchased normally from most merchants. You may wish to
    install the vendor chests esp, to guarantee that there will be a few bags
    available for sale.
    The bags can optionally be found in random loot if populating levelled
    lists, either with the build-in initialization (see the ini file) or a
    levelled lists esp.
    There is nowhere to obtain all of the bags at once (other than the test
    chest). You will have to shop around (as do I, dear PlayerRef, as do I).
    You can put autobags in the Storter bags and the Sorters can still
    auto-insert/remove them. (That's what they're for.)
    The bags now have optional weighting to make them less uber (i.e. the
    weight of the bag will be set to the total weight of the contents. This is off
    by default, enable it in the ini file).
    As usual, copy (or symlink) the contents of Data to your Oblivion Data
    directory. Make sure the config files are installed to the ConScribe log
    directory. Also copy the optional esps if you want them.
    Review the ini and uncomment any settings you want (particularly the hotkeys)
    before starting. There are also a few config files installed to the ConScribe
    log directory.
    If installing with Wrye Bash, note that Grogrokl reported that Bash did not
    install the config files to the ConScribe log directory, so double-check that
    these are installed. You may need to enable the 'Has Extra Directories'
    option. I do not use mod managers so don't know any more than that.
    See the README in the package for further details.
    The Bag mesh is Bethesda's (Sack01.nif).
    My scripts are in the Public Domain and can be freely used for any
    You can do whatever with the rest of the mod.


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  8. FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod


    FOMO Moments as you may have guessed is in fact a Posing mod that allows access to a host of interesting poses all in one neat package with just one esp!
    The mod also tidies up the mess of having so many pose mods with an in game manager that allows you to only have the the pose mods you want for each specific character. FOMO Moments also cleans up the scripts of all added pose mods and updates to the conventions of the current OBSE.
    Furthermore if you want to know at a quick glance what each pose will look like without having to manually try each out, you can visit the Beyond The Pages bookstore in the East Docks District where you can purchase (Or take for free) copies of various posing Guide Books (Or you can have them added to your inventory via the FOMO Moments Menu Marble, however this does not add all purchasable guide books, only those that contain poses included in FOMO Moments).

    All of the below pose mods are included in FOMO Moments:
    Actors In Charge
    Actors In Emotion
    Actors In Maddness
    Goma Pose 01 - 17
    OSR Poses 01 - 03
    CTAddPose Gaff 01 - 02
    Halo Pose
    Halo Pin Ups 01 - 03
    Halo Uguu~
    Sexy Witch Poses
    NaRae Pose 01 - 02
    Chain It
    CTAddPose Le 01 - 02
    CTAddPose v_1
    CTAddPose Ordinary
    CTAddPose Bkasou
    A Total of around 3000 poses to pick your favourites from!

    - FOMO Main
    - OBSE
    - Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons

    This mod is compatible with everything!

    - Download FOMO Moments archive
    - If you are using Wyre Bash throw the Archive into the Installers Folder (Generally...\Oblivion\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers) and install it.
    If you are installing manually (Boo~), just extract the Archive as you normally would to your data folder.
    - Activate FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod.esp.
    - Run BOSS to fix your load order
    And... you're done ^^!

    This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.

    While I will naturally keep and eye out for comments on these mods, if I don't respond for some time first try posting in the FOMO Main General Discussion thread, if that fails try sending me a private message here at The Assimilation Lab.




  9. Shadier Sam

    Shadier Sam



    0.1: Applying Shadiers
    0.5: 0.5 Shades of Sam
    0.9: Slimmer, Shadier
    1.0: Shady Enough
    This simple mod aims to make Shady Sam a plausible fence for freelance thieves that doesn’t trump Thieves Guild ones. This is accomplished via the following changes:
    Firstly, setting the NPC’s Responsibility to 0. This allows the merchant to buy stolen goods and gives the highest possible positive modifier to disposition from player character Infamy. As Shady Sam cannot be persuaded, this makes it so that getting good deals from him requires being notoriously shady or a frequent enough customer. Were Sam to be given a normal routine, this change would also make him readily steal anything to fulfill his needs.
    Secondly, increasing his amount of gold to 600. This is the same as Ongar the World-Weary, the first fence that Thieves Guild members can access. Both are thus just as convenient in terms of raw gold, but Ongar’s disposition is much simpler to influence.
    Thirdly, setting his Buy/Sell options to check every box but ‘Spells’. He’ll buy just about anything you steal, not just random silverware — But don’t expect him to have much gold without buying some of his wares first.

    You need something... special?

    Shadier Sam improves the eponymous NPC’s stock with a focus on poisons and thematically appropriate items without Thieves Guild overlap. The following changes were made to his vendor chest:
    Damage attribute potions removed.
    Added 5 (weak) Damage Health poisons.
    Added 5 (weak) Damage Fatigue poisons.
    Added 5 Damage Magicka poisons.
    Added one of each (Strong) Damage Health and Damage Fatigue poison.
    Added one of each Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Cure Paralysis and (weak) chameleon potions.
    Added a small variety of alcohol.
    Added a selection of robes and hoods. To allow Sam to sell the black robes and hood, these have their gold value set to 1.
    Added Moonshade, a unique alcohol item of questionable legitimacy. Whenever Shady Sam restocks, you can buy one bottle. Its effects are Chameleon 15, Resist Normal Weapons 15, and Drain Intelligence 10, all over 60 seconds. The base value is set to 50 rather than the autocalculated cost, to be more affordable while still balanced by stock.

    Shadier than Thou

    Now, there is always the possibility that you might be shadier than shady. Or at least shadier than Shady Sam. If you are disinclined to buy from him, his entire stock is moved to his body upon death. You’ll find that he is not quite as unprotected as he used to be:
    Sam now carries a partial leather outfit composed of boots, greaves, Hide Bracers (Standard Leather Bracers with a Petty tier Shield enchantment), and the Smuggler’s Garb, a leather cuirass with a Common soul gem tier Feather enchantment.
    His Blade skill has been raised from 6 to 25.
    In addition to his leveled shortsword, Sam now carries a leveled dagger, a bit of stock he usually keeps away for himself. Disarming the lad won’t completely doom him now.
    His spell list now includes the standard Spark spell.

    Installation Instructions: This file contains a single .esp and the Readme. Simply drop it in your Data folder and enable it through your launcher, or place it in the installer folder of your choice of mod manager.
    Permissions: You may non-commercially modify and/or redistribute this file as you please, so long as you clearly credit the original author. More personally, I'd appreciate a heads up if you upload my content elsewhere to check the place out myself.
    Compatibility: No major incompatibilities are expected, but you may have to load Shadier Sam.esp after any mods that modify all/most vendor chests, and of course Shady Sam himself. A script is attached to Sam with an OnDeath condition to transfer the contents of his vendor chest to his body — Heavily modded installations may experience a delay before the transfer. Bear this in mind if looting the NPC immediately after death.




  10. COBL 1.74 Fix for Wizard

    COBL 1.74 Wizard Fixes.
    The current install is here and another thread here. Please contribute.




  11. BOSS

    Choose from the automated installer, or the manual install archive. The manual install requires 7-zip to extract the archive.
    Fixing a crash with the User List when a file doesn't exist on disk
    Fixing the newlines in BOSS generated files
    Fixing an issue with Unicode path names
    The Plugin Submitter is operational again
    Fixing a crash with the User List under certain conditions
    Updated the translation files
    Updated the installation script to support both 64-bit and 32-bit executables
    BOSS now builds on *nix platforms
    Removed some Boost library dependencies
    The default for an addition to the user list is now "After" instead of "Before"
    Code style changes
    This is also the last release specifically for XP. Future releases may or may not work.




  12. BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion

              BOSS for Oblivion
    Setting the correct load order for your mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable
    modded game. Better Oblivion Sorting Software...aka BOSS, is designed to assist
    mod users in avoiding mod conflicts, by providing automated load order sorting
    that's simple to use and fully customizable. While sorting, BOSS checks for load
    order errors and notifies you of any issues that it detects.
    BOSS also provides thousands of plugin specific messages. Including usage 
    notes, Bash Tag suggestions, requirements, incompatibilities, bug warnings, and
    installation mistake notices. It supports the sorting of plugins ghosted by the
    Wrye Bash utility, and has been translated into multiple languages.
    BOSS utilizes a Masterlist text file to sort plugins into the correct order. Although
    it recognizes tens of thousands of plugins, new mods are constantly being created
    and released every day. This means the Masterlist requires frequent updates. We
    depend on mod user submissions in order to keep pace with the mod community.
    This page is simply a portal from which to download the Masterlist text file, in
    the event you are unable to do so via the BOSS GUI. If your GUI is functioning,
    and updating properly through an internet connection, you already have the
    most up to date Masterlist.
    Program Requirements
    In order for the Masterlist to be of any use, you will need to have the latest version
    of BOSS which can be found here. Older versions of BOSS still function, but won't
    be able to update via the GUI. Versions prior to 2.3.0 may not properly read the 
    Masterlist due to formatting changes.
    Downloading the Masterlist
    Find the most recent Masterlist in the files section. Once you've downloaded and
    unzipped the file, you just need to install the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder
    located inside BOSS on your PC.
    Example: C:/Users/*yourusername*/Desktop/Boss2.3.2/Bin/Release-64/Oblivion
    Copy/Paste the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder. Make sure the "Sort Plugins" box
    is checked on the GUI and run BOSS.
    Submitting Unrecognized Plugins
    If you wish to submit an unrecognized mod plugin, please do so either through
    your BOSS GUI, or by posting on the main BOSS page over at Oblivion Nexus.
    Apologies, It's just more convenient for me to only have to track two sites.   
    Full credit for BOSS goes to the original development team. I take no credit for anything
    other than typing a bunch of mod names into a list that was already very well developed.
    Legal Stuff
    I was given permission from Wrinklyninja to host this page here. Please do not upload to
    any other sites without getting permissions first.




  13. Improved Waterfront Ships

    Ever get tired of seeing the same old ships everywhere you go in the game? Did you find it
    odd that all of them were built with the same wood, using the same colors, and none were
    really unique? I did too, and so decided to do something about it.
    The purpose of this mod was too bring a little color and diversity into the ships of Cyrodiil.
    While there are other ship mods which add new models and more ships, they still use plain old
    vanilla textures. There are some very good texture replacers out there, such as Qarls Texture
    Pack and Grumblepunks Shipyard. The limitation is that you end up with a lot of nice looking
    ships that still all use the same textures.
    So I've tried to give each of the named vanilla ships a look which suits a) their name, b) their
    role in the game, c) the description given by npcs in the game. They are each very unique, and
    share not a single texture among them.
    This mod revamps the boring, washed out vanilla ships into something more fitting for their
    respective roles in the game. Each of the ships has been fully retextured from stem to stern,
    exterior and interior (although I have only done the main deck interiors). Mid and Lower decks
    are currently a WIP at the moment, they will be finished at some point. Compatibility with
    AWLS is also a WIP.
    This plugin has been tested with the quests in various stages of completion. All of the quests
    still work exactly as they were intended to. There is only one note of caution to pass on.
    If you install this after you have entered either Serpents Wake or Clarabella the doors will
    once gain be locked. This shouldn't really be a problem. You get a key for Serpents Wake at
    the start of the quest. You should already have some lockpicking skill before attempting to
    enter Clarabella since the door is set at the highest lock level by default. At worst you may
    need a few more lockpicks to get back inside.
    I hope you will have as much fun using this as I had creating it!
    1. Imperial City Waterfront: Marie Elena is now the "damn fine ship" that First Mate Malvulis
    brags about. She is dressed in richly colored hardwoods with engraved mahogany trim work.
    2. Anvil Docks: The Sea Tub Clarabella is dirty and downtrodden. Her soiled decks, cracked wood,
    and peeling paint are almost as foul as the odor of sheep dung coming from within.
    3. Anvil Docks: The Serpents Wake sports rich oak siding, beechwood timbers, and engraved ashwood
    trim work.
    4. Imperial City Waterfront: The Bloated Float is indeed the finest Floating Hotel in all of Cyrodiil.
    She sports a vivid display of browns and green.
    5. Panther River: The long lost wreck Emma May is decayed and verging on collapse. Risking a look
    inside is not for the faint of heart.
    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.
    2. Set load order.
    3. Play and enjoy!
    There is an optional VWD folder available as a separate download. This is for the people who want
    to see the new ships in the distance and to have them reflected in the water. Install the meshes
    and textures from the "Optional VWD" folder into Oblivion/Data/Meshes and Oblivion/Data/Textures.
    Then run Tes4LODGen to generate the distant view in game.
    Load Order
    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized. Specific load order
    instructions are included with each read-me file as well.
    May conflict with other mods and patches which alter/relocate the named vanilla ships. Tested and
    works fine with Better Cities. A compatibility patch is available as a separate download for Open
    Cities Reborn
    This mod CAN be used alongside ship texture replacers such as Grumblepunks with no ill effects. All
    of my meshes and textures are unique so texture replacers WILL NOT override anything in this package.
    Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS
    Nifskope and Gimp - for the tools that made this possible
    Tes4Edit - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
    LHammonds - for the read-me Generator this file was based on
    Bond123 - for the "Bonds skyship" which inspired me to start down this path
    Vorians - for the help with sorting out my door issues
    Grumblepunk - for allowing use of the Moretta textures
    Deathless Aphrodite - for allowing use of the Cybiades textures
    Arthmoor - for use of his far nifs and the tutorial which taught me to make my own
    SkandarGraun - for the "Nolda Renovated" mod which inspired the Bloated Float design.
    Nephenee13 - for being so darn quick to respond when I needed asistance
    Legal Stuff
    Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my express consent. With the exception
    of two, all of the textures used herein are my personal work, and they represent a significant
    investment of my personal time. If you wish to use any of them, you need to ask first. If you wish
    to use the borrowed textures contained in this package, you will need to contact the authors listed
    above for their permission.




  14. AB's Menu Tester

    AB's Menu Tester

    ver. 1.0

    A modder's utility to display custom fonts and the use of menu functions. A tool for learning how to work with Oblivion's menus.
    I created this little utility when I needed to create some new fonts for Oblivion XP. I wanted to compare my generated fonts and see how they would look in the game. I also used this mod to play around with MenuQue's menu event handlers. I thought people might find this handy, so I packaged it up and have decided to release it.
    This little mod has a menu that can be customized to display various fonts. It also has a couple of menu event handlers defined that can be customized to respond to various menus and the actions performed with those menus. Currently the handlers will respond when the vanilla message menu is opened and clicked on. I'm using GetMessageBoxType to determine which message box is open.
    The enclosed readme has some instructions and you'll find further notes in the scripts.




  15. Font Generator

    From the readme:
    This utility will generate fonts suitable for use in Oblivion using installed Windows fonts.
    Author: Theo Habit (Tazpn314)
    Note: I did not create this utility. I have uploaded it here because version 1.13 was only available on Planet Elder Scrolls, which no longer exists.


    1 comment


  16. HUD Status Bars Enhanced

    HUD Status Bars Enhanced

    Author: TheNiceOne
    Maintained by: Forli
    Version: 6.2


    - TheNiceOne for creating this mod great mod
    - saebel, QQuix, migck, AndalayBay, deaths_soul, Leonardo for their help!
    - Kyoma for MenuQue
    - ShadeMe for CSE
    - The OBSE team for OBSE
    - Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion
    - All people who want to contribute to the QuestHUD project!

    Hi everyone! Do you use HUD Status Bars by TheNiceOne?
    Well, it's a great mod and it offers many possibilities to customize your HUD.
    Now TheNiceOne is not modding anymore, so I asked him to keep working on this mod, which has an huge, but still hidden power. He approved.
    This mod is an addon: this means that you need to download the original mod, install it, then install this one.
    I'm working hard to improve this mod and I can already offer you many new/improved features:
    - Manipulate bars at runtime. Create/change/destroy a bar from scripts! Ok, more useful for modders than for players.
    - Support ini from specific mods. You won't need to alter HUD Status Bars.ini anymore if you install UV3, DR6 or similar. Just put their in in the HSBE folder, and you're fine.
    - Support ini for specific quests. This is a project called "QuestHUD", which you'll find more info in the official threads and in the user guide.
    - New values for the bar position: HUDbars2, HUDnoticeLeft, HUDnoticeBelow, ...
    - New values to display the text: HUDtxtTime2, HUDtxtTime3, HUDtxtPercent1, HUDtxtValueOfMax2, ...
    - New fields: hud_fade_in and hud_fade_out. Now bars can slowly fade in/out instead of instantly appearing/disappearing!
    - New fields: hud_popup_in, hud_popup_out, hud_popup_dirin, hud_popup_dirout. Now bars can appear from outside the screen like popups!
    - New field: hud_blink! Now bars can blink, either with or without fade!
    - Quick functions: perfect for inexpert players but also great for performance!
    You'll find more information in the "User guide", in the Doc folders
    - OSBE v21
    - MenuQue v16b
    - HUD Status Bars v5.3.2
    The package comes with a replacement esp. You need to install the original HUD Status Bars v5.3.2, then install this package which will replace the original esp.
    A clean save is recommended: if you already use the original mod or any beta release of this one, delete the old "HUD Status Bars.esp", load and save the game, then install this update.
    Why? Because the mod has been completely rebuilt from scratch and many variables/names changed in the process. A direct update could cause serious problems.
    A clean save ensure the old data will be cleaned and won't conflict with the new data.
    Just disable the esp(s) and remove the files from the Oblivion\Data folder (but you can ignore them: they won't cause troubles if left alone).
    If you wan to revert, you will need to completely reinstall the original HUD Status Bars v5.3.2
    Ini compatibility from HUD Status Bars
    Fully compatibility with pre v6.0 ini. This means that you can keep your ini!
    All previous rules still apply, but new settings/customizations are now available for you!
    I suggest you read the manual, because few features are deprecated and you should update them.
    Known issues
    The debug feature works, but it apply to all bars instead of just the one you want, thanks to the command SetDebugMode which seems to work on his own...
    Few bugs may exist, because the mod has been rebuilt from scratch, but for now I have not found any.
    Tell me about every bug you found. I'll fix them as fast as I can.
    The mod is not mine.
    TheNiceOne is the author and owner. I'm simply maintaining and updating it with his permission.
    Should TNO come back to mod one day, he will be fully legitimized to take HSB back and kick me out of the window!
    Any question about permission should be asked to TNO, not me.
    All permissions rules from the original mod apply to this addon as well.




  17. Cobl

    Welcome to Cobl (Common Oblivion)! If you downloaded Cobl for itself, then you'll find that it significantly enriches the world of Oblivion: new races, new books, new ingredients, new foods, etc. There are no quests, but you'll find the world a better and more interesting place in many small and large ways.
    If on the other hand, you downloaded Cobl because some other mod required you do to so, then... You'll still find the world a more interesting place! But you'll also get the benefit of having multiple mods work better together, and be richer, more powerful mods in themselves.




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