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  1. Oblivion DLC Delayers

    Oblivion DLC Delayers

    This mod is a simple yet immersive and lore friendly way for the official DLC in Oblivion to be started. Normally when creating your character and exiting the prison cell, you are accosted by a number of highly unrealistic quest prompts that bombard you with information about things you should know nothing about and may not even want for the particular character you are playing. Instead, now you will either be able to find out about these quests via notes or in some cases simply by discovering the locations on your own.
    Installation Requirements
    Official Oblivion Patch
    Shivering Isles Expansion.
    Optionally requires the remainder of the official DLCs.
    Install via Wrye Bash's installers tab, or manually place Official DLC Delayers.esp into your Data folder.
    When you build your bashed patch, make sure this mod is selected in the "Merge Patches" and "Import Scripts" sections.
    DO NOT activate the mod, let the Bashed Patch take care of it.
    This mod is meant to be used when starting a new game but will not interfere with your progress if you have already activated all of the official DLC.
    Simply remove Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp from your Data folder, or uninstall via BAIN.
    Then rebuild your Bashed Patch to remove the missing references. If you do not do this, your game will either crash or hang during the main loading menu.
    Load Order
    Place immediately after the Official DLCs and the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches.
    Will not be compatible with Strategy Master's "SM Plugins Refurbished" or any other DLC delayer mod as this is meant to accomplish the same thing.
    Mods which edit any of the official DLC quests or scripts will not be compatible due to the edits that were needed.
    Fully compatible with all of the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches. Any necessary changes were included.
    Should be entirely compatible with city overhauls, including Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Reborn, as it uses only interior spaces in them.
    May conflict with any tavern overhauls if they have heavily rearranged furniture inside.
    Known Issues
    None known.
    How to Trigger Each DLC
    Horse Armor: Find one of Snak gra-Bura's notes in any tavern in the Imperial City and pick it up.
    Battlehorn Castle: Find a dispatch from the knights in either of the taverns in Chorrol, or simply discover the castle on your own.
    The Orrery: Find a note in the Archmage's Lobby at the Arcane University and pick it up.
    Vile Lair: Discover the Deepscorn Hollow location and find a chest with the key and bloodstained note inside.
    Frostcrag Spire: Discover the tower's location and find a chest with they key and deed inside.
    Thieves Den: Find the Sealed Missive on a table in the Anvil Castle Great Hall. Don't steal it though unless you're feeling lucky.
    Mehrunes Razor: Find a copy of "Treatise on Ayleidic Cities" on the first floor of Cheydinhal's Mages Guild and read it.
    Knights of the Nine: Accumulate at least 10 fame, then the rumors topics will be activated as usual.
    Shivering Isles: Find a note in the taverns in Bravil, or discover the island on your own.




  2. Oblivion Qaja-kar for all races

    Oblivion Qaja-kar


    for all races

    This is just a quick edit for the magnificent mod "Oblivion Qaja-kar" made by LegoManIAm94 that adds a new and complete questline associated to a new gang of khajiits. With the original mod no other race than khajiits are able to join this guild, including both the rest of vanilla races and any other new ones added by mods (including khajiit variants). This solve that by letting any vanilla or mod race be able to join and play this magnificent mod. This is only a replacer for the .esp, so you need to download and install the original mod from its page (and please remember to endorse it if you like it).
    All credits belong exclusively to LegoManIAm94 for making such a great mod, I only made the edit to make it playable with any race.
    The following is the original description of the mod:
    If you like factions where you steal things or kill people then this is the faction for you. But you must be a Khajiit to join the gang. There are 46 quests in the gang. 5 quests for each city (except for Kvatch) and after you finish those you will have five more quest in the Imperial City. And it comes with a Miscellaneous quests. If you do not like traveling this will be a good guild for you. The only places you will be is in the cities only. And all of those places you can get to them by fast travel or by traveling on the roads. You will also get three helpers that will help you in the quest or even help you if you want to just kill or steal something and they can carry items for you. And the gang leaders will sell you unlimited Skooma, Lockpicks, & Probes. And there are secret passages in all the cities (except for the Imperial City) so you can sneak out or in the city if the guards are after you or if you have alot of bounty on you. Now I know it is hard to read for what to do for a quest but just read the quest stages in the menu or pause the game when they are talking or use OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice. And the Qaja-kar Essential Bartenders is an optional file for if you want to start a barfight and sometimes a gang member will start a barfight in the bar the gang members go to and may kill the bartender and so this plug-in make it so they cannot be killed. The Qaja-kar questline is about corrupting the Imperials while they are weak from the Emperors death and the Oblivion crisis. And also making the world a dangerous place by doing step by step to either stealing something or killing someone. And use the How To Play As Telki-qa as a bonus. And if you play Morrowind also look at my Morrowind Qaja-kar.
    OBSE v0015 or newer
    To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin and bsa into your data folder. Then drag the QK file in the Sound folder into DataSoundFX folder. If you don't have the Sound folder in your Data folder then copy the Sound folder into Data folder.




  3. Order of the Dragon EV

    This is the English translation of the mod Orden des Drachen, which was written and released in German by Rung, Diener RE, Ryan, Lazarus, and Katan. It encompasses 72+ hours of gameplay, over 100 quests, hundreds of NPCs with full voice-acting, and an entirely new desert realm. It is voiced in German; there are no plans to make an English version of the voice-acting.
    Have you already left Cyrodiil behind?
    Then you do not know what happened after the death
    of the Emperor's son, do you?
    The Oblivion gates are closed, the Amulet of Kings
    shattered, but the Empire is not saved. Rebels
    spread fear and terror in the counties of Cyrodiil.
    Meanwhile, talk about the old sword prophecy is
    getting ever louder.
    Will the hero of Kvatch again prove worthy and
    be able to save the Empire from chaos?
    REQUIREMENTS: You need a playable install of Oblivion and the official 1.2 patch: http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_patches.htm. This mod does not require OBSE or any DLCs.
    The English version has only the esp and video files - you must download the BSA from one of the German sites:
    * Planet Oblivion: http://www.planetoblivion.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1645&Itemid=72
    * Scharesoft: http://www.scharesoft.de/joomla/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=27&func=fileinfo&id=2028
    * World of Elder Scrolls: http://www.worldofelderscrolls.de/?go=dlfile&fileid=218
    NEW! Slangens has created an in-game map. Download it here.
    Once you have received the Imperial Dragon Armor after finishing the original game's main quest, head to a town outside of the Imperial City.
    This mod mostly takes place in Mephala's Realm, which is its own worldspace, so there shouldn't be any major conflicts.
    * A patch for DLC Frostcrag is available here.
    * Patches for UL Jerall Glacier and Snowdale are available here.
    * A patch for Sensual Female Walks by Surazal is available here.
    * There is a very minor conflict with Better Cities; ODD places a manor in the IC Green Emperor Way, and some of the bushes along one of the streets clip into the walls. It has been judged not worth a patch.
    If you find other conflicts, let me know and I can make a patch. If you want to make one yourself, feel free - just give me a link so I can post it here for others to find.
    Since this is the first English version, there are probably still some typos, grammatical errors, etc. I tried my best to find and fix them after I was done, but I'm sure a few slipped through nonetheless. Additionally, Google Translate saw fit to add invisible characters that show up as ?? in plaintext. If you find any, please let me know so I can fix them.
    Be sure to the visit the ODD Wiki, hosted by Dark Creations: http://www.darkcreations.org/orden-des-drachen/wiki/Main_Page It is still a work in progress, so be patient. Also check out the videos:
    There are two files here: Order of the Dragon esp has just the esp, and the other is the sound and video files in English. Since the esp will be updated frequently, it's easier for me to keep it separate. If you've already downloaded this file, you won't need the sound/videos; otherwise, grab both files.


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  4. Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    Version 1.2.6


    Once upon a time, our name was whispered in the dark corners of the deepest caves and feared in the highest towers. Once upon a time, we bore the blood of emperors on our hands. Once upon a time, we were mystery, and secret, and the greatest in the Empire would gather our rituals to be allowed to grovel at our feet. Once upon a time, we scorned Mephala Herself, stole Her treasures, and found a master far beyond what She ever was.
    But now...
    Now, we are scattered, the Sanctuaries sealed. Now, the blood you have on your hands is that of your own family. Now, our secrets are broken, for we never saw the traitor in our midst. Now, the body of your master and mentor hangs in Applewatch, and the Night Mother herself scorns us for our failure.
    Where is the power of Sithis now?
    In the aftermath of the traitor's destruction, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood now faces new challenges. Shadowy threats from without and little trust from within. The Sanctuaries have been locked, the Dark Family hidden. But still, someone has found them. Someone seeks to wipe the weakened assassins from the face of Tamriel. The greatest secrets of the Black Hand must be unearthed if the Listener is to save the Dark Brotherhood from extinction. Or perhaps he will aid the Brotherhood's greatest enemy.
    The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large-scale quest mod. It boasts many new NPCs, locations, and both a large main questline and sidequests, delving deep into the shadowed history of the Dark Brotherhood.
    Choice. You have the power to decide not only how to perform within quests, but whether or not to accept them in the first place. If you turn down some quests, they are no longer available. Save your game before talking to an NPC.
    Interaction. In some quests, the clothes you wear can affect an NPC's reaction. You can also taunt your target before the kill...
    Decision. Some of our quests are disturbing. These aren't your morally ambiguous, or even justified, assassination missions. In tDBC, you are a heartless assassin, and will be called upon to perform reprehensible and grotesque acts. However, there are alternatives to these reprehensible acts: you can choose the path your character takes rather than being shoehorned into a purely villainous role.
    Several new exterior locations and dungeons, including several new sanctuaries.
    A wide variety of NPCs, with their own distinct character traits.
    Custom rumours and greetings.
    Lots of books and notes that enhance the lore and expand on the recent events in the Brotherhood.

    Quest Notes:
    The quests that comprise the main quest are neutral until the end. Then you will be forced to make a choice that will earn you fame or infamy. Some of the side quests will earn infamy points. However, they are optional, so you can turn them down if you don't wish to do them.
    If you wish to complete all the side quests, do so before starting the final quest. You will be asked to retrieve a dagger. Finish all the side quests before handing the dagger over. Awakening will end once the final quest is finished and the side quests will no longer be available.
    tDBC is aimed at characters level 15 and over. Companions and enemies are scaled, but quests are meant to be hard so higher level characters are recommended.
    OBSE version 20 or newer
    MenuQue version 9a or newer
    Open Cities
    Better Cities
    Unique Landscapes
    Roads of Cyrodiil Patch
    ImpeREAL City Unique Districts - see download link
    If you are using the Skingrad Outskirts module for Unique Landscapes, grab the 1.02 or newer update as that resolves some conflicts with the area outside Skingrad.
    French translation by Sita
    Awakening is incompatible with:
    Anvil Bay Expansion (unconfirmed - assumed due to pre-patch conflicts with BC)
    Duke Patricks - Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs (this one breaks the final quest in Awakening)
    A Brotherhood Renewed (AI package conflicts - both mods are too similar to be run at the same time)
    The Return of the Dark Brotherhood. Same reason as A Brotherhood Renewed.

    Minor cosmetic issues with:
    Reclaiming Sancre Tor (road passes under one of our locations - can go around)

    Screenshots and concept drawings for the project: tDBC Gallery
    Special thanks to:
    Arthmoor for being at our beck and call to answer at least 10,000 questions for the last year and for stepping up and giving us a new home when we needed it most.
    Our beta testers for playing through the entire mod at least 47 times. They are never going to want to see Awakening ever again. And a special call-out to omeletted for her thoroughness, being a royal nitpicker, breaking it in ways we never thought it could be broken, and methodically killing every single one of our NPCs at least twice.
    Team Members
    Amadaun - Team Lead, Modelling, Texturing, Level Design
    AndalayBay - Team Lead, Scripting, Quest Building, Level Design, Site Administration
    Xae (Xaeaix) - Sound Engineering, Soundtrack
    'Drea - Writing, Beta Testing, Voice Acting
    Elec0 - Modelling, Beta Testing
    Ibsen's Ghost (Ibsen3) - Voice Acting
    Koniption - Modelling, Texturing
    Lareneg - Writing, Beta Testing
    Morrigain - Writing
    omeletted - Texturing, Beta Testing
    Silver - Modelling
    Siulil - Beta Testing
    Sunseahl - Writing
    Sue - Voice Acting
    Wildgravity - Voice Acting
    Arthmoor - Technical Consultant
    Vorians - Landscape editing and patches
    Also a big thank you to the two previous teams who paved the way for us.
    Voice Acting
    Ibsen's Ghost - The Hermit
    Mick Mize - The Scholar (Antony Percival), Male necromancer chant
    'Drea - Female necromancer chant
    Remaining roles still in progress.

    Bethesda for creating Oblivion
    shadeMe for the CSE and Conscribe
    scruggsywuggsy the ferret for OBSE
    mr_siika for the Sanctum meshes
    Helborne for the Chitin armour and weapons
    Xiamara for the chair and sofa meshes
    Gildur and Demonmaster for the Anima Cyrodiili tileset
    Meo for the ceremonial dagger mesh
    Ren for the blindfold mesh
    Phoenix Amon for some of the book covers
    Emillia for various meshes and textures
    InsanitySorrow for various meshes and textures
    Qarl for his spider web meshes and textures
    TheTalkieToaster for the Spider Draedra NPC
    elveon, Malo, mikal33 and AlienSlof for the spider resources
    LHammonds, Sita and Jerros for the Paladin armour
    Klaus for his UI topic fixes
    fg109 (RandomNoob) for his help with scripting and quest building
    Unofficial TESA Clutterer's Guild for various meshes
    PrettyMurky - XML, Scripting
    Rahvin - Writing
    theinfamouskat (thechickwhopwn3dyou) - Writing
    Thomas Kaira - Interiors
    Ysne58 - beta testing




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