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Clothing, Weapons, and Armor

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  1. Mage Robes

    by Melchior Dahrk 
    These robes were originally made for my Lyithdonea project, but I decided to release them as a standalone mod for Modathon 2018. The concept behind the mod is to provide both an immersive experience by giving a uniform to mages guild members as well as to improve gameplay by providing a useful alternative to armor for mages; such as is offered in Skyrim. Many Mages Guild members will now wear the new robes.

    19 mage robe variants A robe for every magic school with Novice and Master variants Generic robes for Novice, Master, and Arch-Mage Toggle the hood on or off for every robe New quest and dungeon with unique loot to acquire the Arch-Mage's Robe Mage robes added to vanilla NPCs via script for immersion Obtain mage robes as rewards for vanilla quests and achieving rank milestones Purchase mage robes from Guild Provisioner NPC (rank/skill requirements) Maximum compatibility (no vanilla NPCs or dialogue are edited by the mod) Mage robes have magicka fortifying enchantments to provide utility for magic user gameplay Meet a quirky new companion character on your quest for the Arch-Mage's robe Add-Ons for several mods are included in the download PSDs included in separate download as a Modder's Resource
    To toggle your hood, drop the robe and pick it back up. A message will appear giving you the option to use/remove your hood.
    Robe quality:
    Novice Robes Fortify Maximum Magicka 0.2x Intelligence and Fortify their respective skills by 10 points, constant effect.
    Master Robes Fortify Maximum Macgicka 0.5x Intelligence and Fortify their respective skills by 20 points, constant effect.
    As stated above, the goal for this mod is to provide magic users with a viable alternative to using armor. Now instead of Armor Rating, mages can rely on enhanced magicka pools for casting. This mod stands well on its own but would pair well with a mod that rewards mages for using unarmored (see Recommendations section below).
    Generic robes:
    After you join the mages guild, talk to the Wizard of the Guildhall (who you joined with) about "member of the mages guild" to receive your generic novice robes. Once you are a wizard, you can talk to any other wizard about "member of the mages guild" again to receive your Master Robes.
    Purchased robes:
    After you become at least a Journeyman, you can talk to the new provisioner NPC in the Caldera Guild of Mages to purchase novice robes for each school. Once you are a wizard, you can purchase master robes from the provisioner. You must have a skill level of 20 in each school to purchase novice robes and 70 to purchase master robes.
    Quest rewards:
    Each of the Mages Guild questgivers will give the player a set of robes once they reach a certain level in their quests. Be sure to look for new topics to make sure you receive your robes (see spoiler section for details). This includes: Ajira (Balmora), Ranis Athrys (Balmora), Edwinna Elbert (Ald'ruhn), Skink-in-Tree's-Shade (Wolverine Hall). Finally, Trebonius has a quest for the player to recover the Arch-Mage's robe (if Trebonius is dead, talk to Flacassia Fauseius -Vivec Guild Guide- after becoming Arch-Mage).
    Mage Robes - The Hostiles.ESP : if you use TrevorDemented's The Hostiles, this plugin will add the new mage robes to leveled the leveled lists used by the mod. Need to merge leveled lists. Mage Robes - Starfires NPC Additions.ESP : if you use Starfire's NPC Additions, this plugin will add the new mage robes to the leveled lists used by the mod. Need to merge leveled lists. Mage Robes - Dagon Fel Mages Guild.ESP : if you use half11's Full-fledged Dagon Fel Mages Guild, this plugin will add the new mage robes to the NPCs in the Dagon Fel Guild of Mages interior. Mage Robes - Vivec Guild of Mages Expansion.ESP : if you use Mordaxis' Vivec Guild of Mages Expansion, this plugin will add the new mage robes to the new NPCs in the Vivec Guild of Mages interior.




  2. Bloodmoon Armor Pack

    Just a small patch for The Symphony to change Bloodmoon's armors and small items.
    With this plugin The Symphony project will change:
    - 100% of misc items.
    - 99.9% of armors.

    Requires both Tribunal & Bloodmoon.

    - BSA archive (with registration utility)
    - Standalone ESP files (in both English and Russian) which can be used
    independently of The Symphony's master files and BSA archives.
    - Can be used with saved games.

    New Material:

    + Wolf & Snow Wolf Armor.
    + Bear & Snow Bear Armor.
    + Skaal Armor.
    + All Bloodmoon ingredients.
    + All Bloodmoon misc items.
    + All Bloodmoon books (changes settings for scrolls, values, and removes some References Persists flags).
    + All other smaller assets in Bloodmoon, such as lights and potions.
    + Changes some spells and enchantments.
    + Snow armors now enhanced with scripting.
    + All helmets and greaves have special scripts for making them fit Argonians.
     NOTE: for this reason, you will need to equip the greaves and helmets twice,
    as they will unequip the first time, but this happens only once.
     It's a check that replaces these armor parts for beasts and humanoids.

    - No change for Snow Prince armor.
    - No change for Hircine keys.
    - No change for Bloodmoon creatures.
    About Master files.

    @_BM_Stuff(Full).esp - Base version of the master file. All in once! Armors and other.
    Not needed to activated any other version of ESP files together with it!

    @_BM_Stuff(armor).esp - only armors! No items and other. Install it if You not wanted to replace the misc items.
    @_BM_Stuff(items).esp - only items! No armors and scripts. Install it if You not wanted to replace the armors.

    Optional Addons:

    *May require @_BM_Stuff(Full).esp or @_BM_Stuff(armor).esp)
    *Can work and without it, but with some not critical errors.

    - Replaces the smugglers and reavers along the river on Solstheim, with hunters and guards.
    - You can barter with them.
    - They can help you against hostile creatures.
    - Basks-In-The-Sun finally gets a good, warm helmet and boots.

    DO NOT equip his armors if you aren't Argonian, or using the mod Jammings Off, or any similar fix for base animation files.
    Argonian armors optimized under beast skeleton.


    Don`t equip any bear or wolf armors during the last Carnius quest!
    The scripts change the ID of helmets and greaves, which can break this quest.


    This plugin is highly recommended to use with the Symphony Project!

    Use if you have old builds (1.1 to 1.5) of The Symphony and do not want to
    start a new game, or if you don't use The Symphony at all.

    This mod is included in Version 1.7 of The Symphony. No need to use together, unless you want to.
    Just be sure to activate only this mod's ESP files and not the BSA archives.

    This plug may be used with Stalhrim Armors pack.
    Known issues:
    - the masks on some furs helmets is very bad working with BIG heads! Orcs, females, vanilla.

    It's can be fixed easy, just change the type of body part slot in CS.
    Head instead the Hair.
    Or more easy - add 2x slot record ->head. Hair + Head.
    But, you can't to see the eyes in lenses of helmets.




  3. Better Clothes 1.1





  4. Dreamers_cloth

    Required: Morrowind. BSA-archive!
    *Symphony`s files isn`t requred.
    "New clothes" for Dreamers of 6-th house.
    *seems it`s a magical phenomenon not a cloth.
    - new "clothes" for Dreamers.
    - it`s not for player! Because it`s a magic effect.
    - few new ingredients.
    - the cultists was makes as... more interesting.
    - two new types of ash slaves.
    - If Dagoth UR was died, the cult will fall apart.
    - new animation for Dreamers.
    May be conflicts with other plugins are changing Dreamers directly!




  5. StalhrimArmorPack

    Stalhrim Armors&Weapons Pack.
    - ver 1.1
    - bsa archive
    - 3 new type of the Stalhrim Armors.
    *But You can get only Two type at once.
    ( - blue medium set are make by Nords)
    ( - green lightweight set are make by Karnius)
    ( - red heavy set can be found by Trade Company`s quest)
    - 3 new weapons set
    Like the Armors.
    - added more new Stalhrim`s weapons
    (arrow, thrown spear, axe, long spear, staff, claymore, broadsword)
    (It`s can be found in some NPC\CREA`s inventory)
    *If You are using the Patches who restored\added new dialogue options for that Topics, You will be able to got a new weapons. Like the Stalhrim Spear and Short Sword.
    - Stalhrim`s ore-deposit now have the animation.
    - new scripts with few Surprises.
    - Added a special version of the armors for Argonians with warm ankle and tail armor details.
    Also, they got the open helmets for better compatibilities with they faces.
    This plugin is high recommended to used with the Symphony project!
    This plugin is ended the Work on changing the Weapons. Now all Weapons have a new models!
    - It`s a standalone plugin and doesn't required Symphony resourses.
    - New Game isn`t required.


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