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TES3 Readme Generator 2.1.2

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About This File

The TES3 Readme Generator is to make life easier and simpler for Morrowind modders everywhere! No more do you have to mess around in Notepad to make your readme's look good. The TES3 Readme Generator will do it all for you. Just type in the information about your mods into the relevant fields, click the Generate button, and voila! A new readme! Ready to be distributed with you mod.


Any section left blank will not be included in the generated readme.



  • Generate a readme with the following sections:
    • Title of Mod
    • Version
    • Author
    • Requirements
    • Specific Requirements
    • Description
    • Install
    • Uninstall
    • Updating
    • Incompatibility
    • Known Issues or Bugs
    • Load Order
    • Changelog
    • Credits
    • Contact
    • Permissions

    [*]The readme can be opened automatically after generation for reviewing.

    [*]Custom sections can be added to the readme

    • As many sections can be created as needed
    • Each section can be titled differently

    [*]Default and custom sections can be reordered

    [*]A preferences tab

    • Section title separator's can be customised
    • A readme contents can be toggled
    • Readme filename can be customised using the magic words: %Name, %Version, and %Author
    • Default generation path can be customised
    • Default saving path can be customised

    [*]Saving readme's in the .esr format

    [*]Loading readme's in the .esr format

What's New in Version 2.1.2


  • Moved location of settings.ini so that installer download won't cause permission issues.

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