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About This File

Adds a small Inn located along the Orange Road East of Chorrol.



V1.1 Update:


Updated the compatibility patches to be in sync with the recent UL

Lush Woodlands 1.3.4 update.





The Orange Maple Inn was an ORE Inn Challenge entry mod. It was always

one of my favorite Inn mods due to some unique features. The windows

on the exterior light up at night and when it rains. This was a unique

feature at the time because AWLS wasn't around yet. Also the interior

windows provide a faked view of the outside world. This is the only mod

I know of which provided such a thing before the advent of the Immersive

Interiors mod.


The link for this file was hosted on the ORE website for a very long time.

However, it was a 4-Shared file link which went dead at some point even

before the ORE site went off line. The original read-me file did not contain

any contact info for the author, nor even the author name. I was only able to

discover the author name by looking at files on the Wayback Machine where the

dead file link for this mod still exists.


Andalay Bay has graciously consented to host the mod here on TAL as a means

of preserving it for posterity. I have made no changes to the files other

than a good TES4Edit cleaning.



From The Original Read-Me



Orange Maple Inn is found in the Great Forest along the Orange road. The Inn

is visited by people throughout the week, one of them also has a repetitive

quest for you.


You are able to rent room 3, it'll cost you 20 gold. It is fully owned by the

player until the rental period is over. The containers in the Player room do

NOT respawn and you will be able to get your belongings back from the Innkeeper

when the rental period has ended by talking to him and selecting the special

topic ''My belongings'' and you will be able to retrieve your belongings that

you've left in the room.


The windows outside illuminate at night and when it rains and the lighting inside

adjusts during the day. You can see the outside world through all of the windows

in the interior. The scenery is fake so there is no severe frame rate drop.


The map marker is available from the beginning!


(The COBL version adds the Luggage to your room)






Has known conflicts with Unique Landscapes-Lush Woodlands and Settlements of

Cyrodiil-Clearwater Farms. Compatibility patches for both of those conflicts

are provided in the optional "Patches" download.






1. Extract the file to a temporary location such as desktop


2. Place one .esp into your Oblivion Data directory either manually or

using the mod manager of your choice. Choose either standard esp or

the COBL version. DO NOT use both of them.


3. Set load order...and play.



Load Order



Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.

Specific load order instructions are also with the read-me file for each download.






Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS

LHammonds - for the readme generator this file was based on

Tes4Edit - for cleaning the dirt from the orignal files

Meo - for the open book resource

MR_siika - for some of the window textures

Nollemanter - for creating this mod

Argoniano, Zimnel and Kalikut - for the tablecloth resource



Legal Stuff



Please do not post this file on any other sites. It is only being posted here

on The Assimilation Lab to keep it from disappearing altogether. There is no

known way to contact the original author and so no way of knowing if it is ok

to upload anywhere else. Every reasonable effort was made to find and contact

the original author before uploading the files here.

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Sounds interesting.  Thanks for mirror it here. :)


Do you have a link to this ORE (it doesn't matter if the link is broken or working) site mention in this readme?

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Oblivion Real Estate (ORE) no longer exists. The site went offline permanently some time ago. You can find a few archives at the Wayback Machine...but there is a lot that wasn't archived unfortunately. This happens to be one of the unfortunates. Until now!

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