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About This File

HUD Status Bars Enhanced

Author: TheNiceOne

Maintained by: Forli

Version: 6.2




- TheNiceOne for creating this mod great mod

- saebel, QQuix, migck, AndalayBay, deaths_soul, Leonardo for their help!

- Kyoma for MenuQue

- ShadeMe for CSE

- The OBSE team for OBSE

- Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion

- All people who want to contribute to the QuestHUD project!


Hi everyone! Do you use HUD Status Bars by TheNiceOne?

Well, it's a great mod and it offers many possibilities to customize your HUD.

Now TheNiceOne is not modding anymore, so I asked him to keep working on this mod, which has an huge, but still hidden power. He approved.

This mod is an addon: this means that you need to download the original mod, install it, then install this one.


I'm working hard to improve this mod and I can already offer you many new/improved features:

- Manipulate bars at runtime. Create/change/destroy a bar from scripts! Ok, more useful for modders than for players.

- Support ini from specific mods. You won't need to alter HUD Status Bars.ini anymore if you install UV3, DR6 or similar. Just put their in in the HSBE folder, and you're fine.

- Support ini for specific quests. This is a project called "QuestHUD", which you'll find more info in the official threads and in the user guide.

- New values for the bar position: HUDbars2, HUDnoticeLeft, HUDnoticeBelow, ...

- New values to display the text: HUDtxtTime2, HUDtxtTime3, HUDtxtPercent1, HUDtxtValueOfMax2, ...

- New fields: hud_fade_in and hud_fade_out. Now bars can slowly fade in/out instead of instantly appearing/disappearing!

- New fields: hud_popup_in, hud_popup_out, hud_popup_dirin, hud_popup_dirout. Now bars can appear from outside the screen like popups!

- New field: hud_blink! Now bars can blink, either with or without fade!

- Quick functions: perfect for inexpert players but also great for performance!


You'll find more information in the "User guide", in the Doc folders





- OSBE v21

- MenuQue v16b

- HUD Status Bars v5.3.2





The package comes with a replacement esp. You need to install the original HUD Status Bars v5.3.2, then install this package which will replace the original esp.

A clean save is recommended: if you already use the original mod or any beta release of this one, delete the old "HUD Status Bars.esp", load and save the game, then install this update.

Why? Because the mod has been completely rebuilt from scratch and many variables/names changed in the process. A direct update could cause serious problems.

A clean save ensure the old data will be cleaned and won't conflict with the new data.





Just disable the esp(s) and remove the files from the Oblivion\Data folder (but you can ignore them: they won't cause troubles if left alone).

If you wan to revert, you will need to completely reinstall the original HUD Status Bars v5.3.2




Ini compatibility from HUD Status Bars

Fully compatibility with pre v6.0 ini. This means that you can keep your ini!

All previous rules still apply, but new settings/customizations are now available for you!

I suggest you read the manual, because few features are deprecated and you should update them.



Known issues

The debug feature works, but it apply to all bars instead of just the one you want, thanks to the command SetDebugMode which seems to work on his own...

Few bugs may exist, because the mod has been rebuilt from scratch, but for now I have not found any.

Tell me about every bug you found. I'll fix them as fast as I can.





The mod is not mine.

TheNiceOne is the author and owner. I'm simply maintaining and updating it with his permission.

Should TNO come back to mod one day, he will be fully legitimized to take HSB back and kick me out of the window!

Any question about permission should be asked to TNO, not me.

All permissions rules from the original mod apply to this addon as well.

What's New in Version 6.2


  • - Added fields hud_ref_2 and hud_tmp_2 (with relative expressions usage: hud_ref2 and tnoHSB.tmp2), to increase the power of your bars!
  • - hud_name and hud_name_2 now support format strings! String complexity sharply increases!
  • - hud_visiblity_on has been updated to trigger the visibility if only hud_ref, only hud_ref2, either or both ones change.
  • - Added GetObjectCharge quick function.
  • - Added new values for hud_DisplayText for the month, day of week (with tamriel, eng and ita localization) and few more...
  • - Changed the way GetArmorerMult calculate the mastery level (thanks Miguick).
  • - "tnoHSB.correct_encumbrance" is now deprecated. HSBE automatically calculate your base encumbrance with the command "GetAVForBaseActor Encumbrance".
  • - Fixed a bug with "tnoHSB.enemyMaxHealth". Anyway, this variable is deprecated, and you should replace it with the command "GetMaxAV Health" or the quick function "GetHealthMax".
  • - Fixed hud_enemy (again...).
  • - Fixed some bugs with the quick functions.

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