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Settlements of Cyrodiil-Regional Farms and Inns

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About This File

Before industrialization the main occupation of people, for ALL civilizations, has been agriculture.

Without a reliable source of food, no empire could fuel it's troops or civilian population for long.

Cyrodiil is vast, boasting 9 fortified cities and an immense population. Yet where are the farms that

should be dotting the landscape in every direction? Where does all the food come from to feed that



Settlements of Cyrodiil is an attempt to answer those questions. The project first began as an effort

to rescue some very nice farm and village mods that had gone to the wayside so to speak. Some of these

had fallen victim to un-patched conflicts with larger, more popular mods. Others were unfinished beta

releases that the original authors simply abandoned.






Did it ever bother you that no matter where you go in Cyrodiil all the farm houses look exactly the

same? All built with the same type of stone and wood, all the same color and same design. The lower

class homes and Inns as well. While inside the city walls we find architecture that is unique to

each individual region. This mod was my attempt to implement some diversity in architecture for the

poor working class slobs in the game.


Regional Farms and Inns replaces many of the bland vanilla Farmhouses and Inns with re-textured versions

that use regional materials. No new towns or locations have been added with this plugin, it strictly

addresses vanilla locations. This helps to tie the look of vanilla locations in with the regional themed

look found inside the cities they are nearest to. And ties in with the look of all the other Settlements

of Cyrodiil mods. Re-textures were done with 100% vanilla textures, some were tweaked slightly to get the

right look, but everything started life as standard game issue.


Now a Farmhouse or Inn near Cheydinhal will be built with glass, stone, and wood native to that region.

I have also done stables, sheepfolds, and wells where they already existed. Wells have had water added

to them for a little touch of realism. You may also notice that most farmhouses now have doors, shutters,

and thatch roofs that (hopefully) fit the look for that area of the land. Chorrol thatchroofs are a dull

bluish grey, Cheydinhal is a rich medium yellow, Skingrad a darker brown, Bravil and Leyawiin a faded

greenish grey, while anything near the IC retains the vanilla colors.


The Grey Mare, Inn of Ill Omen, and Roxey Inn have been given unique looks that I thought fit their names,

and/or locations. I was very careful to replace doors using the proper method so all vanilla quests should

still work just as they were intended to. I have tested them and encountered no problems.


All new structures already have visible when distant meshes. These are included as part of the resource

pack you are required to download. All you need to do is run a program such as Tes4LODGen to make the new

architecture appear in the distance in your game.



Locations (most of them)




Black Waterside Stable

Border Watch

Drunken Dragon Inn

Five Riders Stable

Grateful Pass Stable

Harluns watch

Honditars House

Inn of Ill Omen

Lord Rugdumphs Estate

Odiil Farm

Roxey Inn


The Grey Mare


Weynon Priory Lodge and Stable






Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416

Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3






1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.


2. Set load order.


3. Play and enjoy!



Load Order



Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.

Specific load order instructions are included with each read-me file as well..






May conflict with other mods and patches which also edit vanilla farmhouses and lower class architecture.

Tested and works fine with all of the most popular mods I could think of. An alternate file is available

as a separate download which makes Regional Farms compatible with Drahenne's Weynon Priory Alive mod.


There is also a patch available as a separate download for Better Cities v6.0 or higher. No other conflicts

have been reported at this time. Please leave a comment to let me know if you find any others that need to

be patched.






Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS

Nifskope and Gimp - for the tools that made this possible.

Tes4Edit - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods

LHammonds - for the read-me generator

Drahenne - for Weynon Priory Alive

Ismelda and Vorians - for Better Cities

Me - for design and creation of this mod



Legal Stuff



Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my express consent.

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