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Notes for modmakers ver. 3.0 build 1.3

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About This File

TES III Morrowind

Collection of the modding notes, accumulated over ten years working with it.

*In total more than 800 articles.



870 HTML pages and near 2600 pictures.
ver 3.0 v 1.3



Russian and some parts on English.

*but need a translation.

*this build is placed here, to working better with translation it.



A summary of the content:


- detailed description of Nifskope. *Menu, context menu, settings.

- detailed description of the basic properties Shapes and nodes.

- detailed description the Special Name of nodes. *Shadow, bound Box, collision, weapon bone and etc.

- description about properties of the controllers.

- description about materials properties.

- creating a new controllers.

- manage the properties of the controllers.

- create more than 10 layers of reflections in the .nif files.

- use 4 slots reflection effect in the meshes.

- management of light sources. *The effects of "flashers" and "spotlight".

- Note about bugs.

And more this!


3D max. (Many annotations can be used and for Blender.)

- create new controllers.

- work with the animations.

- a list of keys animation MW.

- create LOD meshes.

- work with the Morphing.

- setting the materials. TesShader, NifToolsShader.

- detailed description about Import\Export settings.

- setup and creation the Particles.

- creating facial animation. *With using FaceGen.

- sync animation of objects with a base animation.

- create animated Armor and weapons. *War flail, Predator`s spear fot example.

- creation heavy animation with Reactor.

- create a "living" eyes for creatures and NPCs.

- note about various bugs and errors.

- works with Skin and SkinWraps.

- create a new lights effect.

- and More This!


Third-party software.

- create heads with FaceGen.

- new texture creation in the ParticleIllusion.

- processing of textures in 2D Editors.

- working with LOD in DDS textures.

- description about texture formats, their strengths and weaknesses.

- BSA archives.

- audio files.

- few notes about Scripts.

And so on;)


Actually, Morrowind is capable of playing a very beautiful animation!




What's New in Version ver. 3.0 build 1.3


  • 1.0 - base version (25 08 2015)
  • 1.1 - added more details and new articles (01 04 2016)
  • 1.2 - added few new articles (09 04 2016)
  • 1.3 - added a lot of new articles (01 01 2017)(v1.2_b1.0)
  • 2.2 - A completely new version of Notes! All articles has been rewritten.  (09 2019)
  • 3.0 - A very great update for the Notes. Now we know almost 100%! Now we can do almost all! Now we can start to modding at full power! :D (07 2020)

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