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About This File

New warm and comfortable homes, constructed from local funds.

The Nords are not the Dunmers!

Now the village is built from the Hats of local "plants".


About Master files.


2 versions EN&RU.


@_dagonFellUp(EN).esp - full version! Recomended.

@_dagonFellUp(EN)(FIX).esp - corrected version.

Removed a few models, for better compatibility with some mods.

Use it, if you have installed the replacer of the "emp_parasol" meshes!



*Not needed for EN version MW!




Probably the Plugin is poorly compatible with other replacers of this Place.


May be problems with the traveling markers.

Player placed under water, instead of the ship`s deck.

A strange bug. Perhaps conflict with other plugin.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • *****************
  • UPDATE 1.5
  • *****************
  • - fixed some bugs (hanging on the air objects, etc)
  • - improved compatibility with Dagon Fel Mill (now the Ship have no the Clipping in Dock)
  • - more RAIN meshes (added few new meshes)
  • - replaced the dock (all new meshes)
  • - replaced the inside of the Tavern (new meshes)
  • - added sound gens in to Interiors. (Now you can hear the rain indoors)
  • - lock for sailing from the bad weather. (Now you can`t to sail away in rain or storm).
  • - update inside the Dagon Fel`s, Watch Tower. (Fix collision root)
  • - added more new textures. (For raining)
  • - patch 0.1 included.
  • - added Nord`s Sanctuary.
  • - added Nord`s road Relic.
  • - You can get a blessing from them.
  • *********************************

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