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About This File

Choose from the automated installer, or the manual install archive. The manual install requires 7-zip to extract the archive.



  • Fixing a crash with the User List when a file doesn't exist on disk
  • Fixing the newlines in BOSS generated files


  • Fixing an issue with Unicode path names
  • The Plugin Submitter is operational again
  • Fixing a crash with the User List under certain conditions
  • Updated the translation files
  • Updated the installation script to support both 64-bit and 32-bit executables
  • BOSS now builds on *nix platforms
  • Removed some Boost library dependencies
  • The default for an addition to the user list is now "After" instead of "Before"
  • Code style changes

This is also the last release specifically for XP. Future releases may or may not work.

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I think you mean between zip and 7z. The 7z archive uses LZMA2, compression level 9, with a single thread, and compressed with solid compression. Zip just uses the basic DEFLATE algorithm that, while having the most compatibility across systems (all systems have native support for opening zip archives (not sure about iOS)), it isn't the best at reducing the archive size. :)

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Ah, and what's more, looking at the description, can't find any motivation at all for my original comment. Oh well. :P

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