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Oblivion DLC Delayers

This mod is a simple yet immersive and lore friendly way for the official DLC in Oblivion to be started. Normally when creating your character and exiting the prison cell, you are accosted by a number of highly unrealistic quest prompts that bombard you with information about things you should know nothing about and may not even want for the particular character you are playing. Instead, now you will either be able to find out about these quests via notes or in some cases simply by discovering the locations on your own.

Installation Requirements

Official Oblivion Patch
Shivering Isles Expansion.

Optionally requires the remainder of the official DLCs.


Install via Wrye Bash's installers tab, or manually place Official DLC Delayers.esp into your Data folder.

When you build your bashed patch, make sure this mod is selected in the "Merge Patches" and "Import Scripts" sections.
DO NOT activate the mod, let the Bashed Patch take care of it.

NOTE: You must use CBash when building the patch. Standard PBash will not produce a working result.

This mod is meant to be used when starting a new game but will not interfere with your progress if you have already activated all of the official DLC.


Simply remove Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp from your Data folder, or uninstall via BAIN.

Then rebuild your Bashed Patch to remove the missing references. If you do not do this, your game will either crash or hang during the main loading menu.

Load Order

Place immediately after the Official DLCs and the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches.


Will not be compatible with Strategy Master's "SM Plugins Refurbished" or any other DLC delayer mod as this is meant to accomplish the same thing.

Mods which edit any of the official DLC quests or scripts will not be compatible due to the edits that were needed.

Fully compatible with all of the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches. Any necessary changes were included.

Should be entirely compatible with city overhauls, including Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Reborn, as it uses only interior spaces in them.

May conflict with any tavern overhauls if they have heavily rearranged furniture inside.

How to Trigger Each DLC

Horse Armor: Find one of Snak gra-Bura's notes in any tavern in the Imperial City and pick it up.
Battlehorn Castle: Find a dispatch from the knights in either of the taverns in Chorrol, or simply discover the castle on your own.
The Orrery: Find a note in the Archmage's Lobby at the Arcane University and pick it up.
Vile Lair: Discover the Deepscorn Hollow location and find a chest with the key and bloodstained note inside.
Frostcrag Spire: Discover the tower's location and find a chest with they key and deed inside.
Thieves Den: Find the Sealed Missive on a table in the Anvil Castle Great Hall. Don't steal it though unless you're feeling lucky.
Mehrunes Razor: Find a copy of "Treatise on Ayleidic Cities" on the first floor of Cheydinhal's Mages Guild and read it.
Knights of the Nine: Accumulate at least 10 fame, then the rumors topics will be activated as usual.
Shivering Isles: Find a note in the taverns in Bravil, or discover the island on your own.

What's New in Version 1.0.2


Corrected a form ID mismatch on the Thieves Den quest activation item so that it was being injected for the proper DLC.

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