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FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod 1.00

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FOMO Moments as you may have guessed is in fact a Posing mod that allows access to a host of interesting poses all in one neat package with just one esp!

The mod also tidies up the mess of having so many pose mods with an in game manager that allows you to only have the the pose mods you want for each specific character. FOMO Moments also cleans up the scripts of all added pose mods and updates to the conventions of the current OBSE.


Furthermore if you want to know at a quick glance what each pose will look like without having to manually try each out, you can visit the Beyond The Pages bookstore in the East Docks District where you can purchase (Or take for free) copies of various posing Guide Books (Or you can have them added to your inventory via the FOMO Moments Menu Marble, however this does not add all purchasable guide books, only those that contain poses included in FOMO Moments).






All of the below pose mods are included in FOMO Moments:


Actors In Charge

Actors In Emotion

Actors In Maddness

Goma Pose 01 - 17

OSR Poses 01 - 03

CTAddPose Gaff 01 - 02

Halo Pose

Halo Pin Ups 01 - 03

Halo Uguu~

Sexy Witch Poses

NaRae Pose 01 - 02

Chain It

CTAddPose Le 01 - 02

CTAddPose v_1

CTAddPose Ordinary

CTAddPose Bkasou


A Total of around 3000 poses to pick your favourites from!








- FOMO Main


- Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons





This mod is compatible with everything!








- Download FOMO Moments archive


- If you are using Wyre Bash throw the Archive into the Installers Folder (Generally...\Oblivion\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers) and install it.

If you are installing manually (Boo~), just extract the Archive as you normally would to your data folder.


- Activate FOMO Moments - A Pose Mod.esp.


- Run BOSS to fix your load order


And... you're done ^^!






This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.










Note: This list does not include contributions already credited in FOMO Main's (Which is used as a resource pack for this mod) credit list.




Chain It

+ Pizz and Lera (Credited for OSRpose) + Authours of Hentai, gobu and BS Pose mods



Goma Pose 01, Goma Pose 02, Goma Pose 03, Goma Pose 04, Goma Pose 05, Goma Pose 06, Goma Pose 07, Goma Pose 08,

Goma Pose 09, Goma Pose 10, Goma Pose 11, Goma Pose 12, Goma Pose 13, Goma Pose 14, Goma Pose 15, Goma Pose 16,

Goma Pose 17

+ Creators of CTAddPose Mod + antistar, SickleYield (Credited for Bathing Mod meshes and textures)

+ Forgiveness and Slander Mod, Alexander Wolf (Credited for Wing Mesh and Textures) + N8darkness - N8K

+ Morrowind Daedric Crescent Blade + SPB SpeedBuster Collection mod authors



Halos Poses Compilation

+ CTAddPose Creators



CTAddPose Gaff 01, CTAddPose Gaff 02

+ MEO (Credited for Map Resource)

+ CTAddPose Creators



Sexy Witch Poses

+ Retma & Ryk (Original pose cretors) + Phoenix Amon (Credited for Book Jacket Textures)

+ Meo3000 (Credited for Open Books Resource) + Ahiru (Credited for the Glasses Mesh Textures)



NaRae Pose 01, NaRae Pose 02

+ Unknown (Credited for Book Mesh and Texture) + Hentai (Various Meshes and Textures including weapons and Pillows)

+ Lazaro's (Credited for Mesh and Effects) + Ren's (Credited for Katana and Dagger Meshes and Textures)

+ Goma, Tessa (Credited for for assistence) + ourovoros (Credited for English translation assitence)


Pizz and Lera:

OSR Poses



Halo Pose Book Screenshots


resona (LE):

CTAddPose Le01

+ CTAddPose Creators,

CTAddPose Le02

+ CTAddPose Creators



Actors In Charge

+ Xiamara and Aleanne (Credited for poses from "Strike A Pose" mod)

+ Various individuals from the "modding board" of TESForums Modders from TESCSWiki site and TESForums

(Credited for various solutions to issues),

Actors In Emotion

+ Sarkandar (Credited for animation tutorials and various hints) + Scanti (Credited for Face Morphs list),

Actors In Maddness



CTAddPose v_1

+ M.Y (Credited with esp work) + Trollf (Credited for original pose mod scripts)



CTAddPose Ordinary

+ Tona (Credited for meshes and textures from Tona's Mod Store) + NPR (Credited for Camisole, R18PN 02, Lingerie)

+ Tok (Credited for Milk, Sweetdough from HTS with Cooking v2.044)

+ KOBJ (Credited for Porvora from JING set ver1.5)

+ CTAddPose Creators

CTAddPose Bkasou

+ CTAddPose Creators



and finally thanks to the creators of:




Construction Set Extender
















And of course Bethesda



Though I am generally very thorough, it is possible that I missed crediting someone's contribution, if this is the case please do let me know so I can fix it ^^!









While I will naturally keep and eye out for comments on these mods, if I don't respond for some time first try posting in the FOMO Main General Discussion thread, if that fails try sending me a private message here at The Assimilation Lab.

What's New in Version 1.00


  • Version 1.00
  • - Initial Release

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