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AvalonCore 20151231.1

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About This File


by avalon2260

version 20151231.1



OBSE v20+ Main Site Nexus



This is just a repackage to remove the (useless) bsa. It only contains a null.nif which is now loose.




This is a small base mod used by some of my other mods. It contains common functions etc.


There is not much (or any) documentation yet, but nobody else is using it anyway, AFAIK. For now, if you want to use any of these functions, see my other mods for example usage. Note that some functions may be experimental/obsolete (not sure, I haven't looked at this for some time).


There isn't much here for the end user, though you might find the Game Settings (a2coreGS) quest useful. All this does is read an ini file, so this can be used to set arbitrary game settings (hence the name) and so on. For example, I use this to set my skill rates, and to tweak a few game settings, etc.




Install as usual, copy the esm/esp to the Data directory. Load order shouldn't matter, I think this has been added to the BOSS masterlist anyway.




The OBSE team. Without OBSE, I would have wandered away from Oblivion years





My scripts are in the Public Domain and can be freely used for any purpose.


The quest stage result scripts in coreif are copies of Bethesda's SI door

scripts. The rest are mine.

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