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Elsweyr Anequina Integration Patch TCv1.0 1.0.1

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About This File

Elsweyr Anequina - Integration The Stranded Light Patch TCv1.0


author: tegeus-Cromis

tweaked by avalon2260





Elsweyr Anequina

Integration: The Stranded Light


Integration requires:


Race Balancing Project 10.52

Less Annoying Magic Experience 1.7




This is a modification of tegeus-Cromis's Elsweyr Anequina Integration patch,

adjusted for the non-Integrated version of Integration.


If you're using IntegrationIntegrated, you'll need tegeus's original patch,

which can be found on TheAssimilationLab and NexusMods.


There is also an existing patch for the non-Integrated version by Haldar.


tegeus-Cromis made this patch for Integration Integrated. Since there are,

naturally, some landscaping differences between this and Haldar's patch, I

decided to frob it to work with the non-Integrated version as an alternative

to Haldar's version. You may want to look at both to see which you prefer.

I've made a few screenshots for comparison.


As far as changes go, I merely changed the filename in the master list to the

non-Integrated version; since all the affected FormIDs are the same in both

versions of Integration, that's all that needed to be done.





This should install with Wrye Bash (I do not use it to install mods so I

cannot test that) or you can install manually.


Load somewhere after Integration. Thus:












See tegeus's README below for further install notes.


Existing game? Saved Refs? Fix.


This patch moves Smiling Camp a small distance to the West. When adding this

to an existing game (with Integration already loaded) there are several

references which may not be moved with the rest of the camp. For some reason,

these are being saved in the save game (at least for me), thus a mod cannot

change their position. In particular, this applies to Karrizy's bed-roll (the

only physical object affected), which remains in its original position and

thus outside her tent (you can see this in screenshots 5 and 6). A couple of

markers, including the camp marker, are also affected. This is presumably

caused by these objects being referenced in Karrizy's and Shivaya's AI

packages, which is causing their state to be saved, although it could just be

some weirdness with my install.


This is not an issue if you are starting a new game or loading Integration for

the first time. (Nor is it an issue with Haldar's patch as that doesn't move

the camp.)


If you find that this applies to your game, I wrote a quick script to fix it,

the esp is in the package (eaipfix.esp). Load this anywhere (since it's only

temporary, just load it last), and wait for the message stating that the

positions have been fixed. You can then save the game and remove the fix esp.


Alternatively, you can simply move the references in question manually via the

console (see the fix script for the FormIDs and coordinates, or use TES4Edit).


There are a couple of quirks to note if the Smiling Camp cell is loaded when

the fix quest runs. Therefore, it is best to be elsewhere when loading this

fix esp.

  • If Karrizy is in bed, then she won't be moved, so she'll continue sleeping on
    the ground. Wake her up, and she'll find her bed.
  • The bed-roll may no longer highlight when the crosshairs are over it. In this
    case, just disable and enable it with the console or leave the area (enter one
    of the farmhouses or Rimmen) and come back. You can't sleep in it anyway so it
    shouldn't matter. I didn't bother dealing with this as scripts need to wait a
    frame between the disable and enable and that is not worth the hassle for this
    single-use triviality.



tegeus-Cromis did all the work here, I merely modified the master list with

TES4Edit and verified that it works in-game.


This obviously wouldn't exist without the amazing work of Iliana and bg2408.


See tegeus's README below for additional information.



tegeus-Cromis's README





Elsweyr Anequina - Integration The Stranded Light Patch v1.0

Author: tegeus-Cromis

18 Nov 2016




This patch repairs conflicts between Elsweyr Anequina and Integration The

Stranded Light Integrated. It's mostly to do with a camp that Integration

places just outside the south wall of Rimmen, though if anyone reports any

other clashes I will strive to fix them.




Oblivion v1.2.0.416

Elsweyr Anequina (2014 version)

Integration, The Stranded Light (Integrated)


IMPORTANT NOTE. This will likely not be at all useful for versions of EA prior

to early 2014, when Rimmen was introduced. I also strongly doubt that it will

work with the non-Integrated version of Integration, though if anyone wants to

make it work so, they are welcome. I don't intend to install that version to



The two applicable mods are not available on Tes Nexus, but here:


Elsweyr Anequina - http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/1070-elsweyr-anequina/

Integration Integrated - http://theelderscrolls.info/?go=dlfile&fileid=441




I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. The patch is

mergeable with your Bashed Patch, using CBash, since it has only one

dependency, on Integration. So if you enable Auto-ghost, it will add nothing

to your plug-in or file count.


If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack the .esp to your game

data folder and activate it.




Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete

from \Data the files:


ElsweyrAnequina - Integration Patch v1.0.esp

\docs\ElsweyrAnequina - Integration Patch - Readme.txt


Load Order


This should come shortly after Integration, which follows EA in BOSS sequence, viz:






bgIntegrationIntegratedEV.esp (Note, should work OK with non-EV too)


ElsweyrAnequina - Integration Patch v1.0.esp




None known. I don't know of any other mods that affect these cells. But it has

been checked against David Brasher's Tales from Elsweyr Anequina, just in



Tools used:


TESCS (with CSE)






Bethesda, for the game and CS (though big thanks to ShadeMe too, for extending the latter).

Iliana for Elsweyr Anequina.

bg2408 for Integration - The Stranded Light.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • Updated README, fixed a few typos.