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Twin Moons Quest Log and Game Guide 0.9.806

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About This File

Twin Moons Quest Log and Game Guide

Game Version: 0.9.806

If you aren't familiar with Twin Moons, have a look at my guide. This is a set of populated and blank tables that you can use to record all your quest objectives, as well as other key notes to the game.

  • The quest log table lists all the locations, or portals, including "Any", where you can specify the objective and the mode, anomaly or action required at that location.
  • The puzzles table lists the three puzzles and a row for "any" in which you can record the objective for the puzzles you need to solve.
  • There is a table that lists some collection chargers and the portals in which they can be found.
  • The next table lists the portals that award anomaly banishing items.
  • The collection quests table is blank, with columns to list the name, the reward and the requirements. You can use this to record the details of your favourite collections or collections that you can't complete yet.
  • The awards table lists all the awards as listed in the game, along with the subject or type of the award, the goal levels and a space for you to record your progress.
  • List of scene levels.
  • The friends table is a blank table with space to record your friend's name and the visit and gifting dates.


Print the log and fill it in as you play.

Recording the Quest Information

The first table has all the locations with a column for the objective. You'll notice that I have labelled that Objective (Mode, Anomaly or Action). Currently, you only need to find an object at a location. I suspect that future game releases will require that a location will also need to be in a certain mode in order to retrieve the object.

I list the object I'm after, if any. Then I list the mode, anomaly or action needed to acquire that item in parentheses. If I just need to investigate the portal or investigate the portal in a particular mode, then I just list that in parentheses. If I just need to find the item in any mode, then I just list the item.

I found it's best to list the item because you may get the item through other means, so the task can be completed without having to find it in the specific location. I've had many cases where I will find the item in another location and the quest is marked as completed, or I may get the item from a friend.


Suggestions for Abbreviations

Here are the abbreviations I've adopted for the various modes and anomalies. These are listed at the bottom of each page in the quest log. Currently the game does not require a specific mode or anomaly to find an item, but there are quests that require you to explore the location in a specific mode or with a specific anomaly present. If you wish to record these quests, I suggest putting Explore (mode or anomaly) in the quest table for the specified location.

T - Text, S - Silhouette, N - Night, PR - Pairs, P - Pieces, M - Morphs, C - Curse

BT - Bent Time, NB - Nebula, SG - Singularity, W - Wormhole

The quest log is available as .docx and .odt. ODT is open document format and you can open it with OpenOffice or LibreOffice, both of which are free.

What's New in Version 0.9.806


  • Added new locations from latest update.
  • Updated locations of chargers.

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