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About This File

Replaces the names of all the non-Dunmer NPCs in the game with "N'wah".


The idea for this mod stemmed from a discussion on the Elder Scrolls Lore forum.

Merry Eyesore the Elk, on 08 Mar 2014 - 12:16 AM, said:

One day I'll tell you about all of the ways we discussed how the interface would work for non-humans in the game from UI changes to certain needs/wants/involunatary behavior. If you want to hear it, that is, and not be stupidly pedantic about a Redguard not hanging around your local gaming store. - Michael Kirkbride


SithisLorkhan, on 08 Mar 2014 - 12:53 AM, said:

I'm just imagining something where every non-dunmer's name was replaced with N'wah.


Since I typically play as a Dunmer, I decided I had to experience the game like this. The first thing I tried was to replace all non-Dunmer (hereafter referred to as n'wah) dynamically, in game by using MWSE. Abot helped me get an edited version of Fliggerty's detect life script working, but due to the unstable nature of MWSE, it caused frequent crashes. So abot and I worked on creating a tes3cmd command and perl code which could create a patch in a semi-automated fashion.


So, in the archive, you will find several things:


1. NWAH.esp - replaces the names of all n'wah with "N'wah" in the Morrowind.esm (only edits the FNAM property, so dialogue is unaffected).

2. NWAH_GOTY.esp - replaces the names of all n'wah with "N'wah" in the Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, and Bloodmoon.esm

3. Batch files and detailed instructions to patch all your active mods and replace those pestilent foreign names with the more politically correct: "N'wah"

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