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MA Lite was born from a tiny start_pos.esf experiment, in the halcyon days of DOS commands, Taw's tools, and Notepad ++...


Spanning the tumultuous decades of 1560 through 1600, MA Lite unleashes you in the crucible years of Oda Nobunaga's coalition, before Toyotomi's iron ascent would close the age of warfare, yet as of the initial beta there is no Toyotomi clan. (Hang with me while I change that.) Players will find a more familiar, less "grand" strategy at their fingers. Now, allow me to set the stage.


Oda Nobunaga has silenced his brother, the last of his detractors, unifying a broken clan at last. The Lord of Kiyosu has made compact with Tokugawa Ieasu, for old enemies stir in Hachiman's fires, the Tiger of Kai among them. Shingen will not relent until the FÅ«rinkazan fly over Kyoto, not should Heaven and Earth martial against him. To the south, Mori Motonari and Takamoto lord over the once-lands of Ouchi and Sue. Even the Shogun honors clan Mori, as a voyager would court the wind. What other powers take league with Mori? The Simple-Minded agitate their ranks from the grim, masses of men hewing legends for the ages, and massing spoils for themselves. These Pure Land brigands could be startled against the Kiyosu Treaty, should a southerly word provoke them. Where the horde don't frighten you, know in Echigo there dreams a Dragon wreathed in victory, while Hanzo's pitiless Hands ply the Mizu Shobai unimpeded. Into the contest landfall Nanban armed twofold: the great equalizer and the Word. Their guns may quicken the tired age to an end, but their Word may lead the age round...



All Great Clans start with one Stronghold

All Great Clans start with an encampment

All Great Clans start with one complementary building

Cavalry require the Warhorses resource

Sohei are recruited solely from Holy Sites, unless you're Ikko Ikki

Scripted Ashigaru soft cap, relative to your regions' farming income

Scripted Samurai promotion*

Content trademark of Hayabusa Sushi's Sengoku campaign, such as Daimyo models and portraits

Select content from Master of Ambition


As this is very much a WIP, don't expect a polished stroke of genius. I wish I could give you a metric for zero-hour, but I want to keep MA Lite open-ended. You might think of MA Lite as a proof of concept for features finding their way to Master of Ambition, but that's just a surface observation. MA Lite will have character all it's own, reflecting the decisive twilight years of the age, as best as my knowledge and tools allow.


*Acquire Samurai with 100 xp, garrison them in a settlement with a corresponding Legendary dojo, then wait one turn to deploy your Hero. All Heroes begin at 0 xp, and Heroes are no longer recruitable.

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