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FOMO Races And Cosmetics is, as the full title suggests, is a rather comprehensive collection of lore-friendly / lore-believable race mods and a near all inclusive collection of hairs as well as a fairly large collection of eyes created over many years by many talented modders of the Oblivion modding community and beyond!






= Download the main resources archive


Some of the modders that contributed to the compilation have asked that while their content can be included it must be downloaded from their sites, not much of an ask really considering the work they put in to make these lovely creations:


= Download Max's hair packs:

The following links are to Maxim's site, where you can find the lovingly created mods of Maxim and DustinFlan. The download links are near the bottom of the post, just before the comments.

- Cazy Hair Pack

- Newsea Hair Pack

- Skysims Hair Pack

- Lapiz Hair Pack

- Kijiko Hair Pack

- Skyhair Hair Pack


= Download MissAniThrope's Kawa-Beasts

- Kawa-Beasts


= Install the resources from each of the downloaded archives however you like, remove any esps that come with any of these downloads.


= Download and install FOMO Races and Cosmetics.esp


And you're done!



This is the download page, for more information please follow the link to the FOMO Race's And Cosmetics Main Page and to discuss the mod further or to have any questions answered please follow this link to the General Discussion Page.

It would also be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions section!

What's New in Version 1.00


  • v1.00
  • Initial Release

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Ooops, I missed the installation instructions...



For anyone who downloaded before 3:00 PM 02/04 TAL server time you may be missing some files that come from the links in the description (i.e. in the installation section here on the download page), the authors of those mods asked that I link to their sites for the resources rather than upload them elsewhere, given that the work that comes from those sites are top quality stuff I think it is well worth the extra bit of installation effort.


Sorry for the mix up there, after all the times uploading for just testers who already had those files it simply slipped my mind that they are needed for a full fresh install ^^'.

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