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About This File






All the Glorious Background


Hammerfell: Shadows of the Alik'r is a continuation of Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands. The Team Goal is to recreate the province of Hammerfell, The idea is to recreate everything as lore friendly as Possible and Maintain a Friendly Balanced World. The Cities and Towns are very different from Cyrodiil even the Terrain and Creatures that live in this Region of Tamerial; for the DaggerfallTeam to achieve such goals, We have to Create New Unique Models and Textures, That Represent those found in TES Chapter II Daggerfall and TESA Redguard.




Please Remove the Previous Version of Hammerfell with TES4Files


1. Extract the Archive to a "Temporary Location"

2. Copy the files to "install folder" \Oblivion\Data\

3. Start the Oblivion Launcher, Select "Data Files" and place a check mark beside Hammerfell.esm & Hammerfell Borders.esp


To Enter Hammerfell without Hammerfell Borders.esp, Open the console and type “cow Hammerfell 13,15â€



Please Use TES4Files, as it guarantees a Clean installation of Hammerfell






Morroblivion v64



Known Issues or Bugs


Load Harmmerfall.esm after Oblivion.esm


Contact the Team


Please Go to The Assimilation Labs or TESNexus, I'm known as DaggerfallTeam



Licensing and Legal Information

Due to Certain User-Made Assets being Converted, Other Permission may be needed


You may NOT Redistribute, Modify or use parts of this mod without (DaggerfallTeam and/or Lady Nerever) Explicit Permission.


Special Thanks

A shout out to all the Mod Authors who made this Province Come Alive


Thanks to Lady Nerever for Giving DaggerfallTeam Permission to Continue this Wonderful Province

Thanks to Sifonseal for All the Guidance and Information, without you this Mod would of never happened


See Readme for Full Credits

What's New in Version 1.3b


  • -Moved Rihad Middle Class District
  • -Added Hagethe Outer Walls and a Tower
  • -Added Goldmoor Shore Rocks
  • -Fixed Misc Bugs
  • -Fixed Land Textures
  • -Fixed Question Marks
  • -Details around the Alik'r