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      Leaving IP.Board   11/13/2017

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      New Theme Set Up   11/14/2017

      We have a new theme created by Vincent that's now available to everyone. It has been set as the default theme, so everyone should see it when you refresh the page. If you still aren't seeing it, you can select it from the Theme drop-down at the bottom of the page. It's called Assimilation. Thanks Vincent. Awesome looking theme!

FixedJCButtonsCHM 1.0

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About This File

The current chm file in the download package of JCbuttons is broken. Here's the recompiled file which works.

Edit: For some strange reason, the placement of the chm inside the zip breaks the pathing links. Tried putting it in a zip by itself, nothing breaks.

Edit2: Whoops again. The file has to be unblocked, that's all. Funny that, as these days not even a "Navigation Cancelled" is thrown- Just a blank page. :huh:

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