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Oblivion Mod Maker Manual


Look what I found! I've been going through my old files as I return to playing and modding and found this little gem. The author says it can be freely distributed so I thought I'd post it here.


What is it?


It's an updated version of the Morrowind Mod Maker Manual, which is the first manual we had that explained how to make mods for The Elder Scrolls. All this information can now be found on the CS Wiki, but when the wiki was moved the last time, all the images were lost, so many of the tutorials are too hard to follow. This has some of the same tutorials, but it's written in a way that doesn't need images, or it has images in the one or two cases that needed them.


In addition to modding stuff, it also has a list of console commands and a section on installing and playing mods. Caution: I wouldn't count on any of the web links working. The author even spelled the address for the CS Wiki incorrectly. :lol:


The manual is a PDF and has a table of contents with working links to the pages in the document. It also has bookmarks with working links, so it's really easy to navigate.


Table of Contents


Table of Contents
Abbreviations and Definitions
Chapter 1 - TESCS – What is it?
Chapter 2 - Installing/Playing Mods
Chapter 3 - Toolbar Description
Chapter 4 - Windows
Chapter 5 - Saving and Testing Your Mod
Chapter 6 - Utilities
Chapter 7 - Tutorials
Chapter 8 – Tweaking Oblivion
Appendix A - References
Appendix B - Tables
Appendix C - Websites
Appendix D - Meshes and Textures
Appendix E - Contacting

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