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The Complete Guide Lite

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About This File

The Complete Guide Lite is a guide to the Construction Set by Indigo. The first couple of chapters are basically a tutorial on creating a house and populating it with an NPC. In some cases, I have found it easier to follow than the Mod Maker manual since it uses a specific task to explain the various sections of the CS and it has lots of pictures. It is meant to be followed from beginning to end, so it doesn't have any bookmarks or table of contents. I created the following table of contents manually.




Chapter 1 - Construction Set Basics
Chapter 2 - Build a house
Chapter 3 - Create a new race
Chapter 4 - Lighting
Chapter 5 - Finishing Touches
Chapter 6 - Landscape Editing
Chapter 7 - Dialogue
Chapter 8 - Scripting
Chapter 9 - Sounds
Chapter 10 - Regions
Chapter 11 - Classes
Chapter 12 - Birthsigns
Chapter 13 - Factions
Chapter 14 - Magic
Chapter 15 - Leveled Lists
Chapter 16 - Books
Chapter 17 - Weapons
Chapter 18 - Alchemical Reagents
Chapter 19 - Armor
Chapter 20 - Clothing
Chapter 21 - Rest of the Object Window
Chapter 22 - Creatures
Chapter 23 - Path Grids
Chapter 24 - Gameplay Settings and Construction Set Settings
Chapter 25 - Troubleshooting


That might look impressive, but many chapters are a single page that just shows the dialogue box and explains the settings. That's still helpful, but you aren't going to get a major explanation on some of the elements of the CS. The chapter on scripting just directs you to GhanBuriGhan's Morrowind Scripting for Dummies, which is available for download here.

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