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About This File

I have implemented a potential fix for the broken levelup menu for people with high resolution monitors (1440p and above) and I need help testing it. This version also has a number of other fixes, including the nasty first-time levelup bug where people were being prompted to initialize Oblivion XP after levelling up.


IMPORTANT: Uninstall any previous version of Ob XP before installing this version. Do NOT make a new save. Uninstall the old version of Oblivion XP, check to make sure all of the old files have been deleted, especially if you use OBMM, and then install the new version. I have moved the menu files around and the old copies may not be cleared out properly if you don't uninstall first. If you use BAIN, it would be fine, but other methods will require that you uninstall first, so it's better to do it for all installation methods.


NOTE: If you load your saved game and are presented with a blank levelup menu, just click DONE and then immediately load your saved game again. Then open the levelup menu and level up your character. This is another symptom of the bug and it will be fixed once you reload your game and level up.

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Silly question I Know, but do i need to uninstall the earlier version, 4.3.3 I think it is?


I'll happily test this new version for you.


Excellent mod by the way.  One of my favourites.  Does a lot for the levelling in Oblivion which the skill based system abandoned.


Good work.

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Sorry, I don't have things configured to notify me of comments. It's better to post in the support topic, linked above.


Anyway to answer your question, yes. In fact you should uninstall any previous version before installing this one. I'll add that to the notes.

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