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In Memoriam v1.0 [BETA/WIPz]
Author: tegeus-Cromis
28 Nov 2017


"His soul swooned softly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead."
- James Joyce, The Dead.

[This is a brief and provisional readme for TAL. Even the title of this mod may change soon enough.]

This mod places dynamically updated memorials to the dead in all the cities, and two of the guilds. The memorial texts are updated around midnight on a daily basis and will display the date of death, provided the NPC died after the mod was installed - otherwise the death is registered as unknown. Oh, and if you do not see any memorials, that's because no-one's died yet in your game. Heh, just wait...


Oblivion v1.2.0.416    (I strongly suggest you install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch too, though. I checked this against it.)
OBSE v21 (What I used. I won't guarantee results with any earlier version.)


I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack all the files in the archive to your game data folder and activate the .esp. Load order should not be critical, this should work anywhere - I tested it before and after Better Cities.


Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete from \Data the files:

In Memoriam v1.0.esp
\Docs\In Memoriam v1.0 - Readme.txt

and folders:


This being mostly scripted, it should enjoy a high degree of compatibility. No base NPC records were harmed in its making. But it does place memorials in all the cities, the Arcane University and Kvatch encampment. However, I have placed them both with a view to vanilla and Better Cities, not forgetting the pathgridding, of course. It does mean that you might think a couple of them are in odd places, of course. Most are by the chapels, but I don't think the others should be too hard to locate. And the IC one is located there for a good reason (check round Talos Plaza).

But - of course there may be clashes with other mods that alter these locations, I cannot speak for Open Cities Reborn, for example. If I'm told about them, I'm sure they can be easily patched.

Tools used:

TESCS (with CSE)


meo3000 for the open book resource.
Bethesda, for the game and CS (though big thanks to ShadeMe too, for extending the latter).

Use of resources

I retextured one of MEO's open books (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20643/) for the memorial, so due credit should be given to them if you use it, which you are welcome to do.

More information

For more information, please re-read this document.


What's New in Version 1.0.1


1. Added memorial to all (good) Cyrodiil dead at Tamriel coords (0,0). With flower beds and somewhere to sit.

2. Added daily updated scrolls that can be carried/stored. Can be found in front of Ocato in the Elder Council Chamber. (These need reformatting as intel reports - with today's date - and more can be added for the 'bad' factions.)

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