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About This File

This is a translation of the brilliant Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r mod by Usher7r and his team, which brings to Oblivion the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell in all its glory. Due to Usher7r's abrupt disappearance (from which I hope he'll return soon!), there's a few unaddressed glitches (such as scorpion/snake venom causing messages to stop appearing on the top left if you or any Actors in the cell have it), which I attempted to rectify by adding a dialogue to give poisoned actors an antidote if you have it in your inventory. With that indirectly remedied, I can personally say -- as I played through both of its main quests and visited almost every dungeon -- that the mod is quite stable, although expect a bit of lag in Alik'ra due to its sprawling size. This .esp obviously won't work without downloading the original mod from:


Accessing the mod's contents currently requires being Arch-Mage of Cyrodiil to initiate the series of events that will lead you there, but it's possible to access the worldspace via cow on the console, and you'll be able to play everything but the quests that directly reference you as Arch-Mage...probably. There's bound to be some incomplete/crude translations of dialogue left that I missed, so please report such instances to me and I'll try to fix them in my next update. Certain books -- specifically ones from Skyrim -- are intentionally untranslated because I either lack the books, or it's a foreign "fan fiction" that's too in-depth for my to translate.

I have an HGEC/RM patch for the mod's clothing and armor available, as well as an OCO2 patch for its races, if people are interested in it. If someone requests either I'll upload them, but it's a bit more complicated than just uploading an .esp.

I claim no credit for this mod beyond the 100+ man hours put into translating it to English. Please refer to the link above for full credits.

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Added the HGEC/RM Patch & OCO2 patch.

HGEC Patch: I've deleted all textures where non-applicable. This isn't meant to be used as a resource archive, it's meant expressly to use in conjuncture with the Desert Alik'r translation. All textures and base models belong to their respective creators who assisted Usher7r in the project.

OCO2 Patch: Use it however you want, I guess. There 'might' be an issue with the eyes if you merge the patch into your Bashed Patch...if you get googly eyes, tell me and I'll try to think of another way to do it.

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