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I have a feeling that you and I are about to become very close 1.0.0

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About This File

I have a feeling that you and I are going to become very close: Fargoth companion mod.
In this mod, you have the option to take Fargoth as a companion when you give him his ring. The mod wont work unless you give him the ring with the mod installed (work around at the bottom of page).
- A companion that will more or less never leave your side, and annoy the heck out of ya!
- When levitating, Fargoth will bounce around. He still follows you while you levitate, it just looks weird.
- DON'T do the quest where you steal Fargoth's gold unless you do it BEFORE he's your companion.
- Bethesda (obvious reasons)
- Greatness7: Companion Script
Save Game Work Around:
- If you've already given Fargoth his ring, open the console, click on him, and type the following AIFollow Player 0 0 0 0 enter AddTopic "Friend Duties" enter.
- That SHOULD work for you. 
Thanks for Downloading!


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