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Tel Uvirith Lite!
* Part of the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2018! *
This is a small plugin that overhauls Tel Uvirith just a bit. Nothing very grand, about 6 or 7 all-new, painstakingly decorated by hand areas, a couple notes and custom books to give the place some character, doesn't remove any vanilla furniture thus very compatible with mods placing things in Tel Uvirith. I think it's lore and vanilla atmosphere-friendly.
Many scrips now manage little bits of your tower. They will make you trama coffee at Bagarn's Tight Corner (your new pub), they will turn cranks on dwemer machines, they will even fill 7 new books with cursed magic for you to experience. Many dwemer centurions walk the tower, tweaked and modified, but you'll probably never know. Four enchanted amulets lie around, but you'll need steel nerves to use them. The depths of the tower swim in comfort and eldritch Telvanni touch. But to get there, you'll need to pass through some traps... Will you ever see new areas of the tower? Or will you meet your demise? You can see for yourself in this mod!

- A rework of player's Telvanni stronghold
- A number of flavour documents and a total of 7 cursed books for you to discover
- Dangerous traps and enchantments to avoid
- A nice, cozy bar with drinks and custom scripted trama beverage brewing
- Rather dark environment, but a box with candles is included
- A teleport spell for easy getting around the tower
- To get it, build it as usual!
Requirements and installation:

Needs Morrowind and Bloodmoon. Built on the Steam version, but should work fine with everything. Cleaned with TESAME.

Inside there are:
- Vanilla versions for people who don't have Telvanni meshes replacers or have the one with smooth meshes.
- ITA versions for those who have Improved Telvanni Architecture.

There also are special versions with addons:
- Teleport spell versions contain their respective vanilla or ITA house mod + teleport spell for the house (you'll need to find it in a book inside)
- Chef's Kiss versions contain their respective vanilla or ITA house mod + teleport spell + 7 cursed books with unique texts and magic inside. They are not overpowered, and should be funny to have.

Finally, there's a Showcase Module. It doesn't contain the house, but it allows you to easily showcase or otherwise have a look at the house mod. It unlocks the door to Vodunius Nuccius' house in Seyda Neen and places there a special activator that will transport you to Tel Uvirith, build it, make you a part of house Telvanni to disable Reynel Uvirith, and give you a flight spell that never fails. That will allow you to decide whether you want to use my mod or not; it probably won't work with most other Tel Uvirith mods though, I think. Obviously, it's not meant for an actual playthrough.

To install, just choose your esp (only one) and place it into Data Files folder of the mod; then paste Data Files folder of the mod into your Morrowind Directory. You can add Showcase Module, too. If it says merge folders, say yes. If it says overwrite, say no (you can say yes if you're sure my files are better). Check them in your launcher of choice and sail away!

- Apel’s Azura Coast and Sheogorath Region Retexture is incompatible (well, it’s okay except for azura’s coast telvanni podbuds 1-4)
- PeterBitt’s Mushroom Tree Replacer is incompatible (sorry)
- Any housemods for Tel Uvirith are probably incompatible.
- Anything else including mods that place items in Tel Uvirith should be totally okay.


You can do with the esps whatever you wish. As for the resources I've used - please refer to original pages of Great House Fliggerty or Nexus. All of them were free to use non-commercially, but still. Those are:

Kiteflyer61's amazing Limeware Mugs resource.
Dongle's masterwork bathtub resource, musical instruments and flying book resource!
Melchior Dahrk's great Telvanni trapdoor resource! Thanks, you all!

Thanks for checking the mod out. There's also a Nexus page for it!

Ah. Most of the changes will only appear once you've built the tower completely. Yes, sorry for that.

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