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This is a translation of the brilliant Dwemer Ruins of Arkshtrumz mod created by a Russian modding team.  Ramza at TESALL provided quite a bit of support getting the scripts translated right, in addition to granting me permission to release my translation. This .esp obviously won't work without downloading the original mod from:


The mod is difficult to describe, so if you're interested you might checkout the video trailers in that link's Screenshot section to decide if you'll like it. The "Ruins" are absolutely immense, perhaps one of the few mods where I literally felt as if I was getting lost during my explorations.  My translation has been in-progress for...well over a year, now: such is the vastness of the mod. It probably took me a good 16-20 hours of play to complete the "questliine" of the mod, and even then I may have missed some secret areas. However...this mod is confusing, so if you have questions, please post them. I'll try to compile a FAQ to address questions or concerns.

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Hmmm. sounds interesting, but unable to download from link site.  Any hope for the original modder posting the mod here, or TES Nexus?  Already on so many sites, don't really want to join another (especially when I gotta Google Translate every 30 seconds//yes english is my only language, and that's kinda iffy at that).  Any help would be appreciated :)

Did figure out how to Google Translate entire webpages... brokee down and tried to Sign Up...  won't let me though :(


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I need help I'm in the core and I'm waiting and waiting for the scientist to want to talk but nothing happens

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