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Weapon Resistance Overhauled 1.0.0

About This File

"Resistance to Normal Weapons" is a fairly useless concept in vanilla Morrowind. It's only relevant in the very early game, and some players might not even realize it exists, as it's very easy to get your hands on a silver or enchanted weapon before you ever encounter a ghost. And since every weapon better than silver also bypasses this resistance, it'll never come up again.

Taking inspiration from how Oblivion handled this resistance, Weapon Resistance Overhauled disables the "Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance" flag on everything except Silver, Daedric, and artifact* weapons. This includes generic enchanted weapons - in the vanilla game, this won't do anything, but with the Morrowind Code Patch's "Weapon resistance change" option, it means they too will be useless against spirits and Daedra.

An optional "Lite" version keeps the flag enabled on Glass, Ebony, and Stalhrim weapons, for those who feel the default changes mean not enough weapon variety in the late-game.

(*For the purposes of this mod, artifact means any unique weapon that has a unique model, or that can be sold to the Museum of Artifacts.)

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