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Imperial Furniture Renovated 1.4.1

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Imperial Furniture Renovated


Damien and Mischa have just renovated their store, Imperial Furniture, located just north of the Imperial City. They have purchased a fine collection of weapon racks from Loth. In keeping with the high standards of goods sold at Imperial Furniture, these are much better quality weapon racks than those normally found in Cyrodiil. They have also greatly expanded their line of paintings by acquiring a few special selections from the Paintings Galore collection by Trollf. These are exquisite paintings in a wide range of sizes that should suit any home. They have also expanded their regular selection of display cases, tables, chests and lights - mainly by offering more size options.


They have just expanded their selection again! Now they offer clutter items like miniature statues. They have also acquired upholstered furniture for the first time! And they negotiated a deal with Daleth to offer her ingredient storage shelves.


Damien and Mischa have been busy again. They have not only acquired more bookshelves, but these bookshelves have been imbued with magical scripts that will stack your books for you. They applied the scripts to their existing collection of shelves as well. And Mischa brought in a few more potted plants.


Come by and see their new selection!



For those unfamiliar with Imperial Furniture, it is a mod that adds a new store which sells high-end furniture. Much of the upperclass furniture that you see in the game may now be purchased and placed wherever you like - even outside! There are some middleclass pieces available as well, but the main focus is the better quality wood. In fact the original author of the mod, Amajor7 or Virtuoso, created some custom textures for wood and cloth that are a light golden colour and are referred to as the Imperial Line. You can also purchase candles, wall sconces and chandeliers. This is particularly handy for those who are running interior environment mods that make the interiors darker.


Here is the description Amajor7 used for the original mod:



- A new furniture store is open for business just outside the Imperial City.

- Decorate your house and garden freely. Objects can be placed anywhere you like.

- Includes a range of furniture but also candles, weapon racks, chests, carpets, tapestry and more.

- The movable furniture can be used like regular items, beds can be used for sleeping, chairs for sitting etc.

- Light sources can be carried and used instead of torches.

- Light sources can be turned on or off.

- Custom music inside the Imperial Furniture store.

This is an expansion of the Imperial Furniture mod. New additions include:

  • Large selection of bookshelves and wall shelves with stacking scripts
  • Entire collection of Loth's Better Weapon Racks
  • A selection of paintings from Trollf's Paintings Galore
  • Daleth's ingredient storage shelves
  • A large selection of miniature statues and architecture
  • An upholstered sofa, armchair and dining chairs
  • Several tapestries from the base game
  • Large and small display cases, as seen in guildhalls and castles
  • Bases and pedestals for displaying items

See the readme for full details.



Version 1.4 requires OBSE v20.




Version 1.4

  • Simplified collision mesh on miniature lighthouse
  • Added OBSE detection code. IFR now requires OBSE 20 or greater.
  • Added more bookcases and wall shelves: middleclass 3-shelf bookshelf, middleclass 8-shelf bookshelf, upperclass 3-shelf bookshelf, upperclass 4-shelf wall shelf, upperclass 12-shelf wall shelf.
  • Added book stacking scripts to all book and wall shelves. Scripts include customized sizes for Spell Tomes DLC. Also includes horizontal stacking for tightly spaced shelves.
  • Added stacking script for wine bottles in wine rack.
  • Added vanilla upperclass round table (same as Imperial Line table, but with dark wood).
  • Added a few more potted plants: Arrowroot, Blue Flax, Lily of the Valley and Lady's Mantle.
  • Tweaked wall sconce placement scripts for finer forward and backward adjustments. Sconces will still get embedded in the wall collision, so save before positioning wall sconces.
  • Added See You Sleep DLL code fix to make IFR compatible with SYS DLL. The SYS DLL patch won't be needed with IFR 1.4.

Version 1.3

This version now requires OBSE v. 18 or higher. The major bugfix is that I have removed saved game bloat caused by use of PlaceAtMe function. Imperial Furniture Renovated still uses this function, but its affects have been mitigated by using an OBSE function to remove disabled references once the item has been placed. This release also has a large number of new items, including the introduction of specialized placement scripts with the addition of ingredient storage shelves. If all goes well, this is only the first...


I have also created a testing cell that you can teleport to to view all the new additions. Open the console and type 'coc AM7TestingCell' without the quotes. All the new stuff is in the large room. Everything in that room is from Imperial Furniture Renovated. To leave the Testing Cell, reload a saved game or type 'coc weye' to be teleported to the village of Weye.


Version 1.2

Both the patch and full release versions of Imperial Furniture Renovated have been updated to Version 1.2. This is a bug fix release.

This will be the final update to the patch version. I plan to add more items and new functionality which will require Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE). The new functionality will require every script in Imperial Furniture to be modified and it would be a very long and tedious process to maintain both the patch and the full mod, so further updates will be done to the full mod only. Another update to the full version is in the works right now.


Bugs Fixed

  • fixed collision on Fine Cupboard with glass doors. When you opened the doors, they would appear to open but you would be unable to place anything inside the cupboard. I have also tweaked the interior collision on the shelves in this cupboard so that the Ayleid Statues would be a little easier to place inside.
  • added new option to options menu for chandeliers, wall sconces, fireplace, paintings, tapestries and wall-mounted tool racks called "All Done". When these items are moved using the options menu, the collision mesh on the object is not moved with it. This means that you won't be able to place other items as close to these objects as you should be able to. You also may find that your character runs into an invisible object. Once you have finished positioning these objects, select All Done from the options menu to shift the collision mesh. The object will briefly disappear and then reappear.
  • stopped options menu from appearing when player character is sitting. Now clicking on the activate button while sitting will simply order the PC to stand, as it would with regular chairs.
  • removed blank menu option for the display cases and cupboard with glass doors

Version 1.1

Both versions of Imperial Furniture Renovated have been updated to Version 1.1. There are a number of additions including 10 more paintings to bring the total to 33 and 7 more tapestries for a total of 11. I have also incorporated Critterman's icons as well as a few of my own so all items now have proper icons. The icons for the paintings are meant to be representative of the orientation of the painting - there is not a unique icon for every painting. The price and weight indicate the size of the painting and the actual size is listed in the inventory spreadsheet, which is included in the Extras folder. The other big change in this version is I have switched the positioning marker for paintings and tapestries to a flat stone. This seems to make positioning paintings and tapestries much easier. See the readme for details.


The patch version of the mod also has the bug fix for the loss of access to items stored in unlocked chests, jewelry boxes and lecterns. If you are installing the patch version for the first time, you don't have to do anything special - your chests, jewelry boxes and lecterns will be converted to the new version when you pick them up or lock them in position. Until then, they will have "Temp" tacked on to their name so you know they haven't been converted yet. You don't have to convert them, but I suggest you do so.


In order to accommodate the additions, I have rearranged the inventories of Damien and Mischa. Have a look at the readme for details.


Versions of this Mod

Versions 1.0 to 1.2 come as a patch to Imperial Furniture and as a full release. From version 1.3 and onwards, only the full release will be updated.

  • Imperial Furniture Renovated is the full version that includes the original Imperial Furniture mod. Download this version if you've never used Imperial Furniture before or haven't purchased any furniture from them in your current game. If you have the original, uninstall it and do a clean save before installing Imperial Furniture Renovated.
  • Imperial Furniture Renovated - Patch is the add-on version that only has the new additions and various tweaks I have made to the original mod. Download this version if you currently have Imperial Furniture loaded and have purchased furniture from the store already. Do NOT remove the original plugin - keep it activated and activate the patch as well.


Both versions of this mod have been cleaned with TES4Edit. The NIF files have been optimized with PyFFI.



This is an expansion of the Imperial Furniture mod originally done by Amajor7. I have gotten the permission of Amajor7 to release this (in fact he updated the original Imperial Furniture download page to direct players to this version). All other resources are modders' resources with permissions given in the respective readme file for each resource package.



Bethesda Softworks for the game and several of the meshes and textures

Amajor7 for the original Imperial Furniture mod

InsanitySorrow for creating the bases and pedestals for me and for helping to get other meshes to behave (which required an infinite amount of patience :))

Amadaun for fixing the sofa and chair textures

Loth DeBonneville for his Better Weapon Racks modders resource

Trollf for his Paintings Galore modders resource

Daleth for the Ingredient Storage Shelves modders resource

Storm Raven Library Productions for the frosted rose glass texture on the cupboard

Xiamara for the chair and sofa meshes

DavidWhitefang for his dining chairs meshes and textures

Koniption for her endless patience and assistance in teaching me the finer points on editing NIF files, fixing meshes and tons of advice!

Critterman for her custom furniture icons - made especially for Imperial Furniture with new additions for Imperial Furniture Renovated

Horny Quintus for his book stacking scripts which served as the model for IFR’s book stacking scripts.

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