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Elsweyr Anequina Meshes and Textures

About This File



This archive contains the core resource files required by the Elsweyr Anequina mod:-

ElsweyrAnequina - Meshes.bsa

ElsweyrAnequina - Textures.bsa


These new archives include all of the mod's mesh and texture files including alterations made by LogicDragon for his Elsweyr patch and additional files for future versions of the Elsweyr mod.






Extract these two files to your Oblivion/Data/ folder.


These files are just the resources used in the mod. The mod itself is located here (both downloads are required):







A special thanks to Mr Siika who created a large number of custom models for this mod including architecture tilesets for the city of Dune and much of Orcrest and Rimmen, the desert fortress, King's Walk caravanserai, the ziggurat, the noria, and the slarjei bird creature.




Mr Siika (Dune city architecture, Rimmen city architecture & marketplace stalls, some Orcrest city architecture (palace, arena & walls), King's Walk caravanserai, desert fortresses, Minotaur village, ziggurat temple)


DarknessEternal (Corinthe city architecture, some Orcrest city architecture (township houses))

TheKarithian (some Orcrest city architecture (oasis buildings), Two Moon temple)

Auryga (Rimmen palace and temple buildings, bridges)

IronicEcho (Tents)

SevenRavens (Tribal huts)

Siegfried (Obelisks)




Addiktive (Desert textures)

Koniption (Tropical trees, plants, corals, ingredients)

Texian (Water rapids & coastal waves)

Siegfried (Palmetto trees)

Momo (Flowering cacti)

DeathlessAphrodite (Plain cacti & baobab trees)

Senten (Barrel cactus)

DarkRider (Sandstorms)

Mr Siika (Animated seagulls & vultures)

Arthmoor (WaterLOD)

Sachiel (Rock formations)

Phitt (Animated fish)

Mr Siika (Animated seahorse)




AlienSlof (Khajiit retextures)

Luchaire (Ohmes-raht Khajiit "Tabaxi")

Veld (Khajiit black)

Corthian (Tsaesci)

SniperDaria (Tattooed Ohmes)




Trollf (Desert armor retextures (chain, leather, mithril, pit, chain, elven, daedric), Daedric collar & skirt)

Ghogiel (Bonemold armor)

Koniption (Maomer armor)

Frank (Tribal shields)

Frankpants (Lamellar armor)

Uglulyx (Retextures of lamellar & pit armor, hide cuirasses)

Ayhan (Ottoman & archer helms)

AlienSlof's Orc (Tribal fur armor)

Exanimis (Elephant shield)

Corthian (Scale armor)




Trollf (Peasant weapons)

Exanimis (Tribal weapons)

Waalx (Khajiit blades)

Hel Borne (Broad spear, trident)

Koniption (Meat cleaver)




Trolff (Misc robes & clothing)

KrimsynKane & Kikaimegami (Scarves)

Waalx (Fat clothes)

Pale Rider (Straw hat)

Nessa (Upper05 clothing retextures)




Mr Siika (Market produce, meats and fish, spinning wheel, tapestry frame)

Koniption (Ingredients, canoes, nets, & misc clutter)

Hel Borne (Orc skulls)

Senten (Road/Shop signs & tree fix)

Lazarus (Tall baskets)

Meo3000 (Moon globes, open books)

McMuffin (Skooma pipe)

Der Kriger (Mounted heads)

DavidWhitefang (Foods)

Phaedra (Vomit & urine puddles)

Khugan (Gold & silver bars)

LiquidGraph (Arabian lamp, talon, giant rib, geode)

Trolff (Portable lamps & candles)

MrMuh & RPG-BlackDragon (Havoked crates, barrels, sacks)

Mr Siika (Animal skull)

Chigga (Brazier)

DominickCryomonde (Khajiit skulls)

Prometheus (Lacquered table & stool)

Xiamara & Lazarus (Cushions)

Lutur (Dried corn)

Washington (Morrowind beverages)

Darkness Eternal (Urns)

Phitt (Old iron chest)

Critterman (Icons (barrel, crate, chest))




Prometheus & Xilver (Lizard, glyptodon, addax, monkey-apeman, sandcrawler)

Mr Siika (Camel, slarjei bird, minotaur ox, minotaur cow, minotaur bull, minotaur chief)

Mr Siika, Divine Avenger & Yarharhar (Elephants, elephant mount)

Mr Siika, Corepc & Jdfan (Durzogs)

Corepc (Red & black boars, fat bellied minotaurs)

Cryonaut, Xmarksthespot & Grimdeath (Pahmer & crocodilion)

CGChaos & Infiniti (Sea lamia, spore cat, marine abominations)

Francesco (Goats, cats)

InsanitySorrow (Brown troll)

Cryonaut (Red wolf)

Cyronaut, Malo, Elveon & AlienSlof (Spiders)

AlienSlof (Tiger)

Skingrad24 (Zebra)

Argentsol (Skavens "desert rat goblins")

DeathlessAphrodite (Red sand crabs)

Sjors Boomschors & Toru Miyazawa (Sharks, variety of fish)

Hel Borne (Orc zombies)

b3w4r3 (White deer)




Raggidman ("Hunting Hunted Hunters")




DavidWolf (Custom loadscreens)

Watadarkstar (Custom loadscreens)




LogicDragon (Various mesh and texture fixes)

PacificMorrowind (Various mesh customisations and adjustments)

The AWLS team (Illuminated windows)

Arthmoor (Optimised meshes)







Please do not upload this mod to other sites. The only valid one is my upload here on the Assimilation Lab website.