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Better Cities is a compilation of the following mods, integrated together to resolve conflicts between them all, and with literally thousands of minor glitches, bugs etc. fixed. We have also made enhancements to all of these, adding our own layer of modifications including new dialogue and quests. And we're still working on it!


Bananasplit's Better Cities Anvil, Bravil, Chorrol, Imperial City Market, Leyawiin, Skingrad

Reckless' Better Cities Cheydinhal

Wolfslady's Better Cities Bruma

Wolfslady's Better Arboretum


- Anvil Bay Expansion by jlf2n.

- Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais by Ryan O.Hershey.

- Bravil Docks by jlf2n. Nernie has replaced a number of the interiors.

- Cyrodiil Rebuild by Acros and ANDORAN team.

- Cyrodiil Rebuild: Imperial Isle by Acros and ANDORAN team.

- ImpeREAL City by SilentResident.

- Let the People Drink! by Qazaaq & Khornate.

- Leyawiin Port by TheXanadu & TheLastVoice. Vorians has filled all the empty interiors.

- Nernie's Bravil River Shack & Village.

- Nernie's Waterfront Market.

- Imperial City Waterfront Tunnel Entrance by Jadraxs & Sjors Boomschors.

- Delivery Job (a.k.a. Gold Horse Courier Service) by Manargo & Zaldiir.

- The Bank of Cyrodiil by Zarkis.

- Reaper's Arcane University by Reaper911.

- Reaper's Waterfront by Reaper9111.

A number of smaller mods relating to the cities have also been included, please see the document Credits.txt in the "Docs" folder.

What's New in Version 6.0.13



  • Vortex and Nexus Mod Manager should no longer give an obscure error message and fail to install Better Cities
  • If using the patches for Oblivifall: Losing My Religion, the chapels in Bravil and Bruma will now be visible when distant (after you run TES4LODGen of course)
  • All Cities: NPCs should no longer get stuck behind city gates when they exit a city which has not been toggled open
  • All Cities: Street lights intended for use when cities are toggled open will no longer be lit all the time (even when city is not toggled open)
  • Imperial City Market District: Entering the Bank of Cyrodiil Vault is no longer classed as trespassing. Trying to steal anything in there is still a crime
  • Bruma: A tree which partially hides the statue of the player will now be disabled when the statue gets enabled


  • Unused meshes and textures stripped from BSAs
  • Content of "Better Cities - Textures EV.bsa" merged into "Better Cities - Textures.bsa" - one less BSA to install
  • Additional Bash tags added to city ESPs
  • Sound effects for pigs will now be used by the pigs
  • File paths for farm animal idle anims all corrected (whether they actually use them is another question)
  • Bravil: The Red Mare door should always be unlocked now when the player is led to this building
  • Bravil: Quest Blade of the Goddess - first journal entry no longer states that the player has met the person heard in the dream, as this may not be true
  • Bravil: Quest Blade of the Goddess - second journal entry now names the book which should be bought
  • Bravil: Quest The Bloodscript - during the cutscene in Third Sphere, visibility should no longer be obscured by thick fog
  • Bravil: Blood & Mud Texture Pack FAR meshes corrected to use Blood & Mud textures
  • Bravil: CUO Bravil Texture Pack FAR meshes corrected to use CUO Bravil textures
  • Bravil: CUO Bravil Texture Pack textures optimised, they are now roughly half the file size with no loss of quality
  • Cheydinhal: Corrected sign texture outside The Skinny Johnny
  • A few other texture paths were corrected in various meshes


  • Combined the two main archives into one, as upload speeds ceased to be an issue years ago
  • Bravil: Corrected the disabling of objects in Bravil around the gallows area if the gore is toggled off
  • CUO Leyawiin patch should no longer conflict with Unique Landscapes: Blackwood Forest
  • Install script for use with Nexus Mod Manager and Vortex will now install the Bravil Blood & Mud textures when this option is selected


  • Imperial City: Isle - A post-quest hidden reward for clearing the aqueduct was so hidden it was entirely missing, this has been restored
  • Anvil: Five guards were not acting as guards, now fixed so they will arrest you when you deserve to be arrested
  • Cheydinhal: Hlaalu Embassy Basement - Replaced drawers containing vanilla quest objects with drawers not containing vanilla quest objects
  • Chorrol: Small section of stone wall replaced with retextured version
  • Chorrol: Divine Pint - New exterior mesh and interior mesh created by mhahn - now the interior matches the exterior properly, without needing a teleport door to travel from one side of the ground floor to the other side. Also adds a third floor, adding additional rooms
  • Chorrol: Twin Goblet Alehouse now has a customised interior mesh created by mhahn, giving more space downstairs for drinkers, and a third bedroom upstairs, so the owners can move out of the basement
  • Skingrad: Outskirts - Wasabi's House, Tanner now has a 2nd floor. Thanks to mhahn for the custom mesh
  • Open Better Cities: Cheydinhal - Fixed game crash when starting the vanilla quest A Knife in the Dark
  • All merchants (except a couple where it wouldn't be appropriate) will now allow the option to invest in their shop once your Speech skill is high enough to unlock this option
  • Compatibility patch for Heart of the Dead and BC Chorrol now also disables a floating bedroll added by HoD into Bruma. This bedroll was not used by any NPC
  • Compatibility patch for OOO and BC Bruma now resolves a floating notice added by OOO just inside the north city gate
  • Compatibility patches for OOO and separate IC Districts no longer needed, the patch for OOO and Better Imperial City can be used with separate Districts or with the merged Better Imperial City
  • Compatibility patches for OOO updated for OOO v1.5.7+
  • Compatibility patch for CUO Bravil and BC Bravil no longer causes the south gateway to the docks to be disabled
  • BSAs now packed with no compression, so the filesizes will be larger, but game will read them slightly faster
  • Any reported issues with the install scripts fixed


  • - Imperial City: Market District - Corrected texture paths for two meshes from within The Bobbed Maiden
  • - Imperial City: Market District - Marius the Cobbler now has voiced dialogue, thanks to gep5
  • - Imperial Isle: Map Markers added outside the gates to Elven Garden District and Aristocratic District
  • - Bruma: Map Markers for the closed worldspace will now correctly disable when the city is toggled open
  • - Bruma: Fixed game crash when starting the vanilla quest A Brotherhood Betrayed
  • - Bruma: The soldiers from the Imperial Legion Offices will now correctly train on the back deck of the building, instead of walking back and forth in odd places throughout the city
  • - Cheydinhal: When using the Coble integration patch, all wells can now be used to drink water
  • - Chorrol: Great Chapel of Stendarr - many redundant lights have been removed from this interior after dizzy on Nexus revealed that they were badly affecting FPS
  • - Open Better Cities: Chorrol - changed a quest market in the vanilla quest to purchase Arborwatch, as the original quest marker may have caused the game to crash for a few people
  • - Corrected extreme Fatigue values on three NPCs
  • - Scripts which handle depositing "All" gold into the Bank of Cyrodiil tweaked to be more accurate and hopefully prevent other mods from interfering
  • - BAIN wizard now installs Slof's Goth Shop replacer ESP if selected
  • - New compatibility patch for Market District and Oblivion Uncut
  • - Restored compatibility patch for Better Cities: Chorrol and Heart of the Dead - turns out it cannot be resolved without a patch


  • - Imperial City: Market District - New interior created by Dalkill, The Bobbed Maiden barber shop
  • - Imperial City: Green Emperor Way - Added compatibility integration with Kad_Venku's patch for Order of the Dragon - still requires his patch but Kad_Venku no longer needs two versions of his patch
  • - Imperial City: Waterfront District - Added pathgridding for Eredell to reach his bedroll at night
  • - Anvil: Torlinda changed from Redguard to Nord - this is to prevent him from being able to speak the rumour being negative toward human-bosmer relationships (only Redguard may speak this line, Torlinda is married to a bosmer)
  • - Bravil: Smoothed the bumpy road running east-west just south of the Bravil Docks
  • - Bravil: Happy Potion shop door assigned ownership so the owner is able to unlock the door
  • - Bruma: Fixed a small land tear beside the entrance to Plundered Mine
  • - Bruma: Vanilla quest Brotherhood Betrayed first stage quest marker corrected to point to the right location again (had been accidentally moved into the BC Open Better Cities ESP in v6.0.7)
  • - Chorrol: Compatibility with Heart of the Dead ensured in the chapel without need of a patch
  • - Chorrol: Chapel exterior now supports AWLS window lighting
  • - Chorrol: Chapel interior content slightly optimised, might improve FPS for those suffering in this cell
  • - Leyawiin: Fixed a small tear on the road east of the city
  • - Leyawiin: Removed accidental edits to Land record in cell 25,-37 which were causing land tears when using UL Blackwood Forest
  • - Leyawiin: Spearhead Tower, the lighthouse south of the city is now Visible When Distant (after running TES4LODGen)
  • - Skingrad: Chapel exterior now supports AWLS window lighting
  • - Skingrad: Skingrad Outskirts houses now support AWLS window lighting
  • - Quest A Sickness in the Arboretum: corrected quest marker to appear at correct stages
  • - Fixed all Distant LOD texture normal maps so they no longer make distant objects look awful
  • - Compatibility patch for Alternative Start Arrive by Ship updated to correct starting location in Leyawiin
  • - Compatibility patch for Skingrad Outer District updated to resolve conflicts introduced when Skingrad Castle was expanded in Better Cities
  • - Compatibility patch for Open Cities Reborn updated to work with Better Cities v6
  • - Replacer patch for Vaults of Cyrodiil assigned Bravil vault key to the vault door so key can be used to unlock the vault door
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: IC Market District and Statlila Stables


  • - Fixed Leyawiin Harbour raising bridge placement


  • - All cities (except Imperial City): Transferred a lot of Open-specific vanilla edits from the Cities ESPs to "Better Cities - Open Better Cities.esp" to reduce potential for conflicts between BC and other mods - obviously those toggling the cities open will not benefit from this conflict-chance reduction. Note that no known mods actually conflicted with the records transferred
  • - Bravil: Updated sign for Dock Master to display Dock Master instead of Harbour Master
  • - Bravil: Fixed dialogue with Vark so the player can talk about the Riverside Shack and purchase it
  • - Bruma: Corrected quest target for stage 10 of vanilla quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed" which was accidentally broken in v6 update
  • - Bruma: Corrected placement of the door entry marker inside Capstone Cave so the player won't get stuck
  • - Chorrol: Fixed cliff mesh with bad collision which is used beside the water to the west of the city. The game will no longer crash if the player steps on this cliff mesh
  • - Leyawiin: Retextured docks, widened water channel on east side of castle
  • - Leyawiin: Farmer's Rest tavern sign corrected to display Farmer's Rest
  • - Skingrad: Removed lock from Chapel door to match changes made in latest release of the UOP
  • - Trails of Cyrodiil compatibility patch removed as obsolete. Install BC- and UL-compatible replacer version of Trails of Cyrodiil http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45616
  • - Kragenir's Death Quest compatibility patch fixed so that it can load after Better Imperial City.esp/Better Cities IC Arboretum.esp
  • - The Lost Spires compatibility patch fixed so Dakkon's House in Chorrol does not have a doubled building exterior


  • - Imperial City: Arena District - Beerhouse of the Arena now offers a room for rent
  • - Imperial City: Aristocratic District - Each house now contains a butler downstairs, to unlock the door in the morning, lock up in the evening, and keep an eye on any guests
  • - Imperial City: Market District - Bank of Cyrodiil vault is now slightly more secure
  • - Imperial City: Waterfront Tunnel - Rat-Catcher quest: Reward changed from 50 gold per rat to 5 gold per rat (the quest giver's dialogue still offers 50 gold, as it was voice acted and the recording cannot be changed to 5)
  • - Anvil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Leyawiin, Skingrad: Minor tweaks to correct some NPC inventory entries and AI packages
  • - Anvil: Added door links from outside to two new castle tower interiors - these should have been linked in v6.0.0 but were missed
  • - Leyawiin: Restored missing beds to two interiors
  • - Skingrad: The Merry Tankard tavern now sells beverages. What a unique idea
  • - Looked at all books added by Better Cities and greatly reduced the value of most of them to more closely match book values from the original game
  • - Removed most additional flora from every single city
  • - Greatly reduced value of gold bars and bags of gold
  • - Updated compatibility patch for Better Cities: Bravil and FCOM - I forget why, but something needed updating in relation to BC v6+
  • - Updated compatibility patch for Better Cities: Bravil and Oblivifall: Losing My Religion - minor correction to edited NPC's hair selection
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Bruma and Oblivifall: Losing My Religion (this replaces the old compatibility patch which is provided with Oblivifall: Losing My Religion)
  • - New compatibility patch for Arboretum District and Kragenir's Death Quest
  • - New compatibility patches for Better Cities (various) and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - based on aljohn92's personal patch
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Skingrad and Roads of Cyrodiil


  • - Restored the BAIN install scripts which TES Mod Manager had overwritten with the Nexus Mod Manager install scripts
  • - Bravil: Minor tweaks to add required or remove duplicated items from four NPCs and to change one NPC's Wander package to a Travel package


  • - Adjusted install scripts for BAIN, OMOD and NMM to detect that All Natural compatibility patch is needed if using BC Chorrol and/or BC Skingrad, but not using BC Bruma or BC Full
  • - Imperial City: Arena District - extended outer wall when viewed from outside the city is now visible when distant
  • - Cheydinhal: Kirna in Gold Horse Courier - voice recordings amplified as too quiet
  • - Chorrol: Chapel interior has been rotated 90 degrees, (except the central altar and benches). This layout is better and less cramped for the central altar
  • - Chorrol: restored access to Chapel Hall
  • - Leyawiin: resolved the conflict with Elsweyr: Deserts of Anequina by removing accidental edits to two cells just outside Leyawiin
  • - Skingrad: Fixed bad variable reference in a script for the quest The Plot Thickens so that the quest no longer locks you in a room permanently
  • - Skingrad: Outer Districts lower class house meshes optimised by mhahn123
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Bruma and The Elder Council
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Chorrol and Reclaiming Sancre Tor
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Chorrol and Oblivifall: Losing My Religion
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: Skingrad and Oblivifall: Losing My Religion
  • - New compatibility patch for Better Cities: IC Arena and WAC Gladiator
  • - Cobl integration patch updated to add additional custom wells from Chorrol and Cheydinhal
  • - Qwertyasdfgh has kindly fixed the mesh for the gloves worn by Shadow Hunters during the Blood & Mud quest-line, previously massive distorted lines stretched out from these gloves looking a terrible mess
  • - The dummy ESP to enable our BSAs has been edited to discourage Wrye Bash from merging into the bash patch and disabling the file


  • - Nexus Mod Manager install scripts added to archives, allowing download and installation of Better Cities using NMM
  • - Cheydinhal: Removed script conflict with official DLC Horse Armor. Note that if you install Better Cities into an existing gameplay where you have already visited Cheydinhal, then if you are not using OBSE you may be unable to get to your horse after purchasing at the Cheydinhal stables
  • - Skingrad: Fixed Glarthir's quest-related greetings so that the vanilla quest Paranoia can be played when Skingrad is toggled open (there was never a problem when city is toggled closed)
  • - Skingrad: Corrections to the AI for NPCs who visit the castle courtyard, as previously they were still visiting the vanilla fake exterior courtyard instead of the new open exterior courtyard, which may have broken the vanilla quest Vampire Cure
  • - Imperial City: Aristocratic District - edited the walkway/pavement meshes so that it is no longer necessary to jump up the steps
  • - ll Natural compatibility patch updated to resolve conflicts in Bruma, Chorrol and Skingrad chapels. Chorrol chapel windows will become see-through (Skingrad chapel windows have not yet been updated for this). It was not possible for me to test if the weather correctly appears outside the windows, so constructive feedback will be welcomed
  • - Immersive Interiors new compatibility patch to resolve conflicts in Chorrol chapel. This is purely a compatibility patch, moving or removing the Immersive Interiors objects which clipped through the chapel building walls - no attempt has been made to match the outside content with Better Cities exteriors
  • - Added alpha channel to inventory icons for gold clutter
  • - Restored missing texture to sign used in the Imperial City for grocery stores
  • - Corrected BAIN install wizard script to detect whether the MOBS integration patch should be offered or not
  • - Corrected BAIN install wizard script and OMOD install script to detect whether the Roads of Cyrodiil compatibility patch should be installed
  • - Changed Bash tag used by "Better Cities .esp" from NoMerge to MustBeActiveIfImported as Wrye Bash was merging it into the Bash patch anyway when tagged NoMerge and then disabling it, but this file must be active


  • - Fixed game crash when Vabvam Drothan is loaded into memory (crash created in v6.0.1 by an incomplete fix to restore missing dialogue)
  • - The Lost Spires patch - removed dependency on Better Cities Leyawiin.esp so can be used with Better Cities Full.esp (dependency accidentally added in v6.0.1)
  • - Imperial City: Aristocratic District - Replaced quest-unique doors in Emperor's Estate with unscripted versions to prevent triggering a vanilla quest accidentally
  • - Icons for gold tableware given alpha channel
  • - Weapon Imperial Septre changed to two-handed, icon added
  • - Weapon Mace found in Emperor's Estate, icon added


  • - Fixed dialogue for Vabvam Drothan so he will speak to the player
  • - Clocks of Cyrodiil Replacer: Slightly lowered the clock in the Arena District so it is no longer floating
  • - The Lost Spires patch: Fixed land tears around the south-west corner of Leyawiin outside the city walls
  • - Imperial City: Added missing texture fore grocery store signs
  • - Skingrad: Chapel interior entrance mesh edited so the steps leading to the door are not too high to walk up. Also lowered the tops of the walls which were sticking up through the floor
  • - Bravil CUO Retexture: Corrected texturing to the chapel exterior mesh
  • - Bravil Vanilla Retexture: Fixed mesh used for the Black Arrow building exterior so the windows display correctly


  • - Integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild - all of the cities have new buildings with new residents
  • - Integration of Let the People Drink! (does not conflict with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul)
  • - New voice recordings by LunarFuror, he has provided his voice for: Azzhad, Bay Swimmer, Captain Fens, Claws-His-Hide, Cook, Dro'Baad, Dro'Hajat, Dro'Zahr, Fer, Ferntail, Glassclaw, Han-Zaw, Hauls-Ropes-Okay, Hauls-Ropes-Slower, Iggy Seamus, J'Dar, Jo'Rakha, Larahiid, Likes-To-Read, Marsh, Mikhail, N'Dreia, Rahjiid, Rask'uhl, Sarqiz-Varjaz, Sea Scale, Tells-Tall-Tales, Urjabhi the Barkeep, Wamesa, Yuri, other generic Argonian & Khajiit lines
  • - Imperial City: Arcane University - greatly improved FPS in this district by removing extra flora
  • - Imperial City: Arcane University - Added Arcane University faction to BC NPCs who visit this district due to UOP changing ownership of the Arcane University gates
  • - Imperial City: Aristocratic District - containers in the interiors now contain things
  • - Imperial City: Market District - Bank of Cyrodiil, interest received from gold deposited in the bank is now reduced. Instead of earning 0.3% (plus a bonus based on player mercantile skill) daily, interest will now be earned at 0.42% (plus a reduced bonus based on player mercantile skill) on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of every month
  • - Anvil: Added Old House from Dark Brotherhood Chronicles (quest content not included, install Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and our compatibility patch to play the DBC quest)
  • - Bravil: Removed Ren's Hair due to the Bash Patch not correctly handling bash tags and resulting in issues with Race overhaul mods
  • - Bravil: Osslas' Scripts - replaced all vanilla quest and skill books with books from previous TES games
  • - Cheydinhal: Added Rodon Dakkon's House from The Lost Spires (quest content not included, install The Lost Spires and our compatibility patch to play The Lost Spires quest)
  • - Chorrol: Added Joanna's House from Dark Brotherhood Chronicles (quest content not included, install Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and our compatibility patch to play the DBC quest)
  • - Chorrol: Added Aurellia's Shack from Verona House: Bloodlines (quest content not included, install Verona House: Bloodlines and our compatibility patch to play the VHB quest)
  • - Leyawiin: By default Leyawiin is now not flooded. The No Flooding ESP has been replaced with a Flooding ESP
  • - NPC Sayjid's armour should now last a very long time before wearing out. Sayjid has also been given clothing so that if his armour does break he won't run around naked
  • - Ingredients overhaul update by Mercer Meka, providing a better balance of magic effects
  • - Gold Horse Courier Deliveries: Fixed intercity delivery to Hangman's Row so the jailor can accept the package
  • - Gold Horse Courier Deliveries: Added 192 new local delivery destinations, 6 new intercity delivery destinations, 4 new rural delivery destinations
  • - Clocks of Cyrodiil replacer: Removed compatibility for Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Reborn, as these mods are no longer modular, so it is not possible to use parts of OCC or OCR with parts of Better Cities. Still compatible with Open Cities: Outer Districts. File renamed to ClocksOfCyrodiil.esp
  • - Cobl integration patch updated to include the new Bruma well and the new fountains from Let the People Drink! as water sources
  • - Slofs Goth Shop replacer: merged Slof's Goth Shop 3 into the existing ESP, adding new items to the shop
  • - Vaults of Cyrodiil replacer: Corrected which doors in Leyawiin Harbour will be enabled
  • - Any compatibilty patch or replacer ESP which needed updating to work with the integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild has been updated
  • - Knights of the Nine compatibility patch renamed from "Better Cities - Knights of the Nine.esp" to "Better Cities Anvil Open - Knights of the Nine.esp" to make it clear that it is only for Anvil if the city is toggled Open
  • - Knights of the Nine new compatibility patch created for Chorrol "Better Cities Chorrol - Knights of the Nine.esp"
  • - Order of the Dragon new compatibility patch created by WalkerInShadows for Chorrol "Better Cities Chorrol - ODD patch.esp"
  • - Reclaiming Sancre Tor compatibility patch renamed from "Better Cities - Reclaiming Sancre Tor.esp" to "Better Cities IC Arena - Reclaiming Sancre Tor.esp" to make it clear that it is only for IC Arena
  • - Reclaiming Sancre Tor new compatibility patch created for Skingrad "Better Cities Skingrad - Reclaiming Sancre Tor.esp"
  • - Roads of Cyrodiil new compatibility patch created for Better Cities IC Imperial Isle "Better Cities IC Imperial Isle - Roads of Cyrodiil.esp"
  • - Halcyon Island new compatibility patch created for Anvil "Better Cities - Halcyon Island.esp"
  • - Many other minor tweaks, corrections and improvements
  • - In past releases, our BSAs have been packed with zero compression. This release the BSAs have been packed with maximum compression, so the file sizes will be smaller than before

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You could create a bootlegger questline for the Waterfront Emporium Club to undercut the compition by robbing all the booze from every house in Cyrodiil.

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