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Oblivion Qaja-kar


for all races




This is just a quick edit for the magnificent mod "Oblivion Qaja-kar" made by LegoManIAm94 that adds a new and complete questline associated to a new gang of khajiits. With the original mod no other race than khajiits are able to join this guild, including both the rest of vanilla races and any other new ones added by mods (including khajiit variants). This solve that by letting any vanilla or mod race be able to join and play this magnificent mod. This is only a replacer for the .esp, so you need to download and install the original mod from its page (and please remember to endorse it if you like it).


All credits belong exclusively to LegoManIAm94 for making such a great mod, I only made the edit to make it playable with any race.


The following is the original description of the mod:







If you like factions where you steal things or kill people then this is the faction for you. But you must be a Khajiit to join the gang. There are 46 quests in the gang. 5 quests for each city (except for Kvatch) and after you finish those you will have five more quest in the Imperial City. And it comes with a Miscellaneous quests. If you do not like traveling this will be a good guild for you. The only places you will be is in the cities only. And all of those places you can get to them by fast travel or by traveling on the roads. You will also get three helpers that will help you in the quest or even help you if you want to just kill or steal something and they can carry items for you. And the gang leaders will sell you unlimited Skooma, Lockpicks, & Probes. And there are secret passages in all the cities (except for the Imperial City) so you can sneak out or in the city if the guards are after you or if you have alot of bounty on you. Now I know it is hard to read for what to do for a quest but just read the quest stages in the menu or pause the game when they are talking or use OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice. And the Qaja-kar Essential Bartenders is an optional file for if you want to start a barfight and sometimes a gang member will start a barfight in the bar the gang members go to and may kill the bartender and so this plug-in make it so they cannot be killed. The Qaja-kar questline is about corrupting the Imperials while they are weak from the Emperors death and the Oblivion crisis. And also making the world a dangerous place by doing step by step to either stealing something or killing someone. And use the How To Play As Telki-qa as a bonus. And if you play Morrowind also look at my Morrowind Qaja-kar.




OBSE v0015 or newer



To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin and bsa into your data folder. Then drag the QK file in the Sound folder into DataSoundFX folder. If you don't have the Sound folder in your Data folder then copy the Sound folder into Data folder.

What's New in Version 1.0 (4.2)


  • 1.0 Initial Release

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