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About This File

This was part of Beyond Cyrodiil: Valenwood. While the work on the mainland has fallen apart, there has been a lot of progress with the isles. The project fell apart because of lack of scripters back in 2007, now the mod has found a new scripter, me. I have done a lot of changes to the original Main Quest document, far too numerous to fully mention them. While the mod is still focusing on pirates and shipwrecks, the culture of the Bosmer is fully fleshed out by complex dialogue trees with the villagers and to a lesser extent, books. The Main Quest is morally grey - it does not depict either side to be just good or bad. Both your comrades and the villagers have conflicting interests - it is up to you to decide their fate.


All of the major characters have their own dialogue trees, so you can have a say on what is going on in the isles and find out more about who

you are dealing with. Even the minor characters have their own trees, though far less complex.


There is now choice and consequence (C&C). All paths will open some doors and close others, so not everything in the isles can be seen

with one character. In fact, the mod needs several playthroughs in order to experience every single thing in the isles. There is also a faction

reputation system - your actions will be recognised by the factions, for better or for worse.


Treasure exists in old battered treasure chests, which require a certain key to open. This unmarked quest requires vigilance and the

willingness to look at every nook and cranny.


Starting the Mod


Go to Anvil's The Counts Arms and approach or be approached by the town crier, who will start the main quest by giving you a flier.




While you go through the mod, please keep an eye on the faction reputation at all times. Your reputation can be found under Factions (the same place where you can normally view your faction ranks). It determines what paths you can and cannot follow.


And please be careful when dealing with NPCs. This is not Cyrodiil where your actions can be forgiven by a slap on the wrist.






Q: I ticked off (insert faction name here)and now they won't speak to me!

A: Well, if you tick someone off, no wonder. If due to your actions, you are unable to finish the main quest, I'd suggest to investigate the isles. Things you can do:

-Pickpocket Boldur for his journal.

-Investigate the abandoned house near Uldib's house.

-Speak to the people in the Water Drake Tavern.

Then, you will be able to activate the back path and proceed normally.


Q: I failed a quest!

A: Perfectly normal. You can't finish all of the quests in one playthrough, without heavy cheating. This mod requires you to play it a few times, in order for you to see everything.


If a side quest failed, that means you have bad reputation with the villagers.




No incompatibilities known. Compatible with TWMP Valenwood Elsweyr as the isles are in a separate worldspace. Also compatible with UL Cliffs of Anvil and Snowdale with the included patches.


Please let me know if a mod is incompatible with Valenwood Islands and I will do my best to resolve it.


Known Issues or Bugs


-When you enter the small isle, the local map bug will kick in. As far as I've seen, this bug only happens in the small isle and nowhere else in the worldspace.




This was part of Beyond Cyrodiil: Valenwood. While the work on the mainland has fallen apart, there has been a lot of progress with the isles. The project fell apart because of lack of scripters back in 2007, now the mod has found a new scripter, me.


1.0, 11/09/2014 - Initial release.






You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Envy123'

You can find me on TESNexus as 'EnvyDeveloper'






Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to Windsurfer, morcroft and the rest of the Valenwood Islands original team for creating the great worldspace where the story could be told.

Thanks to Deeza for the original Main Quest document and lore advice.

Thanks to AndalayBay for the world map and helping me to resolve scripting issues.

Thanks to zilav for helping me with the LOD.

Thanks to TAL for hosting the project.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Thanks to God for creating us all.


Tools Used


Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/

TES Construction Set - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11367

Readme Generator - http://HammondsLegacy.com/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp





You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of

this mod. If I'm unreachable within 2 weeks, then contact Deeza or AndalayBay.

If they do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you

like with this mod.