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Cinysa Llardren

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This is my Main Character's Heroine Cinysa Llardren (I forgot to add her last name to the story of mine for my main)

I'll add a Biography to her here.

She grew up in Morrowind in the city of Balmora. At age six she develops a skill of Archer and One-handed sword skills. Many people believed that she was influenced by a god. However, that wasn't the case. Her parents were very skillful in the arts of a warrior, trained her until she was a young adult. She was a famous warrior at the age of eighteen all because she saved her birthright city from a group of bandits and trolls. Massacred a few citizens and children, but she made it in time, her parents were proud of her and celebrated her victory.. She was trained more under the Fighter's guild instructors and joined the guild at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty-three, she heard a rumor of a cave filled with treasures and some warriors never returned home. Cinysa was curious and traveled to this cave. After discovering it, she saw skeletons basically everywhere. She explored the cave even farther and a mysterious voice talked to her saying, "Another prey, I see, It looks like I can have fun with this one." As the Mysterious voice disappeared. The Hooded man behind her and bites her. Cinysa was in pain and told her she will or will not survive because of how powerful the bite was. The old man was named Vladimir a powerful vampire that scared a lot of people away and ends up killing thousands of citizens and soldiers. As a result, she ended up becoming a powerful vampire, hungry for blood and never seen her parents again. After two-hundred years, she believe they are dead anyway, she traveled to Skyrim, leaving her homeland and finding a similar vampire such as herself and found the love of her life; Aldin Ralvori a powerful, deadly and brutal vampire and assassin. A Powerful Ralvori Family once again. 

Hope you guys like it. I was gonna add something like a side by side picture on Aldin and Cinysa but I don't know how to do that. And the picture saying,"The Ravlori couple, the most brutal and deadliest assassins" in the top middle and then on each side it tells them their rank and name. Aldin is the Listener and Cinysa is a Speaker of the Black Hand (Yes I know it's not in the Vanilla lore, I'll make my own lore) ^^

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