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      We have a new theme created by Vincent that's now available to everyone. It has been set as the default theme, so everyone should see it when you refresh the page. If you still aren't seeing it, you can select it from the Theme drop-down at the bottom of the page. It's called Assimilation. Thanks Vincent. Awesome looking theme!


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    OK, since I re-invented the wheel last time dammit, let's try again. Well, I don't actually regret that, it turned out to be a very productive thread (thanks, Vorians!), and I can think of other uses for that map code too. But wouldn't it be nice if we could actually see a result sometimes? So this time, I've taken an older piece of batch editing, which in turn was inspired by AB's floater-detect code, and used it to make all the Unique Landscapes logs into Qarl's Harvest activators that give you fungal ingredients. The result is here: Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes And here's the code (yes, it does need more comments, but I'm losing the will to live right now . Need a beer, soonest.):
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    Misc. Creature Resources

    I'm just going to be uploading various odds and ends I've made/end up making here for people to use as resources for their work if they wish. First up is the Abyssfish, a Daedric creature that roams the Waters of Oblivion. Hey, why not? It could exist, certainly. Has anyone ever gone to check and see if it doesn't? ;D Abyssfish
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    Random Stuffz

    Well, you got me there. Now get off my lawn, you pesky young whippersnapper! [Best I can do. Just haven't graduated to the 'shouting at clouds' level yet. Need a lot more XP for that.]
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    [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    New version uploaded. Changes: Vorians updated the weather filter for changes made to Unique Landscapes. Copied some changes from the Unofficial Oblivion Patch and the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch. Thanks to An_dz for bringing these to my attention. NOTE: You must create a Bashed Patch in order to benefit from all the changes that mods like the UOP and the USIP make. This is not new, but some of the "fixes" that some people are proposing tells me that they are not using a Bashed Patch. Added An_dz's fixes to the VaPER Rainboxes, including position adjustments to existing rainboxes and new rainboxes to cells that didn't have them, like the Elder Council Chambers. I have also converted the readme file to a PDF so the table of contents and other links work better. I held off on releasing this in an effort to replicate the stuck weather issue, but my games wouldn't cooperate. I did have fog for several days, but when I reloaded a saved game while in-game the fog immediately cleared. It is normal to have some bad weather during certain seasons, but if you feel you have stuck weather, try reloading a saved game. If that doesn't work, please equip the weather debug ring and report the results here.
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    Will be making the requested changes to the theme this weekend.
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    We're both rather tired of all the bitching and whining about the forum software. We are going to select a product that we like and one that has the features we need. Oh, and by the way, nodeBB has a BBcode module.
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    Posting on Beth.net is easy, it's only when you try to be fancy that things go wrong, or add links which cause the badly set up spam protection thing to block you. Anyone saying "if you do [this] I'll leave" is just trying to blackmail Andalay & VM into doing what they want instead of what Andalay and VM want, which really isn't at all friendly, and will certainly be disheartening to Andalay & VM, and put them off even trying. End result could potentially be that they decide not to bother if too many people are moaning, and just shut the forum down, it saves them money after all.
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    This is getting silly. We're not going to pick something unusable. Heck, I can't even use 4.x due to the interface. In order to do anything, I've had to look it up in the code. I've worked with phpBB, SMF, this stuff, and more over the years so I think I can speak from experience when I say that not all of them fit our needs, we just need to find one that ticks most of the boxes. For instance, SMF has better defaults but phpBB is more flexible. We just need to carefully evaluate things, this "I won't use such and such because someone else isn't using it right" isn't helping matters. It kind of muddies the waters so to speak, making it harder to figure out if it will fit our needs. NodeBB is free software so there's a good chance that we'll be able to modify it even more than this thing we're on now. It doesn't guarantee it but it does make it easier since we won't need to worry about IPS bitching at us for making too many changes. So let's just relax and enjoy the show. "You're in good hands with Allstate."
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    I'm surprised at the "I'm out" stuff. IMO it's the people that make the forum, not the software. I'm sure that Andalay will get whichever software she chooses configured well, or switch to one that can be. I only wish I knew enough to be of some help, but my experience starts & ends with BBS's circa 1994.
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    Hey Bong. I have here a VERY ROUGH draft of a relocation patch for you. The lightsabers are in a chest in the Arch-Mages Lobby, on the semi-circle table. Only mods that alter the Arcane U Arch-Mages lobby may conflict, and probably at worst, it would just be floating in mid-air, or superimposed into some other object the author placed in the same location. Doubt it's going to be a problem. The Bow of Thunder is located in the Chorrol Fighter's Guild, tower, lowest level. It's in a barrel on top of two crates, with a candle on top to mark it. I've never heard of a mod that alters this location, even Fighter's Guild specific ones, so I thought this would be a good place. I've altered the note for the Bow of Thunder to make it a more fun & comprehensible read. (Have you read the original?) I've also set both chests to respawn so you can go back and get more lightsabers & unenchanted versions of the bow should you ever want to. If you don't want that, let me know, I can change them all back. Bear in mind, I have not had a chance to test this in-game yet - at all. I have cleaned it in xEdit. The only LO requirement should be to load after Jedi Lightsabers & Bow of Thunder Dark. It shouldn't {doesn't} matter where OCC is located in relation. Sorry I couldn't do more today, It's been pretty hectic. Tomorrows not looking much better, but I'll try to clean some things up. I'd like to do things in a way that this will be mergeable into your Bashed Patch so it won't take up an ESP slot. If you wouldn't mind just testing it out & seeing if you can get at both items I'd appreciate it. Just don't save after doing so and your savegame should be fine with the next revision. I'll be able to work on it in about 18 hours, but I'll still be able to read your responses in the mean time. Regards, RM Lightsabers-BoTD Relocated.esp {Removed, see below.}
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    Morrowind Script Extender

    Good point. I've added some additional background that captures the gist of the original OP, without all of the now outdated information.
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    Agreed. I've verified several times with differnet configurations that they are placed in the correct worldspace for OCC. The way I made the patch you would still be able to find them in the closed city worldspaces if nothing else conflicts, which is why you were able to find it in the Arcane U. I don't blame you. If you'd just like to get to playing I can move the location of the rock and chest completely out of the areas touched by Open Cities, then you can just grab them and go. I'll go through your original load order & see if I can find a place untouched by other mods so hopefully there won't be any conflicts. This shouldn't interfere with the little quest line in Bow of Thunder Dark. I'll let you know what I come up with. As far as fixing the land tear in Anvil, without doing some heavy mod deinstallation & testing, I don't think we're going to get that fixed, especially on a save that has lord knows what already baked in. So for your next playthrough, if you plan on using the same or similar mod setup, I'd advise you to add one or two mods, test the problem area on a new end of sewers type save, then add more until you find where the land tear is introduced. When/if you get to that point then we can revisit this. Sound good? Edit: I should ask if you're using any mesh/texture replacers that don't show up in your list of installed mods? If they don't have an ESP &/or you didn't install with Wrye Bash, then they won't show up in your list of installed mods.
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    IP.Board 4.x Bugs

    Until those bugs are fixed, I will probably go color blind after looking on the white background too much.
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    New Screenshots!! The landscape progress around Goldmoor
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    Daggerfall Dev

    (SSE) Hammerfell Remastered

    Official Facebook Page -- Discord Server -- Oblivion Version -- Original Release Hammerfell R: The Eastern Grasslands is set in the Eastern part of Hammerfell called Goldmoor, Explore the grassy hills and find Loot Similar to Cyrodiils, Fight the Goblins in Coastal Coast Cave or take a rest in the nearby Cyrodiil Inn, Whichever interest you. The land of Hammerfell is diverse and very different to that of Skyrim. The Grasslands may look innocent and friendly but behind every Cave there's some treasure but atlas there's always a Creature looking over head watching your every move. By: Lady Nerevar Q: Will it require a new game? A: Nope! You will be able to use your existing characters from Skyrim. Just hop over the border, and continue your adventures. Q: Is this the same thing as Skyblivion / Skywind? Why aren't you working with them? A: No, Skyblivion and Skywind are remakes of older Bethesda games in the Skyrim engine. This is a remaster of a Province from TES4 Oblivon Q: Why not you just port content from Oblivion / Morrowind / other games? A: Because this is a violation of Bethesda's EULA, and would be grounds for them to close down the project. Q: Will this be released for Consoles? A: Hammerfell R: The Eastern Grasslands will be available on Xbox One in the future. New 3D Models & Textures New Cyrodiil Inspired Weapons Updated Worldspace Experimental LOD Unique Locations New Cyrodiil Inspired Creatures Dawnguard Hearthfire Dragonborn SSE Models & Textures Adanorcil - Aewen - Aiwyn the Breton - Aro101 Balthazar - Ciin - Doxas - Eraser - Eyeball88 - Fairwater Fishcake - FLESH - Jelle - Joopson - Lady Nerevar Morden - Mr.Siika - NexUmMonastica - Noirgrim - PoHa! - Syscrusher Exteriors Adanorcil - Ayedail - Billay - CleverClothe - FLESH Lady Nerevar - JonarusDrakus - Nemon PoHa - ShadowBeast - Tyrion - Rockwell - Vegor - Nex Heightmap & Region Generation Noirgrim - Lady Nerevar Specials Michael Kirkbride (MK) - Defining Hammerfell and continual support of the lore community Display Name is Already in Use (Vorians) - Assistance and comments Sload - Contributions to lore and firm guidance of the project Lutemoth - Establishing Hammerfell's visual style Noirgrim - Giving TRs start Sifonseal - Giving Daggerfall Dev the Guidance 50%
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    I'm relieved. I think GOG has most of the games I consider essential. If it isn't a decade or more old, I can't be bothered... And next time they have a deal on OB, I'll be grabbing that just to be sure. (And I still don't have Battlehorn Castle...)
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    Random Stuffz

    Yeah! Now you're talking. And all the suns are moons of the Galaxy. And big galaxies have smaller galaxies as their moons. And all the galaxies are moons of... (oh, wait a minute). Stuff going round other stuff. And you've got to look at the context to make sense of the words... [Technically, of course, things are actually orbiting their common centre of gravity, spesh when it comes to the Galaxy. Yeah, picky, picky.]
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    [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    I'm sorry, RM, I do go on sometimes. But I hadn't shared that bit of craziness with anyone, and since this is a quite technically oriented forum I thought I'd get it out of my system. But it ain't quite that crazy - there's no quantum in there, just classical phys, strictly Newtonian. My background's partly in chemistry, reckon I learned a lot more about quantum mechanics from that, oddly, than from the physics lessons. But it doesn't come into everyday astro calculations, though a bit of relativity can help. Though that's classical too. [I've noticed that there is definitely something relativistic going on with Oblivion dungeons. Time passes at a different rate inside. So you can leave, sit down, have lunch, and go back in to find that the enemy who has given up chasing you has only moved a few metres away. Twin paradox on a local scale.] Yeah, I do agree with you and Malonn, we should be grateful. It just seems odd is all. If you compare Gimp with Photoshop, it's almost as easy to use, pretty intuitive. Can't see why the same shouldn't apply with 3D. Oh well, so it goes...
  19. 1 point

    Random Stuffz

    tegeus, I saw you helped the Oblivion Uncut author some. Good stuff. Kudos. I like that mod.
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    Yeah, those bands are fun. I also listen to stuff like this:
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    [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    The first thing that comes in conversation here in Canada is the weather... We have stupid levels of humidity in summer and wind chill in winter. We also get British winter in November (cold, dark and raining). The rest of the winter is dark and cold, but I guess we should be happy it's not raining. We should ask Bethesda to add bitching about the weather to their next game.
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    Random Stuffz

    Jimi says that he was impressed that Larry Hagman got a decent job after "I Dream of Jeannie"...
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    Self-burnt discs have a fairly short life, especially DVDs. You cannot be sure that a DVD burnt three years ago will still be readable. Business-burnt DVDs should be much more reliable, but nothing lasts forever, and even these can become unreadable over time, without any visible damage.
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    Morrowind Script Extender

    It's not guaranteed to free any memory (due to the underlying implementation), though it could be changed to do that. My intention was mainly convenience: reuse an array id instead of generating a new one. I will probably revisit the xGetRace array in the near future. On further reflection, I think a small set of related functions is probably a better way to handle that.
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    Random Stuffz

    That would be so cool with a fringe on top. Like this?
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    Yes it is only for Skyrim SE.
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    I didn't realise that UESP had ever hosted anything. Anyway, that's interesting. I once managed to network-install Oblivion on my netbook just to see if it could be done. It worked, though I had 2GB RAM, they used to come with 1GB as standard, which would have made it impossible. But performance was, ahem, a trifle lacking - I suspect that OldBlivion would have helped. That was going a bit far, but this could be very useful on older laptops with only slightly higher specs (and a DVD drive, of course, if you want to play it while on the bus).
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    Help needed to customize Firefox

    Sigh. So it goes. Funny about the extension migration. My two just worked (fully) again - I mean they retained their original entries - after 57 upgrade, downgrade to ESR, then extension reinstall. Sloppy of me, though, to do it that way. Seems Firefox doesn't clean up its space, but I should not have assumed that. Backing stuff up properly now, just some .sqlite files...
  29. 1 point

    Random Stuffz

    I was also tired of my plugins being disabled one by one. I wasn't going to have any left. The ESR is version 52.x and if I'm not mistaken, it will remain version 52.x, with only minor releases until the end of life in 2018.
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    What is really funny, I think is that they are totally neglecting the simple things that would make life easier, and are trying to be very fancy themselves. As an example, I had the forum repeatedly tell me I was posting in French and attempting to redirect me to their French forums (My display name, peut etre? Bah! Je ne sais pas... Mais, comme on identify Franglais?) Now, according to Pseron Wyrd, they are genuinely trying to implement a language identification system. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that? Yeah, Vorians, I entirely agree with the rest of your comments. There's an asymmetry here. Beth are the ones with deep pockets, they have no excuses. Small forums are running on a shoestring and a load of unpaid work and it should be up to the administrators to strike the balance between resources and user preferences.
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    Morrowind Script Extender

    It's great to see Morrowind modding is still alive. 15 years--almost 16... I hope that enthusiasm transfers to Oblivion and Skyrim in due time.
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    Feedback thread

    They're working on it Leo. Read from here, down.
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    It's technically the Tamriel worldspace, but yes. At it's heart, that's what Open Cities does; move the Cities out of their own "closed" worldspaces into the Tamriel worldspace. Then the esp you created needs to be loaded after all Open Cities mods, and Lightsabers/BoTD, to make sure the changes aren't overridden. Is there a particular place you'd like me to put the containers? I'll probably put the Bow & corresponding items into a chest/box type container so it's easier to find & can be placed indoors if you want. Just try to pick a place that isn't touched by any other mods. I don't think the guild halls were modified by anything other than All Natural, which isn't a problem, so maybe a guild hall. An outdoor location is fine too. If you'd like to send me your current LO (sorted please), I can load up those mods to verify I've got it working.
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    You shouldn't have to use the original worldspace entry rock if the patch moved the items to the OC worldspace. I'm sorry I can't offer much help right now. I really have taken on too much already.
  35. 1 point
    Thank you to AndalayBay, Visceral Moonlight, and others who have put in so much time and work on TAL!
  36. 1 point
    Or even the fly-over shots from the intro movie.
  37. 1 point
    Visceral Moonlight

    Random Stuffz

    You know that junk mail they send out saying you're some contest finalist for a car and you could win if your number in the game piece matches that everyone knows is a gimmick to get you into the dealership? Yeah, I confirmed my suspicions when a second piece accidentally got stuck to the flyer. Surprise, surprise: both pieces had the exact same code. Seeing as how the chances as listed in the fine print were 1:75,000, I highly doubt that was by chance and definitely a gimmick. I usually throw those flyers away without looking but I was bored.
  38. 1 point

    Games on Sale

    Grabbed it right after the purchase. Thank you though! I've got to thank you Sue. I had no idea about the GOG Connect program till I saw your posts about it. Sadly, I missed the Torchlight exchange, but now that I know I'll be keeping an eye on it!
  39. 1 point
    Good stuff, tegeus. You are showing a good thing about coda. Inspiring...
  40. 1 point
    We will continue to have a light theme. At this point, we will have a light theme, a dark theme and possibly two alternatives that will suit other situations. I'm guessing that VM will cater to people visiting with mobile devices and I don't know what Vincent plans.
  41. 1 point

    Random Stuffz

    Well really, have you seen a human? That's enough to put off any intelligent species.
  42. 1 point
    Visceral Moonlight


    There's an old saying: if you try to idiot proof something, they'll make a better idiot. There are many variations of this.
  43. 1 point
    I'll be making a simple light and dark theme. VM wants to make an alternative, so I'd say that you can make an alternative as well if you like. All themes should work for mobile as well as desktops, although VM has pointed out that IPS' default skin isn't accomplishing that so well. I'll send you a PM to see about getting you set up.
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    As you can see, we finally got the forums upgraded to 4.2.5. Now I can upgrade the server OS and once that's done, I'll set up the SSL certificate. Almost all done!
  45. 1 point


    Here's a picture of Pip I took almost 2 weeks ago. He was helping me with my Avon
  46. 1 point

    Cleaning Mods with TESxEdit

    I probably shouldn't post this as it may confuse people, but in fact you CAN clean multiple ESPs in a single session (still one after the other, but without closing and reopening xEdit for each one). You hide all the ESPs loaded which aren't relevant to the current clean, clean the first ESP, then hide it (and any masters not needed for the next one) and unhide the next ESP and its masters, clean it and repeat. When you have a large number of ESPs sharing a single master, this makes life a little easier (such as if you have 10 compatibility patches for a single Unique Landscape, load them all up along with the 10+ conflicting mods, and clean each patch one after the other - no you don't need to do this, I did it for you).
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    From one of my favorites:
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point

    IP.Board 4.x - VERY SOON!

    Well, as you can see, we finally made the plunge. Not without the usual drama, of course. We uncovered a bug in IPS' upgrade script! Lucky us. Fortunately they fixed it quickly. They gave us a new script so we could finish the upgrade.
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    Ada Adorable

    From the album Kitty Stuff