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    This is a repost from 17/3/2012 from the Dark Creations forums which have been shut down as discussed in this other topic. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a visually enhanced travelogue about starting a character in a deadly environment and hopefully surviving with the application of wit, luck and shenanigans. In essence, it's just me trying something different and snapping pictures of it. I hope you'll find it interesting. First of all, there is a character that I used in Oblivion; a Breton necromancer whom I intended to be my 'evil' character; not the calculated kind of evil, nor cartoon villany. Just generally an asshole. A jerk. His name is Jerkan. Look at those eyeslits, those protruding lips, that arrogant well-kempt hair. In Oblivion, he had a subtle stubble which I can't replicate now, but he also gained those stripes on his forehead. Nice. Obviously, I'm using the Live Another Life mod. I intend to redundantly pick the option which I suggested to Arthmoor myself. While I could've used the old ini tweak + batch script method that I used to try it out to begin with, it's nice to feel validated sometimes. And away I go! This is Sinderion's Field Laboratory, if it weren't obvious. It's the only safe place in Blackreach, which is full of enemies I have no business fighting at my level, especially since I play on Master difficulty. Fortunately, there are some helpful items laying around. First of all though, I choose my starting spells, which is a feature included in Skyrim Improved Magic System. Alteration: Interestingly, you can pick the Feather spell, but I go for Oakflesh instead. Destruction: I figure Frostbite is my best bet for winning chases. Conjuration: Raise Zombie is tempting, but that will never work in this place, so I choose Conjure Skeleton instead. Restoration: Necromancers always seem to love wards, but I pick Healing because I just couldn't live without it. Illusion: I've decided that I'm not gonna profess in Illusion, but it can't hurt to have Clairvoyance around, especially since I play without a compass or floating quest markers. Now let's have a look around... I raid Sinderion's ingredient stash and his (sadly empty) soul gems, and proceed to gobble one of each ingredient in one go. Amazingly, I only lost half of my health. How convenient. You can't be a necromancer and not have a dagger. In addition, I get to have an authentic dwemer artifact and not one of those tourist souvenirs from Markarth. I don't know wether this is something Arthmoor added or if it's always been there, but it may be essential in a place where you're at the bottom of the food chain. Well don't this beat all? I get Raise Zombie, Lesser Ward and Conjure Familiar. Now I can have my sweetroll and eat it too. I also find a pair of boots with a carry capacity enchantment, and an enchanted sword with fire damage in the footlocker. Apparantly, Sinderion expected to harvest many many samples of nirnroot. Finally, I discover a staff of magelight already in my inventory. Sub bro. How's that 'secret location' working out for you? I pocket his journal to formally begin the nirnroot quest. If I'm going to faff about in Blackreach, I might as well pick up noisy plants along the way. And here is Sinderion's attunement sphere. My only way out of Blackreach right now is the great lifts, and those have a tendency to close, so it helps to have one of these in case I want to get back without having to start another quest, even if it means having to clear a dungeon. I use the arcane enchanter to disenchant some of the crap I found, read the alchemy skill book, and make a poison of damage health, almost reaching level 2. Then I take a nap in the stone bed to wash away the negative effects caused by my ingredient binge and save the game.
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    A short story of mine, Gaia's Breath, is due to be published towards the end of May by Midnight Street Press in an anthology called Strange Days. Trevor, the editor, has set up a Facebook page where he's posting videos from those who are in the book.Each video introduces the author, tells of the inspiration behind the story and includes a story excerpt read by the author. Here's mine:To find the Facebook page, type this in the search bar:Strange Days - Midnight Street Anthology 4A number of the writers in this anthology are well known and well published. I feel very fortunate to be included. Trevor also put my name in the middle of them all on the back cover. I can't tell you how chuffed I was when I spotted this Gaia's Breath is the third story of mine Midnight Street Press has published. The others can be found in the following anthologies:The Little Lighter Girl - Night Light (Midnight Street Anthology 3)Taking Flight - Hellfire Crossroads Volume 7 - IntroducingMidnight Street Press can be found here:https://www.midnightstreetpress.comI hope you enjoy the video.
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    17/3/2012 ----------------------------- I step out of the door, bask in the eerie azure glow and chug some fresh air. And here comes the first challenge of this particular game start. Yes, the first thing you encounter is a dwemer sphere guardian that can kill you in one hit. There is no way to avoid being detected, and it will always return to this spot when it's not trying to kill you. How did I get into this mess anyway? Did my mum ground me and program this thing to keep me inside? Either way, if I'm going to use Sinderion's lab as my home, it would be wise to dispose of this thing somehow, but that's a concern for later. I take my invisibility potion, which doesn't actually help me, since I was already detected. I sprint away, narrowly avoiding the guardian's first strike, and run up the stairs leading to Alftand while it fires its lethal crossbow at me. In the pitch black darkness, I somehow fall down into a recess between the platform with the entrance to Alftand and a staircase. That's when my potion wears off. The sphere guardian stalks toward me, but I decide that my position is dark and hidden enough that making more noise would be a greater risk. And then it comes peeking over the edge. Shortly after, though, it turns tail and heads back to its post, none the wiser. At this point, I creep back up and activate the crossbow that is aimed at the doorway, but the dwemer sphere is too far back to be hit. Alas. I decide to head left, jump off the platform, and whip out my staff of magelight because I cannot see anything ahead of me. With great confidence, I fire the light...into a nearby falmer. I suppose it was the noise of the staff that drew his attention, but the arcane ball of light sure didn't help. I panick and ran back up the platform, hoping it would give me an advantage if there is a fight. Fortunately, the falmer gets sidetracked. They clash for a little while on the porch of my house, until the falmer is slain. A shame, as I was hoping to have my front door to myself for once. Regardless, I notice that the guardian has been damaged by half of its health, and I get an idea. Tiptoeing into the lit area, I let the machine catch a glimpse of me. Then I sneak down this path, the sphere guardian wheeling steadily behind, and hope that I'm being quiet enough for the nearby falmer to notice my pursuer first. Amazingly, the construct becomes ensnared in a cluster of fungal jellyfish tentacles, which is noticed by a nearby lookout. I take cover behind a rock and watch as a chaurus and another falmer join the fray, the former creeping uncomfortably close past me. I also find myself right next to one of these. Suddenly, I have the urge to be a mischievous little dipshit and solve several tiny problems with one huge problem. Is there any other reason for these things to be here? It's like dropping a matchstick in a chinese fireworks stand. I pull the lever and skulk behind a group of rocks just in time to remain undetected, and start hearing the calamity. The battle does not take very long. After the pained shrieks die down, only the heavy chugging of the centurion is left. (There seems to have been an image here that I can't find anymore???) I can't conceive of a way to actually get rid of this golem, but they are a lot easier to outrun than falmer, and don't have any projectile attacks. Blackreach would be a lot more hospitable with them running amok and killing all of its other denizens. Still, I'd rather not wake one up unless I needed to. Whatever the case, the falmer dispatched the sphere guardian as intended, and I have successfully colonised the immediate area around my house. First them, then all of Blackreach!
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    If Civ 5 is installed in a location different to Steam's default, then you need to tell the new install of Steam the Steam install directory location (not Civ 5 specifically). It should then find the game (plus any others in there) and update to show Civ 5 is installed. If Civ 5 is in the default location, then you should simply need to tell Steam to install Civ 5 - Steam will find the existing files, verify them, and only download any which are missing or edited to be different from the installation files. Civ 5 will then detect the mods already installed too. If Panda Dome creates some kind of virtual environment to run programs in, then it may be interfering with Steam's ability to find the game files. In that case, turn that feature off in Panda Dome, or see if there is a way to exclude Steam so that it runs normally. For Morrowind Launcher, it may be that Panda Dome is blocking the launcher's access to the registry, preventing the launcher from detecting the game installation. That's just a guess.
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    Strange Days is now available on Amazon. Here are the links: UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0892792XP/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1590152584&sr=1-1 Everywhere else! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0892792XP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=strange+days+midnight+street+anthology+4&qid=1590158731&sr=8-1 If you fancy a taster of some of the stories included in this epic anthology, here's a link to the videos of authors reading excerpts: https://www.midnightstreetpress.com/strange-days-videos#home There's a mixture of genres, so hopefully something to suit everyone. I'm thrilled to be amongst so many accomplished writers. Trevor Denyer is an excellent editor and Midnight Street Press deserves support. MIDNIGHTSTREETPRESS.COM STRANGE DAYS VIDEOS STRANGE DAYS VIDEOS
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    Ada is pregnant. She has kitten handles instead of love handles! We’re hoping Curie is pregnant too, but aren’t sure. She should have delivered by now so we think she resorbed the kittens. It’s also possible she mated with Darwin at a later time. She had silent heats so it can be hard to tell.
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    Hello! I made game music compilation with rubber band but actually it's not just about oblivion but one of the part is oblivion's theme music so I'd like to share it with you too https://youtu.be/Jf7IC60Dl7I
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    It should fix them automatically. In CSE, load only the ESM/P which is meant to contain the records and save it. If they're in the ESM and also edited in the ESP, then save the ESM in CSE first, and switch to TES4Edit to drag the "related" entries from the ESM records into the ESP records. These errors do have a tendency to return after further edits however, requiring repeat fixing if you want no error messages.
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    No, I wouldn’t really know. I just read your instructions in the OP and thought you were saying that there two parts to install. Anyway you answered his question - just ignore me.
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    20/03/2012 ------------------- I come across a falmer encampment. Usually this is a death sentence, but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. Maybe they all went off to attack some centurion or other? It seems they left their fish out to dry, though. I have a bit of trouble imagining that falmer can be fishermen, or that healthy fish can even live down here. Nevertheless, I poach some salmon meat. There is a cooking pot in sinderion's lab after all, might as well use it. Now that my pockets are lined with stink fish, I head through this way, toward silent city. My plan is to swing around it and make my way back home. I've also been picking up crimson nirnroot along the way, adding up to about ten by now. Come to think of it, I think I hear one right behind me- Oh sweet jesus mother fuck. I'm so sorry about the fish. This is about the fish, isn't it? Please don't hurt me. I panick and sprint away, beelining straight past a centurion because I couldn't see the handle in time. I also startle a giant. Fortunately, giants have poor reflexes, and by the time he's good and well angry, the falmer have caught up. I didn't stick around to see if falmer corpses were darting through the air. Maybe I should've. Eventually, I find myself in front of Silent City. Again, danger lies ahead. Don't want to be messing with those falmer archers, and I don't know how strong their servants are yet. I continue further to the right, crossing a bridge, and passing another dormant centurion. I see no reason to wake him up, until... If you can't see the chaurus, then you'll believe me when I say I mistook them for a bunch of vines on the ground. Of course, I'm not afraid of them. I skeet back over to the centurion, pull the handle, and escape with a vague smirk on my face. The centurion proceeds to give the chaurus a senseless drubbing. I hide under the bridge, and then I try to sneak by along the rocks. I get spotted quickly, though. Fortunately, the centurion has no choice but to meander about uneasily as I continue down the stream, like a law enforcer without a warrant. After a little while, I spot the reeking tower. I've been out on the field long enough, so I decide to head back the way I initially came. There are some wisps, but I manage to get away before something dangerous materialises. Ugh, again with the mycosnot. And no fish to speak of either. I bet the falmer take beauty baths in this stuff, which is why they look the way they do. Anyway, I do make it back home and go straight to bed. Incidentally, it's 10PM. Not that time matters much down here. ------------------- Fun fact: When I was in that falmer camp, I really didn't see anyone until I began fishing for screenshots with the free camera. That's when I saw the falmer behind the rock, however, I figured he was stuck in a pathing error so I just kept moving forward without suspecting a thing. I play with a no combat music mod, by the way. I actually did turn around to investigate a nirnroot noise and narrowly avoided having my nipples rearranged by the two falmer that were following me. Despite everything, they still managed to sneak up on me.
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    20/03/2012 ------------------- Status report. I've risen a level from my last expedition. I give myself a +10 magicka bonus and drop the perk in novice conjuration. Baby steps. Unfortunately, my Conjure Skeleton spell is too costly for me to cast. It seems I won't be having something undead next to me at all times like proper necromancers do. I'll just have to gain another level and grab Apprentice Conjuration. I decide to go the other way from last time, mostly because that centurion is still at large. Oh for the love of... This is soooo disgusting. Sinderion's journal mentioned something about the local fungus soaking up nearby groundwater like a sponge and releasing it into these streams, which means I'm currently swimming in mushroom piss. And it's all up in my robes too. Barf. I come across an ominous collection of cobwebs and decide it is time to practice my alteration. I also conjure a familiar, but there don't seem to be any enemies nearby after all. Ah, this must be the bowels of nirn. I'm glad I wasn't tempted into picking the ridiculously oversized nose during chargen. Honestly though, I've never encountered this place for all the time I've played this game and been in blackreach. Odd. Inside is a series of corridors sloped upwards, with some spider eggs and cobwebs along the way. It takes a little while before I encounter an enemy. I spot a single spider up ahead. They can't be much stronger down in this dump than they are above ground, so I sic my familiar on it. Atta boy! Unfortunately, two more spiders come in and decimate my doggy, and I try to repel them with my destruction magic. Somehow it feels ineffective attacking Frostbite Spiders with Frostbite, especially without any perks in destruction. I begin to chug Restore Magicka potions quickly, retreating downhill and fanning ice into my opponents. Eventually, I deplete one of the spiders' health. While the others are still biting my ankles, I ready my Raise Zombie spell and perform some... Necromancy. I get a skill increase and reach level 3. My spider puppet draws my attackers' attention. I run the hell out of there, further into the dungeon. After they've lost track of me, I take another +10 in magicka and invest in the apprentice conjuration perk. I barely meet the skill requirement for this perk, and it's all thanks to my race. Jerkan definitely chose this carreer path based on his race, and not the other way around. The good news is that I can now conjure a skeleton at will. It's an apprentice level spell, so I damn well hope it's going to be stronger than those skeletons you see in the wild that go down when a bear farts on them. Another spider approaches up ahead, so I give the spell a try. The skeleton swiftly dispatches the spider, and exhibits style doing it. He does look a bit ridiculous though, if you look at him a certain way. I ask my skeleton to tear down this web, but he doesn't respond. Shortly after, we reach an elevator. On the other side, there are more spiders waiting for us. I nest myself inside the elevator and took some potshots with my dwemer dagger. I even poison it with frostbite venom, but it isn't very effective... The skeleton fights bravely, but succumbs before he can vanquish the last spider. I even considered knighting him and giving him a name. Oh well. I easily finish the job and conjure another skeleton just for kicks. We find ourselves on a ledge overlooking a large section of Blackreach. There is another spider cowering further away, but we quickly eradicate it. I take a moment to admire the view. Silent City... It'll be a while before I can tackle that beast.
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    I got my machine back! I have no idea how the drive went from RAW to NTFS, but once it showed up as NTFS again, Windows was able to run chkdsk and it has recovered. It’s much quieter than it was before, so maybe the old cooler was failing. I could do an AMD build again. My video cards are Radeon. They’re old now, but still kick a good punch for the stuff I play. I won’t be able to build a new machine for a while yet, but I’ll definitely check out Ryzen.
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    While all this has been going on, our virus vendors are encountering a rather unpleasant program of the same name. A buggered MBR is something we do need at this time! On the other hand, yes there are good things happening. Yesterday some of the Salvos co-workers called round with a Thank You bag and some Easter goodies: I'm deeply touched