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    Commence the murdering. I mean, thanks.
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    Random Stuffz

    Because it didn't have Walrus as a gender choice?
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    WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Ah, yeah. No, it's easy to 'export' them...there's just like 40 of them and translating coherent paragraphs is even worse than translating dialogue! ;_;
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    Happy Birthday. Have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday NobleShadowHunter!

    Sorry, I ate the cherries. I have a problem. (Note: best way to freak out the niblings: pit two fresh bing cherries, place in mouth just behind the canines, smile while biting down slowly. Wear shirt you don't care about. Prep explanations for sisters when they pick up said niblings.)
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    Took some digging, but it turns out they are in fact still offering all of the official patches: http://patches.bethsoft.com/ Personally I always forget which ones should be getting used for MW so I'm pretty happy to have that handled with the GoG installer now.
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    What kind of cake do you want?
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    #xtel_flag = 0,1,2 - due to incomprehensible circumstances, with the flag set, the Creation Kit sometimes drops when initializing the refreshes --- 0-there are no teleports at all, 1-only interiors (recommended), 2-complete #skyrim_dir - directory in which models will be tested #mod_name - input file #out_name - output file #convert_type - control of the volume of distillation, 0-- distill only resources without CELL and WRLD of the top groups, 1-- distillation without the participation of refrences, 2-- complete distillation #start_id - formid from which the numbering starts (you can not take more than 10mln) --- 500t more than the maximum ID in Skyrim
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    Nice job with the trailer.
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Movie Quote Game

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    [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    Open beta for Special Edition on PC releases TOMORROW NIGHT Eastern Time. Meaning, anyone can download and play. Stay tuned for an announcement. I've done this drawing of ghost Lucien as part of a larger cover art piece I'm working on for the mod.
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    Sexism in Comics

    Ah, yes, SuperMAN versus SuperGIRL. It's so fucking sexist, it's disgusting. Just think of the Australian Open a few years ago when the on-court presenter asked Eugenie Bouchard to twirl her skirt. Yeah comics are like that, but SG is particularly annoying to me.
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    Work on the third version has now been started. Progress: I have completed the road from Corinthe to Torval and the road from Senchal to Torval. I started extending the coral reef southwest of Senchal (planning to extend it all the way to Torval). Torval's exterior structure is done - just needs a final pass of cluttering. The interiors still need to be made, as well as NPCs, path-grids and AI schedules.
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    "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    Back when Iliana was still active, she was fine with me making a spin-off mod based on her work. And of course, my mod is completely separate and requires you to download Anequina to even use the mod. Though the stipulations are that I cannot change her quests in any shape or form, without her approvals. I do hope Iliana will come back soon, if only so we can work together on adding choice and consequence to her existing quests.
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    Random Stuffz

    Well of course, you're hardly going to be seeing a Vulcan sitting angrily in a bar, now are you?
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Sexism in Comics

    There's also The Hawkeye Initiative, which is similar! Also: https://www.guggenheim.org/blogs/checklist/maurizio-cattelans-golden-toilet-in-the-time-of-trump Heh
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    Games on Sale

    Humble Bundle is presently giving away Amnesia Collection free for Steam. The collection contains two games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Sexism in Comics

    Ama, remember this?
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    Unique Landscapes

    We're using TAL as a mirror for the v2+ releases, and using TESA and AFK as mirrors for the pre-v2 releases. You can still get The Heath v1.1.1 on Nexus if you want it. The UL Compilations v2.0 and older include the pre-v2 ULs, while Compilations v2.1+ contain the v2+ ULs. All these versions of the Compilation are on the same Nexus page you linked to.
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    Sexism in Comics

    I guess that's why my favourite is Deadpool.
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    Sexism in Comics

    To be fair, there is a Superboy. But he's either a Robin knock-off or literally the worst little brat. Also, Superboy never had a romantic relationship with a horse. Oh, and there's also a Superwoman. She's just an evil mirror universe version of Lois Lane. Ditto my feelings about Batgirl. There's a HUGE rant there about that one. She's even worse than Supergirl.
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