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    Hello TAL. I'm posting this today because I have been attempting myself at recreating my childhood experience of playing this game. I have to say thank you and you all gave great insight and suggestions on details that i could imagine are somewhat lost in todays modern day computer world. I have successfully emulated this game in a virtual machine and it runs Flawless. In my attempts to get this game running i tried windows 95, 98, xp,7,1 and after a sleepless night or two of tinkering i was finally able to launch the game. windows xp won't run the game at all; windows 95 (the one with IE) will run the game but not display right; windows 98 was the only OS that would run properly. I installed three crucial (i think) components to the system. 1. 256 bit color driver 2. Direct X8 (holy smokes this had windows 98 support!!) 3. ac'97 audio driver ps - my first attempt at making an iso failed miserably and resulted in the game starting, flashing a black screen and closing. The iso file was just 30 mb but upon inspecting the underside of the actual CD i could see the whole thing is written to so i'm guessing something was lost. i worked around this by putting the actual cd in the host machine and setting the cd drive in virtual box
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    I’ve read in various sources that male Brits aren’t fully developed until they’re 3 or 4 years old. It might be just muscle mass, but when fully developed they should be quite solid. Apparently it’s testosterone that gives them the big cheeks, or JOWLS, as Ama puts it.
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    I think I've figured out why Darwin's registered name is Roosevelt. I mean. The CIV6 JOWLS.
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    Even the different colours have different prices because of their rarity. First you have to import the cats and then you need to come up with the right combination to get the results you want. I seriously lucked out with my first pair because I had no clue what I was doing. Now I would focus more on getting a chinchilla colour, which would be pretty expensive. And I think it's time to announce that I got my site updated finally. Cor Auratum is my cattery. The logo was done by Amadaun. Thanks Ama! Btw, I didn't change the colour, I just put it on the banner with the dark blue background and I thought the effect looked awesome. If you visit on a mobile device with low resolution, like a cellphone, you'll see the banner change and the logo drops down and shows its real colours. I still have a few fixes to upload to the live site, which I'll do shortly.
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    I now need to play some VM:B to feel clean again. I'm a good vampire! *looks at Heather* *looks at Malkavian playthrough* I'm a chaotic neutral vampire!
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    This was too funny to leave out.
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    I'm finally updating my web site and I needed a bunch more pictures. Here is Pascal's response: This reminds of the joke, And now the kits have definitely reached the adorable stage. They will be five weeks old on Monday. When I open the door to the enclosure, the white one very purposely marches out.
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    Better Dwarven Spectres - Mer and Maidens Edition View File This mod adds the long desired female Dwarven Spectre to the leveled lists and replaces one unique spectre with the new model. In addition, thanks to Moranar, this mod is also a BB conversion of the original Dwarven Spectre. And in addition to THAT, the mod also adds the Dwarven Robe worn by the spectres as a random drop from them; complete with male and female versions (just ignore all that sticky ectoplasm). The mod includes 4 different versions: If you want a 75% chance for male spectres and 25% chance for female, install "Dwarven Spectres BB + Fem.esp" If you want a 50% chance for male spectres and 50% chance for female, install "Dwarven Spectres BB + Fem (50-50).esp" If you want a 75% chance for male spectres and 25% chance for female, and for them all to be renamed to "Dwemer Spectres", install "Dwemer Spectres BB + Fem.esp" If you want a 50% chance for male spectres and 50% chance for female, and for them all to be renamed to "Dwemer Spectres", install "Dwemer Spectres BB + Fem (50-50).esp" Enjoy the mod! Submitter Melchior Dahrk Submitted 05/02/2018 Category Cosmetic  
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    WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    @bevilex I have! I just finished a full playthrough of it a couple days ago to confirm it was completeable / wouldn't break the game. I'll try to upload it this weekend.
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    https://www.trademarkia.com/dr-sulfurs-night-lab-75174058.html i did stumble across this and some talk of it on an abandonware website, it seems they've never properly trademarked it. also here are the rest of the virtual machine settings (I posted a summary before but this is probably easier)
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    Pippin is approaching 11 months old and getting big. The footstool is 18" x 14"
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    Or alternatively, A Horrible Amalgamation of Twilight, 50 Shades, and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Allow me to provide the context for which this is supposed to make sense. Back in the Summer of 2016 (IIRC), an mobile gaming app was released by a group called Pixelberry. In a nutshell, each game is a story in which you control either a custom MC (such as Hero) or an established character (The Crown and the Flame or Most Wanted). In addition to having some really kickass stories and interesting characters, much to my surprise when first playing the game, it is also infamous for its heavy use of Diamonds. Diamonds are an in-game currency that you can by and use to unlock special scenes, weapons, armor, clothing, etc. Unfortunately, you are only given enough diamonds for one or two premium options. While some games, diamond scenes only add spice and a few more clothing options, but in others (and TCaTF was horrible at this) it was basically a MUST if you want the Best Ending. Since its beginnings, which only had about 3-4 stories, has grown tremendously. One of its newest titles is Blood Bound, and OOOOHHHHH BOY. Let's just say, you'll figure out pretty quickly why I titled it the way I did. Now that I've gotten the background covered, let's get to it! Buckle up kiddies, this one is a doozy. Right away before the game even starts, you're treated to a loading screen of a non-customized MC embracing (lol, see what I did there?) the primary/heavily favored LI, something reminiscent of Twilight/50 Shades. Immediately, I am taken aback by some of the loading screen tips, namely the ones that say Every culture has a some sort of vampiric myth and Some say vampirism dates back to ancient Babylon, maybe even further. Hell, even vampire clans exist in the city. Kinda reminds me of something... Nope. Just a coincidence. Totally not stealing, borrowing, inspired by this. Anyway, after choosing my character's looks I am forced to come up with a name. Let's do...Lilith. No reason at all. None. Just like the name. Why are you looking at me like that? Lilith is your stereotypical small town girl with big dreams, living in the city of New York with her nerdy roommate Lily (more on her later). The game starts with her about to enter a job interview, and with that the shit show is officially on the road. Just a heads up, most of this will contain snark and not be 100% verbatim of what happens. Lilith walks into Raines Corporation, where she is greeted by some bitch whose name I have already forgotten about. Let's call her, Stereotypical Right Hand Woman. So Stereotypical Right Hand Woman opens up by asking some pretty basic questions: Why do you want to work here? What do you think you can bring to the company? I should also point out that Lilith is surprised that she's apparently being looked at for the role of assistant to the CEO. Seriously? WTF? Don't you think you should know what the fuck you're interviewing for? Rule #1 man, and you already fucked up. Stereotypical Right Hand Woman is then interrupted by the CEO, Adrian Raines himself. You get to choose what Adrian looks like, so I went with the guy in the middle. Let's be honest, the other options weren't even real options... Let's give him a nickname...How about Not-Christian Grey? Not-Christian Grey barges in on your interview and the asks Lilith some weird shit and then he asks you about your take on a story that carries some philosophical points to ponder. No matter what you pick, you're guaranteed the job regardless. Man, I wish I had that level of charisma. I'd feel a lot better about my current job hunt. What? I have loans. Don't judge me. Stereotypical Right Hand Woman objects to his rash decision to hire Lilith, but he's all "Eh, fuck it," and ignores her. Lilith is then prompted by Not-Christian Grey to go pull some presents out from the basement for some friends of his that are on their way over. Some more weird shit is said and Lilith is only mildly concerned. I'm so glad this is our protagonist. She runs into some weird, old guy who is grumpy and tells her to GTFO, but she's all like "plz no." Grumpy then disappears for a little bit and gives her a box full of some antiquity stuff and something called red mandrake Not-Christian Grey probably bought off Amazon. Grumpy then tells Lilith who to give the gifts to and to not fuck up and that the red weed is for Not-Christian Grey, and she's all "k thx bye." Lilith then arrives and meets another two people whose names I cannot be bothered to look up so I'll just give them nicknames: Egyptian Ming Xiao and Mr. I Don't Respect Women. As long as you pick the right option, Lilith hands out the gifts successfully like a sobered Santa Claus with tits. Not-Christian Grey is happy, as are Egyptian Ming Xiao and Mr. I Don't Respect Women. Mr. I Don't Respect Women gets ahold of your arm and suggests that you call him Daddy, and Not-Christian Grey and Egyptian Ming Xiao are disgusted because GFDI... I was gonna say it's the current year but I guess this works too... Not-Christian Grey is not amused, leaps to defend your honor, and tells Mr. I Don't Respect Women that he does not know de way. Lilith is then instructed to leave the room and then gets a text from her roommate Lily. Since we are on a roll with nicknames, let's call her Not-Heather Poe. Not-Heather Poe texts you about how things are going and reveals that she's waiting for date night with her girlfriend. Suddenly, the Cool Kids Club meeting adjourns and Not-Christian Grey invites you to dinner, which, shocker, is a diamonds-only option. At this point, I said fuck it and took to the internet to see what happens. Turns out vampires are slightly different in that they can partake in mortal food/drink. Whew. Good thing they threw that in there, otherwise I would have thought for sure that they heavily borrowed from a much better vampiric game. I'm sure we'll have more signs that prove that this isn't just some shitty VtM universe fanfic. /sarcasm Just like in any self-insert style game, your character is treated to a fine meal paired with even better booze. Not -Christian Grey then asks Lilith to describe experience with said booze, resulting in Lilith shitting out some purple prose that would make Stephanie Meyer eat her asshole out with Tabasco sauce and ghost peppers. Not-Christian Grey is aroused by this for some fucking reason...I don't know...And then you ask him about his personal life after he mentions that he's from France. Wait a minute. A financially successful Vampire CEO? From France? With his name plastered on a giant corporate building? Hmm... God, if only I could think of someone with similar characteristics. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually. Lilith then spouts out some shit about building for a better future, the dinner ends, and you meet Not-Heather Poe at home, who's been flaked on by her girlfriend. Lilith either tells her "I'm sure it's nothing," or "Dude, dump that bitch." Not-Heather Poe then asks her about her day and she's all, "Oh, it's nothing. I just got a job at a big ass corporation and shit is only a little weird." Lilith then remembers she's carrying Not -Christian Grey 's weed and then runs back to work to drop off the evidence. She sees that Not -Christian Grey is still in his office and walks right in without knocking. Motherfucking Millennial. How dare she not announce her presence? Liliths is the embodiment of everything wrong with generation, I tell you... is Anyway, Lilith witnesses Not -Christian Grey y basically doing the one thing shy of deep-throating Stereotypical Right Hand Woman on his desk and then the chapter ends. To be continued..
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    I give you: Infant Max (a decade ago.) Little asshole scaled me like Everest to get that toy. Edit: Yes, I have very tiny feet.
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    [RELz] Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r

    Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r View File This is a translation of the brilliant Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r mod by Usher7r and his team, which brings to Oblivion the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell in all its glory. Due to Usher7r's abrupt disappearance (from which I hope he'll return soon!), there's a few unaddressed glitches (such as scorpion/snake venom causing messages to stop appearing on the top left if you or any Actors in the cell have it), which I attempted to rectify by adding a dialogue to give poisoned actors an antidote if you have it in your inventory. With that indirectly remedied, I can personally say -- as I played through both of its main quests and visited almost every dungeon -- that the mod is quite stable, although expect a bit of lag in Alik'ra due to its sprawling size. This .esp obviously won't work without downloading the original mod from: http://tesall.ru/files/file/6786-dvemerskoe-iskusstvo-pustynya-alik-39-r/ Accessing the mod's contents currently requires being Arch-Mage of Cyrodiil to initiate the series of events that will lead you there, but it's possible to access the worldspace via cow on the console, and you'll be able to play everything but the quests that directly reference you as Arch-Mage...probably. There's bound to be some incomplete/crude translations of dialogue left that I missed, so please report such instances to me and I'll try to fix them in my next update. Certain books -- specifically ones from Skyrim -- are intentionally untranslated because I either lack the books, or it's a foreign "fan fiction" that's too in-depth for my to translate. I have an HGEC/RM patch for the mod's clothing and armor available, as well as an OCO2 patch for its races, if people are interested in it. If someone requests either I'll upload them, but it's a bit more complicated than just uploading an .esp. I claim no credit for this mod beyond the 100+ man hours put into translating it to English. Please refer to the link above for full credits. Submitter puddles Submitted 05/01/2018 Category Overhauls and New Lands  
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    I think there's certain plants that cats don't like, you could plant some of them. Or you can seed-bomb a vacant lot with catnip and send all the cats over there!
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    Confusing issues, need help.

    You'll always see what loadorder installed mods has by checking the archives with a green " + " in BAIN, more known as the Installers tab in the Morrowind modding community. You can repair your gamesaves in the Saves tab by selecting a gamesave then right click and click on "Repair". The most common features in Wrye Bash are basically the same as it is in Wrye Mash. Anneal BAIN Loadorder for installed mod archives in BAIN Update master list for gamesaves Mod checker button (only for Wrye Bash IIRC) Bashed Patch (only for Wrye Bash) Mashed Lists (only for Wrye Mash) Green disk icon (only for Wrye Mash) Utilities tab (only for Wrye Mash) You're not reading about mlox and Wrye Mash has nothing to do with a loadorder, except for the gamesaves in the Saves tab and the installed mod archives in BAIN. Which are completely different. No, don't you worry. You don't need to re-download anything, unless a mod archive is corrupt or something. Yes and no. It is not a loadorder, while sometimes a loadorder for a gamesave is better than not having a loadorder for the mods one are using. I also put this loadorder in a spoiler, just to avoid a long post. The ASH 2.0 mod has a harmless loading error due to a script and I fixed it. http://mw.modhistory.com/download-68-11736 - Fixed esp http://mw.modhistory.com/download-68-6047 - Original mod I think there is a conflict between Balmora Expanded 1.4 and Vurt's BC Trees or was Vality7's BC Trees, not entirely sure. So I suggest that you uninstall Balmora Expanded 1.4 in order to ensure the best mod compatiblity with other mods and the Balmora Expanded 1.4 mod will conflict a lot of mods, including Morrowind Rebirth I think. If that solves your CTD then Balmora Expanded 1.4 cannot been used with any BC Trees mod without a patch. That mod needs to be repaired or better be examined by using the tes3cmd tool. I think you can reduce the FPS hit by running the Distant Land Wizard in MGE/MGE-XE. Which will detect bad refs for a mod in a selected loadorder, usually the same loadorder one would have after sorting it in mlox. Take it easy. The people here will try to help you as the best we can. Yes. BAIN is a feature in Wrye Mash, better known as the Installers tab. I think that has to do with the settings via the green disk icon, so click on the green disk icon shown in this picture at the bottom to the left and tell me what path Morrowind has and what path the Installers folder has. Yes. All mod archives needs to be in the Installers folder (only Sharlikran's WMSA has a different path which are called the Morrowind Mods folder instead of the original Installers folder). That's why I keep you posted, am I right.
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    Anyone believe in the wondrous benefits of herbal tea? I usually have it in a mix - usually at least 5 parts camellia sinensis, at most two parts Echinacea, at most two parts Rooibos, and one part something else- usually stuff around that comes up as "weeds." In the last category, common here are St. John's Wort, Tagetes lucida (weedy because I allowed it to spread in the garden), Stellaria media- and most notably nettles. Yea, tons of nettles! Not the widely used European species, but our own Urtica Incisa! Take a trip down to the gully and grab a handful (gloves on, of course)- Super bucket by the way. PVC with a vulcanised rubber component?- had it for years. Can't get them any more, but still looking. The finished product after 5-6 days drying: Preference is to harvest my own, rather than go down to the local organics store and pay $100 kg like the rest of us schmucks for the Euro brand.
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    [RELz] Dwemer Art: Desert Alik'r

    @darkrumbleking & @bevilex Uploaded the two patches. v1.2.0 will likely be a brush-up on the books in the main .esp.
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    The site looks nice, AB. Good stuff.
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    Much better. A final request would be to include a links page, and in there, a link back to this thread? Maybe?
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    Okay, okay! I'll try to grab it the next time it goes on sale!
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    And now, for the not so thrilling conclusion of Interrupted Nosferatu Snack Time! Feral Nosferatu notices Not-Christian Grey and Lilith and decides it's best to put down his human sippy cup and kick some ass. Rule #Whatever-the -fuck of Vampires: Never interrupt snack time. Feral Nossie decides to pick at Not-Christian Grey's likely future snack, but he's all "aw hell naw" and steps in between to save Lilith. At this point, I really want to change her name to Too Dumb To Live. Maybe I will. Maybe. Not-Christian Grey the asks Lilith to hand him a weapon and she can decide to choose between either a sharp branch or a rock. Remember those loading screens? The ones that no one pays attention to? Guess what was your clue to this part of the chapter? So Lilith, in moment of clarity (actually it was me being smart; Lilith probably would have thrown the rock. Dumb bitch), and Not-Christian Grey sends the Feral Nossie to his Final Death. That bastard. He just wanted his human Capri-Sun. What a prick. Lilith then asks Not-Christian Grey to call the Wambulance and he says "yeah, but we def need to gtfo when they get here. Also you call since I'm a little shit. Snitches get stitches hoe." The two then, but before they do Lilith remembers that One Kinda Important Plot Point: The Debriefing. Not-Christian Grey says "oh yeah that," and then they go through a back door guarded by a code. That Not-Christian Grey knows. What the Fuck. How the hell does he know the pass code? WHY does he know the pass code? Don't give me that shit of, "well he's a local billionaire, why wouldn't he know?!" Bill Gates is the Richest Man Alive, but do you think every art gallery in the world hands out their secret pass codes for after-hours browsing? I don't care how much money you can afford to wipe your ass with, it's a major security risk. Who the hell approved this? Are they a member of his clan? Does this make him a Not-Toreador? Fuck off game. Lilith and Not-Christian Grey take a ride down to the basement where they meet some 14th century-dressed fuck. No, I'm not joking. There is a literal 14th century guy there in his 14th century attire, and how no one outside of this secret society has not bumped into this gent before I do not know and the game certainly does not provide a logical explanation. It's vampires in a story, dammit! So What's-His-Fuck asks if Lilith is her for her Debriefing and Not-Christian Grey looks to her for an answer. Lilith finally asks the question, "what's involved?" and discovers that it's a euphemism for having your mind wiped. Not-Christian Grey asks her again if this is what she wants, and we've arrived to the point in which the game is now fucked. She says no. Like a dumbass. Her reasoning is that this is the most alive she has ever felt and she basically wants to gather her party and venture forth. And they all just roll with it. What. You mean to tell me that a centuries kept secret (at least in the New World, a later chapter will explain this) can simply be put at risk all because some stupid twat wasn't smart enough to stay the hell away from the obvious danger? You mean to tell me that New York vampire society, a place that is surrounded and well-supplied with nearly every decadence available is willing to hand-wave it all and say, "well guys, we can't mind wipe her because it won't be consensual!" Was that a term in your dumbass Compact? Does no one think this is a horrible idea, or at least enough to say, "fuck what you want, this is a masquerade violation"? When the fuck did vampires care about consent? I get when you have thralls, feeding is a lot easier but fucking hell, you mean to tell me that there's never an instance where they're away and didn't pack a lunch? Do they buy blood from the blood banks? Who controls the blood bank? DOES anyone control the blood bank? That would seem like a pretty handy thing to have, or is that considered off-limits by your stupid Compact? It may not seem like much now, but trust me it gets worse once you meet... Well, I don't want to spoil it just yet. Long story short, the answer to all of this is convenience, and damn, it doesn't get better from here. Anyway, back to the "plot." So Not-Christian Grey thinks it's a bad idea but doesn't give a shit because the vampire boner is strong with this one and he just goes along with it. The two eventually part ways and Lilith crashes back at her place. She's so exhausted by the days events that she doesn't wake until the next night. Not-Heather Poe then informs Lilith that her girlfriend got back with her ex, and that she feels like shit. Honestly, Not-Heather Poe likely going to be the most relatable character in this game. Just a heads up. Lilith decides to do an actual smart and decent thing and takes Not-Heather Poe out for a night of getting shitfaced via tequila shots. Well, if you paid diamonds, that is. Not-Heather Poe and Lilith proceed to get shitfaced and shittalk her new ex and the chapter ends with a strange man watching them. I'm sure he won't be relevant to the plot what so ever.
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    Pascal is a step above Frankie. Frankie was washing his butt. Frankie was startled by his penis. Frankie bit and yanked it. Frankie regretted everything.
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    As the Snark Queen commands! Chapter 2 picks up immediately where last chapter ended. Not-Christian Grey is still deep-throating Stereotypical Right Hand Woman and looks at Lilith as if she's going to be desert. Lilith finally decides to fucking panic at the situation and then Stereotypical Right Hand Woman gets up and bitches her out for not knocking first. Not-Christian Grey apologizes for kinks and Lilith, despite emoting earlier is now all "meh" and hands him his weed. Stereotypical Right Hand Woman tells Not-Christian Grey that telling the brand new assistant is a horrible idea and he basically tells her, "eh fuck it,"...again. Not-Christian Grey says that vampirism is cool in the city, so as long as it is consensual and then asks you do to him a solid. Rather than do the sensible thing and handing in her two-weeks notice, Lilith is all "sure why not." So it turns out there's a whole council for the vampires in New York and they are called the Camerilla. Actually, no, they're just called the Council. Each vampire on the Council is the head of their clan kinda just like the Camarilla. Not-Christian Grey then says that the two of them are going to this exclusive club/fashion show place owned by some bitch named Priya Lacroix. Wait, a douche-canoe character named Lacroix? Who represents a clan within a giant city? Hmm... Lacroix wants his royalty check, dammit. Fuck it. From now on I'm calling her Princess Lacroix. Upon hearing that Lilith's favorite fashion designer is a cruel, sadistic vampire, her reaction could not be anymore jarring. She could not give two shits about walking into her club knowing what she knows about Princess Lacroix. Lilith then notes that her attire isn't up to par with what is expected at a fashion show of Princess Lacroix and then Not-Christian Grey, for some fucking reason, has a small shipment of Princess Lacroix's latest batch of dresses. Surprise! Diamond option that doesn't really affect jack shit! Lilith, if turning down the dress, comments that wearing something that costs more than her rent is a terrible idea. And yet it still hasn't dawned on her that going to Princess Lacroix's club is an even worse idea. The two leave and Lilith asks some Not-Christian Grey some stupid shit about being a vampire, but some of them actually help set up for future conviences world building within the context of the story. The biggest offender is her asking about the sunlight, to which he replies that vampires have about 30 minutes tops before they succumb to Final Death...I mean, going bye-bye. Well at least we can all take heart that vampires don't sparkle. Thank fuck for that. And then Lilith finally asks "have you killed anyone?" Hey dumbass, probably NOT the thing to be asking your boss right about now. Or ever, for that matter. Did I mention how much I'm so glad this is our protagonist? So Lilith and Not-Christian Grey go down to Princess Lacroix's to talk about the recent attacks that have been happening in the city. Turns out vampires can become feral! Not-Christian Grey also reveal that him and the other Not-Primogen stole their ideas for organizing their super secret society and keeping population in check from a much better game about vampires. Anyway when you get to the door the two of you are blocked. If you chose the "I'm his assistant" option, the bouncer is all "lol no," but then Not-Christian Grey implies otherwise. By the way, this entire story up to this point is less than 24 hours. Just in case you were wondering. Anyway Lilith watches some people being too sexy for their shirts out on the cat walk and then spots a painting fragment lying on the ground. Because reasons. Lilith picks up the hallucinogenic picture and has an acid trip worthy of song, and it really makes you wonder if Not-Christian Grey gave her a blunt full of the red weed before they left. Cut to a scene of Not-Christian Grey waking up in a log cabin during the American Revolution with his Sire, whom we'll call Chekhov's Sire. Chekhov's Sire and Not-Christian Grey have a back and forth on what has just happened and then tells Not-Christian Grey to stop being a pussy and snack on the British Soldier outside. After British Soldier points his boom stick at Not-Christian Grey, he becomes a human Capri-Sun. Alas, British Soldier, he is dead. Lilith's acid trip ends and Not-Christian Grey shows up and says he needs to meet with Princess Lacroix on Camer-I mean, Council business. In exchange for diamonds, Lilith goes into Princess Lacroix's Red Room with a male-flavored Vesuvius twist, sees some weird decadent shit, and then get hit on by Princess Lacroix. Not-Christian Grey tells Princess Lacroix to get off her ass and act like a real fucking Not-Primogen and she's all like, "nah." Lilith pulls a klutz moment, falls over, and cuts her hand on broken glass which send the vampires into a tizzy. Not-Christian Grey pulls an Edward Cullen and everyone backs off and then the two leave. They then discuss the recent events and Lilith is all, "This was fun! :D" Once again, I ponder the meaning of life. Eventually the two end up in Central Park and Not-Christain Grey says that Stereotypical Right Hand Woman actually had a point and that Lilith needs to be debriefed. Lilith then asks what that means and the two spot a Feral Nosferatu Vampire chomping down on a woman like she's a human Capri-Sun and then the chapter ends. I don't know and I don't think the game knows either. Stay tuned for chapter 3!
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    This is amazing and I demand more.
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    Huge Scare Today

    They're scarier than that. The community is pretty much designed to radicalize lonely men so that they'll become terrorists and kill people...not that they consider women to be people. We're either Stacys, Femoids/Foids, or Roasties. And they love rape, statutory rape, and the insistence that the government needs to force women to have sex with them in order to prevent their inevitable murder/suicide spree. I know they grew up in a culture that promises that heroes "get the girl" and you're not a real man until you've had sex - while at the same time despising women who have sex. I know that they're probably depressed, have poor body image, and are really bad at self-reflection. I know that they're mostly racist white men, so they think they deserve more than everyone else (they refer to this guy as an "ethnicel," for heaven's sake), and so they're looking for someone to blame when they don't get that. I know that maelstrom of awful cultural ideas can build up a really unhealthy view of sexuality and their own self-worth. I also know that most people (even the racist white men) don't come to the conclusion of: "KILL EVERYONE." So...yeah. Unless their childhood was them being literal child soldiers in the cause of raping and killing women, I give no shits about their lives.
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    Programming Languages

    I knew you wouldn't care, but it's poor form.
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    Fun Facts about Me

    I once sold my sister her own toys back in a "garage sale" after she left them in my room. I made a little over $5, and bought candy with my ill-gotten gains.
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    Random Stuffz

    I’ve been sick all weekend, so I didn’t post this sooner, but we had a big windstorm on Friday. At its peak, wind speeds hit 119 km/hr. 118km/hr is hurricane force. Hurricane Hazel’s wind speeds were 125 km/hr. Fortunately this time they weren’t sustained. The damage really varied. Mostly big trees were toppled which took out power lines. One family lost the roof to their house completely. Two arborists working to clear fallen trees were killed when another tree fell on them. The winds weren’t as high in our area. If they were, we would have lost most of the shingles on our roof as it’s in bad need of replacement. I don’t think we had any damage, although I can’t see our roof since we live in a really tall Victorian-style house.
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    I still haven't played VM:B. I feel ashamed.