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      We have a new theme created by Vincent that's now available to everyone. It has been set as the default theme, so everyone should see it when you refresh the page. If you still aren't seeing it, you can select it from the Theme drop-down at the bottom of the page. It's called Assimilation. Thanks Vincent. Awesome looking theme!


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    OK, since I re-invented the wheel last time dammit, let's try again. Well, I don't actually regret that, it turned out to be a very productive thread (thanks, Vorians!), and I can think of other uses for that map code too. But wouldn't it be nice if we could actually see a result sometimes? So this time, I've taken an older piece of batch editing, which in turn was inspired by AB's floater-detect code, and used it to make all the Unique Landscapes logs into Qarl's Harvest activators that give you fungal ingredients. The result is here: Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes And here's the code (yes, it does need more comments, but I'm losing the will to live right now . Need a beer, soonest.):
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    Misc. Creature Resources

    I'm just going to be uploading various odds and ends I've made/end up making here for people to use as resources for their work if they wish. First up is the Abyssfish, a Daedric creature that roams the Waters of Oblivion. Hey, why not? It could exist, certainly. Has anyone ever gone to check and see if it doesn't? ;D Abyssfish
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    Random Stuffz

    Well, you got me there. Now get off my lawn, you pesky young whippersnapper! [Best I can do. Just haven't graduated to the 'shouting at clouds' level yet. Need a lot more XP for that.]
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    [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    New version uploaded. Changes: Vorians updated the weather filter for changes made to Unique Landscapes. Copied some changes from the Unofficial Oblivion Patch and the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch. Thanks to An_dz for bringing these to my attention. NOTE: You must create a Bashed Patch in order to benefit from all the changes that mods like the UOP and the USIP make. This is not new, but some of the "fixes" that some people are proposing tells me that they are not using a Bashed Patch. Added An_dz's fixes to the VaPER Rainboxes, including position adjustments to existing rainboxes and new rainboxes to cells that didn't have them, like the Elder Council Chambers. I have also converted the readme file to a PDF so the table of contents and other links work better. I held off on releasing this in an effort to replicate the stuck weather issue, but my games wouldn't cooperate. I did have fog for several days, but when I reloaded a saved game while in-game the fog immediately cleared. It is normal to have some bad weather during certain seasons, but if you feel you have stuck weather, try reloading a saved game. If that doesn't work, please equip the weather debug ring and report the results here.
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    Will be making the requested changes to the theme this weekend.
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    We're both rather tired of all the bitching and whining about the forum software. We are going to select a product that we like and one that has the features we need. Oh, and by the way, nodeBB has a BBcode module.
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    Posting on Beth.net is easy, it's only when you try to be fancy that things go wrong, or add links which cause the badly set up spam protection thing to block you. Anyone saying "if you do [this] I'll leave" is just trying to blackmail Andalay & VM into doing what they want instead of what Andalay and VM want, which really isn't at all friendly, and will certainly be disheartening to Andalay & VM, and put them off even trying. End result could potentially be that they decide not to bother if too many people are moaning, and just shut the forum down, it saves them money after all.
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    This is getting silly. We're not going to pick something unusable. Heck, I can't even use 4.x due to the interface. In order to do anything, I've had to look it up in the code. I've worked with phpBB, SMF, this stuff, and more over the years so I think I can speak from experience when I say that not all of them fit our needs, we just need to find one that ticks most of the boxes. For instance, SMF has better defaults but phpBB is more flexible. We just need to carefully evaluate things, this "I won't use such and such because someone else isn't using it right" isn't helping matters. It kind of muddies the waters so to speak, making it harder to figure out if it will fit our needs. NodeBB is free software so there's a good chance that we'll be able to modify it even more than this thing we're on now. It doesn't guarantee it but it does make it easier since we won't need to worry about IPS bitching at us for making too many changes. So let's just relax and enjoy the show. "You're in good hands with Allstate."
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    I'm surprised at the "I'm out" stuff. IMO it's the people that make the forum, not the software. I'm sure that Andalay will get whichever software she chooses configured well, or switch to one that can be. I only wish I knew enough to be of some help, but my experience starts & ends with BBS's circa 1994.
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    Hey Bong. I have here a VERY ROUGH draft of a relocation patch for you. The lightsabers are in a chest in the Arch-Mages Lobby, on the semi-circle table. Only mods that alter the Arcane U Arch-Mages lobby may conflict, and probably at worst, it would just be floating in mid-air, or superimposed into some other object the author placed in the same location. Doubt it's going to be a problem. The Bow of Thunder is located in the Chorrol Fighter's Guild, tower, lowest level. It's in a barrel on top of two crates, with a candle on top to mark it. I've never heard of a mod that alters this location, even Fighter's Guild specific ones, so I thought this would be a good place. I've altered the note for the Bow of Thunder to make it a more fun & comprehensible read. (Have you read the original?) I've also set both chests to respawn so you can go back and get more lightsabers & unenchanted versions of the bow should you ever want to. If you don't want that, let me know, I can change them all back. Bear in mind, I have not had a chance to test this in-game yet - at all. I have cleaned it in xEdit. The only LO requirement should be to load after Jedi Lightsabers & Bow of Thunder Dark. It shouldn't {doesn't} matter where OCC is located in relation. Sorry I couldn't do more today, It's been pretty hectic. Tomorrows not looking much better, but I'll try to clean some things up. I'd like to do things in a way that this will be mergeable into your Bashed Patch so it won't take up an ESP slot. If you wouldn't mind just testing it out & seeing if you can get at both items I'd appreciate it. Just don't save after doing so and your savegame should be fine with the next revision. I'll be able to work on it in about 18 hours, but I'll still be able to read your responses in the mean time. Regards, RM Lightsabers-BoTD Relocated.esp {Removed, see below.}
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    Morrowind Script Extender

    Good point. I've added some additional background that captures the gist of the original OP, without all of the now outdated information.
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    Agreed. I've verified several times with differnet configurations that they are placed in the correct worldspace for OCC. The way I made the patch you would still be able to find them in the closed city worldspaces if nothing else conflicts, which is why you were able to find it in the Arcane U. I don't blame you. If you'd just like to get to playing I can move the location of the rock and chest completely out of the areas touched by Open Cities, then you can just grab them and go. I'll go through your original load order & see if I can find a place untouched by other mods so hopefully there won't be any conflicts. This shouldn't interfere with the little quest line in Bow of Thunder Dark. I'll let you know what I come up with. As far as fixing the land tear in Anvil, without doing some heavy mod deinstallation & testing, I don't think we're going to get that fixed, especially on a save that has lord knows what already baked in. So for your next playthrough, if you plan on using the same or similar mod setup, I'd advise you to add one or two mods, test the problem area on a new end of sewers type save, then add more until you find where the land tear is introduced. When/if you get to that point then we can revisit this. Sound good? Edit: I should ask if you're using any mesh/texture replacers that don't show up in your list of installed mods? If they don't have an ESP &/or you didn't install with Wrye Bash, then they won't show up in your list of installed mods.
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    IP.Board 4.x Bugs

    Until those bugs are fixed, I will probably go color blind after looking on the white background too much.
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    New Screenshots!! The landscape progress around Goldmoor
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    Oldblivion View File First of all: This isn't my file! It's a release of a file that used to be hosted at the UESP. Now many links to that page fell under a nasty attack a few years ago, so much of the useful info related to the usage of Oldblivion has gone forever. For further info see this post to AKB at UESP (the last link may die soon viz. the UESP archiving system but it will be in the archives) For anybody wishing to sample Oblivion on a very old machine, with an old card (think 256mb or less), or in VirtualBox or VMWare (think 2000, XP or Windows 7 at most) and the DX drivers are compatible with newer cards(big ask) then try this! Most info on getting started is in the included readme.txt file. Enjoy! Submitter Schtearn Submitted 11/17/2017 Category Items & Resources  
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    Random Stuffz

    Just dug out a mighty tome of history: "English As She Is Taught: Genuine Answers To Examination Questions In Our Public Schools",1887 Here are some astronomical pearls that may assist us: Beautiful!
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    Random Stuffz

    Yeah! Now you're talking. And all the suns are moons of the Galaxy. And big galaxies have smaller galaxies as their moons. And all the galaxies are moons of... (oh, wait a minute). Stuff going round other stuff. And you've got to look at the context to make sense of the words... [Technically, of course, things are actually orbiting their common centre of gravity, spesh when it comes to the Galaxy. Yeah, picky, picky.]
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    Their newer stuff isn't as good (they lost a member who wanted to try something new but they still perform together) but I like all their stuff. I find it an amazing blend.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah. Symphonic Black Metal nicely describes it. Allmusic has a precis. On that page is a list of other genres- a few of them quite new!
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Ooh, I like that! I'll have to check out more of them! Bal-Sagoth is kind of in the same vein. One of my favs from a while back: Though I think most of their fans prefer this one I think there's a lot of other fantasy/epic metal (or whatever they're called now) bands out there. I just have no idea where to start.
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    Vincent made the requested changes to the Assimilation theme and I have uploaded it. You may need to do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 in Windows) to see the updates. Now that we're settled for now, my focus will be on getting the server OS upgraded. Once the OS is upgraded, I'll get SSL set up. We will continue to evaluate new forum software, but our license doesn't expire until January, so we have lots of time. I'm going to be quite busy in RL for the next couple of weeks.
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    [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    I love snow, although it's frustrating that so many people don't know how to drive in it. It must be so much worse in England though! It's just the dark days and the wind chill that makes winter hard to deal with. Ironically the clear sunny days are the coldest, but also the best.
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    Misc. Creature Resources

    Whale Shark...there's some minor issues with the animations being a bit twitchy if actually try to FIGHT the Whale Shark due to its size, but...it's non-hostile, so... Whale Shark
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    Self-burnt discs have a fairly short life, especially DVDs. You cannot be sure that a DVD burnt three years ago will still be readable. Business-burnt DVDs should be much more reliable, but nothing lasts forever, and even these can become unreadable over time, without any visible damage.
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    I didn't know UESP hosted it either! I'm surprised you got it to network install. I tried that just back in April or so because my gaming laptop doesn't have a DVD drive and damn SecuROM had a hissy. Most aggravating is that I can't even UNINSTALL OB without the disk. My poor old Oblivion Disk has about bitten the dust, and I'm hoping it's got one last uninstall in it for my last disk install on my laptop. For years, once I got OB installed then I could play it using an ISO mounted to a virtual drive. Thank goodness for GOG! No more of that BS! Thanks for posting this Schtearn! I've got some old laptops with integrated GPU's I plan on letting my kids use, and this might be fun for them!
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    Love the new theme, excellent job on making the new theme ^^ Vincent And also thank you Anadalaybay and Visceral for making this awesome website. I wish I could make a website like this but well I don't have the skills. I give Congratulations to you three.
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    [RELz] Oldblivion

    Yeah, it can't hurt to preserve work from the community. Oblivion was quite the AAA, demanding title for it's day. Many a folk didn't have the juice in their rig to enjoy it in all it's glory.
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Trump - Seriously?

    https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/59yaw3/cards-against-humanity-bought-border-land-to-screw-with-trumps-wall-plans-vgtrn Heh
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    Random Stuffz

    I was also tired of my plugins being disabled one by one. I wasn't going to have any left. The ESR is version 52.x and if I'm not mistaken, it will remain version 52.x, with only minor releases until the end of life in 2018.
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    Morrowind Script Extender

    It's great to see Morrowind modding is still alive. 15 years--almost 16... I hope that enthusiasm transfers to Oblivion and Skyrim in due time.
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    Looking for New Forum Software

    Bethesda is using NodeBB and believe it not... we're considering them. The software is free for self hosted plans like ours. There are other options than what we've experienced on Beth.net. Just remember that IP.Board wasn't great on the Bethesda forums either, so don't judge the Bethesda forums when evaluating the quality of the software. We are looking for more than just basic forum software. We want our needs met in a pleasant interface. At least we're at a point where we have very specific requirements and we now have the experience to test various options to see how they meet those requirements.
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    Walking simulator?

    Yeah, just the same in London, AB. Suffered many years of that, worst on the canal towpaths. Cyclists have an irritating whstle when they expect you to get out of the way. Which I refuse to do, since I have the right of way as a pedestrian. There's some recent research I read lately that shows that when some people (not everyone!) feel they have gained some minor virtue, like eating organic food or urban cycling, they then feel empowered to behave like complete arses to others in every other respect. (Think the story might have been in The Independent (UK).) Games-wise, yeah I can imagine playing a game just for story, but it had better be both well-constructed and written; and it should use at least some game elements (even just ironically, like the choices that aren't real choices - mind you, you get plenty of those in Bethesda games). Because otherwise, I'm just going to be asking myself why I'm not reading a novel or watching a film instead.
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    I don't think anyone believes you're being a pest. It was at my prompting that we moved the discussion over here, so if anyone's a pest, it is me. Did you want me to go ahead & move those containers?
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    You shouldn't have to use the original worldspace entry rock if the patch moved the items to the OC worldspace. I'm sorry I can't offer much help right now. I really have taken on too much already.
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Random Stuffz

    You know that junk mail they send out saying you're some contest finalist for a car and you could win if your number in the game piece matches that everyone knows is a gimmick to get you into the dealership? Yeah, I confirmed my suspicions when a second piece accidentally got stuck to the flyer. Surprise, surprise: both pieces had the exact same code. Seeing as how the chances as listed in the fine print were 1:75,000, I highly doubt that was by chance and definitely a gimmick. I usually throw those flyers away without looking but I was bored.
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    Games on Sale

    Grabbed it right after the purchase. Thank you though! I've got to thank you Sue. I had no idea about the GOG Connect program till I saw your posts about it. Sadly, I missed the Torchlight exchange, but now that I know I'll be keeping an eye on it!
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    Good stuff, tegeus. You are showing a good thing about coda. Inspiring...
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    Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes View File ********************************************************************* Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes v1.0 Author: tegeus-Cromis 9 Nov 2017 ********************************************************************* This is a part response to a request from an certain old Khajiit on the Beth forums a long while back. It's halfway between a patch and an add-on, which converts all vanilla-type logs added by Unique Landscapes to Qarl's Harvest activators, which allow you to harvest fungal ingredients and, very very occasionally, a bit of gold. Note that the UL mods often add their own custom log forms - these are not affected. As such it requires you to have the original Qarl's Harvest installed plus one or more Unique Landscape plug-ins. There are two reasons for this mod. One is that plenty of the original logs are buried or otherwise inaccessible as a result of UL. Second, it's kind of annoying to find that some logs give ingredients and some don't. (In the case of UL The Eastern Peaks, almost none do.) My previous Qarl's Harvest Patches (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45735/) were focused entirely on the fruit trees, as was More Harvestable Fruits (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45705/). But this is a mushrooming issue, so I believe it merits a separate page, especially since I expect there will be a further true patch to go with it later. (Incidentally it was only sensible to contemplate doing this once the Unique Landscapes merged plug-in was created. Lots and lots of separate add-ons would really kill anyone's load order, I think. Now, although I heartily recommend using the merged UL plug-in, I have nonetheless included separate .esps for most of the separate ULs.) For extra details, see the Notes section below. Requirements ------------ Oblivion v1.2.0.416 [I strongly suggest you install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch too, though.] Qarl's Harvest [https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/8113/] Unique Landscapes [https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19370/] Installation ------------ I recommend using BAIN, for which this archive is suitable. If you choose to do it manually, though, simply unpack the files that match your existing UL plug-ins to your game data folder and activate them. Uninstallation Obvious with BAIN. But again, if you are doing this manually, simply delete from \Data the files: Qarl's Harvest for xxxxxxxx.esp [Rinse and repeat] \Docs\Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes v1.0 Load Order ---------- Qarls_Harvest.esm ... Qarls_Harvest.esp [Strictly speaking, you do not need this, but why wouldn't you have installed it?] ... Unique Landscapes.esp [The merged plug-in. Otherwise, your individual plug-ins go here.] ... Qarls Harvest for Unique Landscapes.esp [Again, as for UL, your individual plug-ins go here.] Oh, and I also suggest putting this right after the UL plug-in(s). This mod will survive a lot of savaging by later plug-ins, so I think any other mods that alter the landscape (assuming BOSS places them after UL) should take precedence. Compatibility ------------- Any compatibility issues that UL has, this might have. But, hey, you've patched those, right? Sadly, it's not that simple, because UL patches will not affect these activator logs we have introduced. But (again), it may not be as bad as all that. I've been through all the UL patches in my load order (27 of them. Yeah, I know...) and found that I have had to remove only six misplaced logs from this mod. That is just six out of about 860 logs. However, if you find a floating or displaced log, let me know, and I'll simply remove it. Tools used ---------- TESCS (with CSE/Coda) Tes4Edit Credits ------- Qarl, who is sadly missed, for the original Qarl's Harvest mod. Vorians, for creating the Unique Landscapes combined plug-in. ...and all the other Unique Landscapes mod authors who have done so much to brighten up Cyrodiil. Shademe, for the Construction Set Extender and, most especially, for Coda, which I used to make this. Bethesda Softworks, for the game and CS. Use of resources ---------------- No other author's resources are included. In fact there are no additional resources included with this mod. Notes ----- 1. The bracketed numbers in the filenames indicate how many logs were altered. In the case of some, none were, so they have not been included. 2. I created this mod using Shademe's Coda batch-editing language. If you'd like to see the (very simple) code for this, just pop over to The Assimilation Lab (http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/forum/463-the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/). 3. The second part, to which I alluded, would be a patch for the original QH logs to correct clashes with UL. Now, I haven't noticed any, but there must be some, surely. Thanks to an idea from AndalayBay, I think I may have a batch method for picking up and deactivating some of these. 4. I have actually created a range of extra fungal ingredients, with meshes. I was tempted to include them, but I've elected for a conservative approach here and retained Qarl's original scripting. I'll find a use for them later. More information ---------------- For more information, please re-read this document. Submitter tegeusCromis Submitted 11/09/2017 Category Patches & Fixes  
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    "Bad" Movie Suggestions

    So my wife is a fan of horror movies. Personally, I can't stand them. I'm trained to assess and respond while maintaining a survival mindset. So people running around doing the dumbest things imaginable just grates on my nerves. However, I got sucked into one last night. It's called Tucker and Dale vs Evil. It's billed as horror, and kind-of shot in the fashion, but is really just a series of poor decisions, based on bad assumptions, ending in death. It was bad - but good too. I'd recommend Netflixing it some time you get bored. Plus, it stars Sock from Reaper! (I barely recognized him.) Favorite lines: "First time I'm grateful I ain't hung like a bear!" "It's true.. You're half-hillbilly" "Ah man, they cut off his bowlin' fingers!"
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    This is a white background with white text. Highlight that to read it.
  41. 1 point
    We will continue to have a light theme. At this point, we will have a light theme, a dark theme and possibly two alternatives that will suit other situations. I'm guessing that VM will cater to people visiting with mobile devices and I don't know what Vincent plans.
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    Visceral Moonlight

    Mystery Quote

    Don't worry! You still have plenty left!
  43. 1 point
    I'll be making a simple light and dark theme. VM wants to make an alternative, so I'd say that you can make an alternative as well if you like. All themes should work for mobile as well as desktops, although VM has pointed out that IPS' default skin isn't accomplishing that so well. I'll send you a PM to see about getting you set up.
  44. 1 point
    As you can see, we finally got the forums upgraded to 4.2.5. Now I can upgrade the server OS and once that's done, I'll set up the SSL certificate. Almost all done!
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    A man selling Vaseline Petroleum Jelly had gone around a number of houses in town a week before and had left some samples, asking people to see if they could find an ingenious use for it. Now he went around to the same houses, asking what uses they had found for Vaseline. The man in the first house, a wealthy city gent, said, "I used it for medicinal purposes. Whenever my children scraped their elbows or knees, I would rub it on."The man in the second house said, "I used it for mechanical purposes, such as greasing the bearings of my bicycles and lawnmower."The man in the third house, a scruffy, unshaven, working class fellow, said, "I used it for sexual purposes."In a shocked voice the salesman asked, "What do you mean?""Well," said the scruffy man, "I put a whole lot of it on the handle of my bedroom door to keep the kids out!" You can give the same thing to different people and they will come out with different uses, according to their own unconsciousness. But if they are conscious, they will find only one use.-Osho, (The Hidden Splendor) ... At the beginning of World War II, a Nazi officer is forced to share a compartment on a crowded train with a Jew and his family. After ignoring them for a while he says contemptuously, "You Jews are supposed to be so clever; where does this so called intelligence come from?""It is from our diet," says the Jew, " we eat a lot of raw fish heads." Upon which he opens his basket and saying "Lunch time!" proceeds to hand out fish heads to his wife and children. The Nazi, getting excited says "Wait a minute, I want some!""Okay," says the Jew "I will sell you six for twenty-five dollars." The Nazi accepts and begins to chew. He almost throws up, but the children shout encouragment, "Suck out the brains, suck out the brains!" The Nazi is on his fourth head when he says to the Jew, "Is not twenty-five dollars a lot of money to pay for six fish heads, that are usually thrown out as garbage?""See," says the Jew, "It's working already!” -Osho, (The Hidden Splendor)
  47. 1 point

    IP.Board 4.x - VERY SOON!

    Well, as you can see, we finally made the plunge. Not without the usual drama, of course. We uncovered a bug in IPS' upgrade script! Lucky us. Fortunately they fixed it quickly. They gave us a new script so we could finish the upgrade.
  48. 1 point

    [CSE] Coda Scripting

    Introduction Coda is the scripting language for the Construction Set Extender (CSE). It is not Legacy, or the scripting language used for Oblivion. It is a scripting language that you can use to automate a variety of tasks in the editor, such as renaming objects, moving objects or batch editing object attributes. In this guide, or tutorial, I will show you how you can use Coda to accomplish a variety of tasks. Documentation The Coda Manual is distributed with the Construction Set Extender. You will find it in Data\Docs\Construction Set Extender. The manual explains the general syntax of Coda scripts and how to execute them. It also describes the general language structure, including a description of variables and data types, operators and flow control. In addition to the manual, there is the Coda Command document, which is an HTML file listing all the functions and commands. Since the command set is still being developed, the command document is not included in the distribution. Instead you can generate the most recent version by typing DumpCodaDocs from the console command prompt (see below). Creating and Running Scripts The structure of Coda scripts is described in the manual, so I won't repeat it here. I will be listing several examples that you can use to get started. You create your scripts using a text editor. If you use an editor like TextPad or NotePad++, you can use an Oblivion script syntax highlighter. Coda shares its basic syntax with Legacy. Save your scripts with .coda for the extension. Scripts must be in Data\BGSEE\Coda to be accessed and executed from the command line. Once you've created a script, you run it from the command line in the CSE console window. Here's an example: Coda scripts are invoked with the RunCodaScript command. The command takes two parameters: the script name minus the extension and a boolean integer indicating whether it's a background script or not. You would use 0 for a regular script and 1 for a background script. Most scripts would be run as a foreground process. I will provide one example of a script that must be run as a background process. Sample Scripts Here are some sample scripts. They are all real scripts, so you can adapt them to your purposes. Strip off Leading Digits from Editor IDs This script will strip off the leading digits from editor IDs, which are known to cause problems with Oblivion scripts. It processes all AI packages. You can change the batch of editor IDs by changing the form type ID parameter for the GetDataHandlerFormList function. GetDataHandlerFormList can accept hexadecimal or decimal values. In this example we are using the hexidecimal value for AI packages. The decimal equivalent is 61. The full list of form type IDs is in the Coda Command Documentation or the OBSE documentation. CODA(ChangeEditorID) var Buffer var EditorID var firstChar begin ; retrieve AI package forms forEach Buffer <- GetDataHandlerFormList(0x3D) EditorID = GetEditorID(Buffer) firstChar = StringSubStr(EditorID, 0, 1) ; we only want to change the editor IDs that start with a number if StringIsNumber(firstChar) printC("editorID (old) ="//$EditorID) ; skip the first character. If there is more than one digit, ; change the starting position so that it skips all the digits. EditorID = StringSubStr(EditorID, 1, StringLength(EditorID)) printC("editorID (new) ="//$EditorID) setEditorID(Buffer, $EditorID) endif loop ; It's pretty quick, but nice to know exactly when it's done. printc("All done.") end Save this script as ChangeEditorID.coda and execute it by typing RunCodaScript ChangeEditorID 0at the command prompt. Note that the command and parameters are not case sensitive. Add Mod Prefix to Editor IDs for Cells This script will add the specified mod prefix to the cell editor IDs. This is handy if you would like to have a naming convention for the objects in your mod and some team members neglected to prefix their editor IDs accordingly. This example renames the editor IDs for cells, but once again, you can change the scope by changing the form type ID. This time we're using the decimal value for cell, which is 48. Semi-colons ( are used for comments in Coda, just as they are in Oblivion script. The printC commands have been commented out in this sample. CODA(AddBMStartCell) var Buffer var EditorID var firstChars var length var formIDString var formStart begin forEach Buffer <- GetDataHandlerFormList(48) EditorID = GetEditorID(Buffer) formIDString = FormatNumber("%08X", (int)Buffer, 1) ;printc("form string = "//formIDString) formstart = StringSubStr(formIDString, 0, 2) if StringCompare(formStart, "01", 0) == 0 firstChars = StringSubStr(EditorID, 0, 2) length = StringLength(EditorID) if length == 0 continue() endif if (StringCompare(firstChars, "BM", 0) != 0) ;printC("editorID (old) ="//EditorID) EditorID = "BM" // EditorID ;printC("editorID (new) ="//EditorID) setEditorID(Buffer, EditorID) endif endif loop printc("All done.") end Print Random Numbers Here's a little test script to show how the random number function works. I use this function later. In this case, I'm generating random numbers between 0 and 359, which correspond to angles. The generated numbers are floats with six decimal places. CODA(Random) var randomNum var i begin while i < 10 randomNum = RandomNumber(0, 359) printC("Random number: "//$randomNum) i += 1 loop end Change Imperials and Nords to Orcs and Dark Elves Here's a script that shows an example of the Base Form Component (BFC) functions. It switches the race of all male Imperial and Nord NPCs to Orcs and Dark Elves. CODA(SwapRace) var npc var race begin forEach npc <- getDataHandlerFormList(35) race = getBFCRace(npc) if (race && (race == getFormByEditorID("Imperial") || race == getFormByEditorID("Nord")) && getBFCActorBaseDataSex(npc) == 0) printC("NPC "//getEditorID(npc)//" switched to new race!") if (race == getFormByEditorID("Imperial")) setBFCRace(npc, getFormByEditorID("Orc")) else ; nord setBFCRace(npc, getFormByEditorID("DarkElf")) endif markAsModified(npc, 1) endif loop printC("All done!") end All the scripts so far are executed as regular foreground scripts. Before I detail the monster background script, I'll direct you to the Disable Trees example on the CS Wiki. Disable Trees demonstrates how to scan exterior cells for specific objects and disable them. It also mentions a key CSE function: you can get a list of all cell form IDs by using the Export tool from the main menu. File -> Export -> Interior and Exterior Cell Data
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    Version 1.37


    Weather - All Natural All Natural combines a robust custom weather system that allows the use of weather types from all existing weather mods with custom versions of Natural Interiors and Real Lights in order to provide the greatest weather/environment experience possible. The three segments of All Natural will be explained below: 1. Custom Weather System The cornerstone of All Natural is unique weather system that includes a new regional weather script to keep the weather synced on interior/exterior switching and when fast traveling and a variety of optional features to help enhance and customize the user's weather experience. All Natural also allows you to choose from only vanilla weathers or from some or all the weather types from Natural Weather, Atmospheric Weather System, and Enhanced Weather. 2. Natural Interiors Natural Interiors was originally created by Wormheart, and its purpose was to make it so interior locations such as houses and guilds would be affected by the weather outside and time of day, and to make it so interior locations had weather sounds inside very similarly to the original “Weather Inside” mod. To accomplish this, interior windows were made transparent and the sky outside now matched the exterior weather and time of day. The result is you can look out an interior window and see a sunset, stars, etc and also have the interior lighting level change based on it being sunny, cloudy, nighttime, etc, plus you can hear rain/storm sounds from within. Sadly, Natural Interiors was never finished and had some issues. However, All Natural now includes an improved and expanded version that cannot be found outside of All Natural. Also, the Natural Interiors segment of All Natural cannot be separated from All Natural, so you must use All Natural in full to benefit from the Natural Interiors segment. 3. Real Lights Real Lights was an incredibly ambitious project by Josef K. which aimed to replace all the fake lighting (invisible lights with no actual light source) with real lights with real light sources. For example, with Real Lights locations have candles or other light sources that emit light instead of generic white light coming from mid-air. Sadly Real Lights was abandoned long ago and has some issues with save game bloating. However, the mod has now been included in All Natural and has been recently updated to fix all the problems it previously had. The All Natural version of Real Lights is the most updated and safe version of Real Lights and no one should use the older stand-alone version. The Real Lights segment of All Natural is the only segment you can actually use independently, so even if you want to use, say, Enhanced Weather, you can use the Real Lights plugin from All Natural. Instructions on how to do this are included in the installation section of this guide. Patches Support patches for Nascosto Isles, Losing My Religion, and Kvatch Rebuilt are provided in the main package to bring their interiors under the control of All Natural's system. An extensive filter supporting several other mods is also included which attaches climate data to interiors. Additional mods can be added to this, by request, but space is limited due to the number of masters an ESP is allowed to have. This limitation cannot be overcome by any means. So additions to this list will be considered on a case by case basis, and yes, popularity of the requested mod will be a factor in this. Change Log See below (on the file download page) for current change log information. Change log information for previous releases is in the readme. Credits Chong Li was the original creator of the mod and coded the original weather system, Real Lights integration, and Natural Interiors integration, including creating custom meshes. Without him, there would be no mod. WrinklyNinja was a past developer of the weather system and more. Arthmoor was a past developer of the Real Lights plugin and more. Brumbek was a past developer of the Natural Interiors meshes and textures. AndalayBay is the current developer for All Natural. Special Thanks Everyone who supported the mod, whether it be through bug reports, encouragement, or screenshots. Josef K. for the original Real Lights. Wormheart for the original Natural Interiors. Max Tael for the original Natural Environments. HTF, WrinklyNinja, and Halo for Enhanced Weather. LprMan for his weather textures. The OBSE Team for creating OBSE. Superice for synchronizing all of the wind speeds to match the weather types. Wrye and the Wrye Bash Team for creating and developing Wrye Bash. trira (elecgs) for the cloud seam fix Resource Credits This mod contains the textures, sounds and meshes from the following mods: Atmospheric Weather System by HTF Enhanced Weather by HTF Natural Environments by Max Tael Natural Interiors by Wormheart Real Lights by Josef K. VaPER - Vacuity's Particle Effects Resources - Weather boxes Permission was sought for all of the above, and was given where contact with the original author was possible. Important Compatibility Note Anyone using Enhanced Campfire Behavior: It's not compatible with the Real Lights module. Attempting to use the two of them together, regardless of load order, will result in corrupted saves. It's an irreconcilable conflict caused by changes to variable indexes in the script from that mod. If you're already using that mod, removing it may not solve your problem.
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    AB's Menu Tester

    Version 1.0


    AB's Menu Tester ver. 1.0 A modder's utility to display custom fonts and the use of menu functions. A tool for learning how to work with Oblivion's menus. I created this little utility when I needed to create some new fonts for Oblivion XP. I wanted to compare my generated fonts and see how they would look in the game. I also used this mod to play around with MenuQue's menu event handlers. I thought people might find this handy, so I packaged it up and have decided to release it. This little mod has a menu that can be customized to display various fonts. It also has a couple of menu event handlers defined that can be customized to respond to various menus and the actions performed with those menus. Currently the handlers will respond when the vanilla message menu is opened and clicked on. I'm using GetMessageBoxType to determine which message box is open. The enclosed readme has some instructions and you'll find further notes in the scripts.