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    Cat Show Tails

    As I’m sure many of you know by now, I breed pedigree cats. Our purpose is to maintain and promote the breed. Part of that process is to enter our little darlings in cat shows where they can be judged and hopefully win awards. The big difference between dog and cat shows is that with cat shows, we can’t run around a ring with our cats on leads. I wish we could! There are several cat breeds that will happily walk on a leash. In fact, it’s pretty much a requirement for Bengals and Savannas, which need a lot of exercise and stimulation. However the one thing I think all cat breeds have in common is their independence. They’ll walk on a leash, but where they want to go, not where you want them to go. So while it would be very entertaining, it would be chaos to have a bunch of cats walking around on leads. They would also fight. We’ve had two shows within a month which gave me the opportunity to show all my cats. The first show was in Niagara Falls as part of the Pet Expo. It was two days, running on a weekend. The second show was in Belleville and was only a one day show since it coincided with the awards banquet, which took place on Saturday. Now I’ll use the pictures we took from the shows to explain the structure, what the judges are looking for and show you the expressions on my cats’ faces as they tolerated the judging process. First, let's start with the Pet Expo floor in Niagara Falls: From that view, the cat show area was in the top right. The next picture is the cat show area. This show had four rings, or judging areas. All the participants are in show cages, or kennels on tables. Some shows will provide cages, but they aren't very good, so it's best to buy your own. We prefer the soft-side collapsible kennels, like the burgundy one at the front in the picture below. Show Mechanics To show your cat, they must be registered with the organization running the show. In this case, that's the Canadian Cat Association (CCA). Even household pets can be registered and shown and we regularly get quite a few people doing that. Then you fill out the entry form for the show. Once your entry is confirmed, you are assigned a number for each cat (or kitten). When you arrive at the show, you're given a catalogue that lists all the registrants and the show schedule. You look for the category for your cats so you know where you need to go and listen to the announcements for when your cats are called to the ring. Each cage in the ring will have a number on top and you place your cat in the appropriate cage. Judging Pedigree cats are judged based on their conformity to the breed standard. Each breed has a published standard and one of the really interesting tasks as a breeder is trying to judge how well your six week old kitten adheres to the standard. They change a lot and all breeders will tell you about the stories when they sold a champion. You just hope that when you do, at least you sold him or her with breeding rights and not as a pet! If you think you have a high quality champion, you want to keep that animal in your cattery and have them as part of your breeding program. In addition to the standard, cats are also judging on grooming and personality. Cat shows are beauty pageants and some cats just don't perform well in shows. My queen, Ada, is a perfect example. She hates shows and doesn't perform well. She is also small, so some judges may feel that she doesn't conform to the standard. The breed standard for British Shorthairs doesn't say anything about overall size, just that everything should be in proportion and they should have a cobby body. Cats are judged by multiple judges because each judge has different things that they consider important. Champion Status This only applies to pedigree cats. Once your cat has been judged by four judges and has not been disqualified by any of the four, you cat attains his Champion status. After that, he needs to beat out other Champions to gain points towards his Grand Champion status. Once he's attained that, he needs to beat other Grand Champions to earn his Double Grand Champion. After that, it's Master Grand Champion and then finally Supreme Master Grand Champion. You need to attend a lot of shows for several years to attain the higher ranks. Now let's get back to pictures! Once our numbers were called, Jimi and I took our cats to the ring and put them in their judging cages. Male cats are always separated by female cats or empty cages to prevent fights. Then the judge takes each cat of the cage and brings her to the judging table. Here's Curie being judged: Sharon is checking the proportion of Curie's ears and head. Curie's cage is number 22 in the background. Kyra was number 23, Kyan was 24 and Pascal was 25. It was Kyra and Kyan who did the best at the Niagara Falls show. Here are some pictures of Kyra being judged: The judges liked Kyra's rare colour and the quality of her coat. She also has a nice round face. As you can see, Kyan just wishes this was over. One of the judges checked Kyan's testicles (to make sure they've dropped) and so after that, he tucked his tail between his legs when each judge picked him up. One judge laughed and said "You'll get the hang of this". The judge checked him because technically, he's still a kitten. They don't do that with adults because if there was a problem, they couldn't breed. Anyway Kyan did very well. He has a nice plush coat that's very soft as well. His face needs to fill out more and if it doesn't, we'll get him neutered and keep him as a pet. Finally here are some pictures of Pascal. Pascal is an interesting case because his body is very good for a British Shorthair, but his markings aren't true. He's listed as a Silver Ticked Tabby, but he has some spots. Not enough spots to be called a Silver Spotted Tabby however. So he won't do well with any judge that knows their colours and markings, but not all judges do. He was ranked highest by one judge who felt body structure was the most important factor. Once the judges have seen all the cats for each breed, they start awarding ribbons. Here is Curie, Kyra and Kyan with the ribbons on their cages: They all get the red and green ribbons because they were the only British Shorthair cats in the show this time around and they all had different colours. The judge in this case awarded Kyan with best of breed and Kyra got second best of breed. None of that means points however. The really important part is when each judge picks their favourites among all shorthair cats and among all breeds. All breed means all cats, no matter their breed. Overall Standings Here are the awards my cats won at the Niagara Falls show: Curie - 7th best All Breed Kyra - 10th best Shorthair, 8th best All Breed, 9th best All Breed Kyan - 8th best All Breed, 5th best All Breed, 9th best All Breed, 10th best All Breed, 8th best Shorthair Pascal - 7th best All Breed There were eight judges in total and every single judge chose at least one of my cats in their finals rings. Here are some pictures showing the plaques they won on their kennel ribbons: That's Pascal and Kyan sharing a kennel and the picture below has Curie and Kyra sharing the other kennel. That concludes the Niagara Falls cat show. Thanks for reading! If you got this far, you deserve a medal.
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    Cataholic. Yes, the spelling is intentional.
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    A few weeks back I wandered into Tamriel.esp's Valenwood and realized that at some point I'd removed Valenwood Improved from my LO. Went to try to figure out why I did that, realized there were incompatibilities with TWMP and Pelletine. So, I booted up CSE and started poking and prodding...and prodding. And then I realized I had fallen down a bloody rabbit hole! So, here I am, 3 weeks into this...horribly convoluted attempt to make them all play nice. What it's ultimately boiled down to is ripping out 95% of Valenwood Improved's TREE records and a lot of its rocks, then spending hours trying to minimal changes to TWMP Elsweyr_Valenwood's landscape to fit...all of Valenwood Improved into it. Almost all of it, anyway. There's a few landmarks with no interior that, for the sake of my sanity, are being culled. I'm very unhappy about needing to cull the myriad of waterfalls setup by Valenwood Improved because I think they're beautiful, but...there's simply no way I could think of to make most of them compatible with the map. I sporadically merge the overrides from the .esp back into the heavily modified TWMP Valenwood Improved (Haldar's abandonware), so eventually the .esp will be compatible with TWMP ElsweyrValenwood, then there will be the leftover patch to adjust the landscape and disable a lot of trees/rocks. I have no idea when this will get done: it's a total mess at the moment, but since I've been working on it non-stop so I can actually play the game and explore Valenwood in the near future...hopefully not too long!
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    One of the three WIP Bosmer City house styles, this is a "Dummy" cell to use as a template for the rest of Elden Root, etc...eventually. You an get an idea of the size, my character is sitting on the mushroom chair I made on the top level. It's...really hard to find furnishing for this architecture. Oblivion's artictecture uses a lot of 90* angles or cylinder shapes, so the furniture and wall stuff doesn't really fit the curves here. On the bright side, it's almost safe from the Hounds of Tindalos!
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    Ponyrider0 on the Tesrenewal forum created a Tes4edit script that can resynchronize disconnected LAND and PTGD records, so that quickened things exceptionally. The .esp is “done”, in that all the major cities are accessible and most of the dungeons & settlements are accessible. The new path grid set isn’t done though, so NPCs will probably wander against walls and stuff. I’ll release a Very Beta Beta sometime this week, I hope. Also almost done adding collision to Eressea’s Bosmer Tree City kit that I converted for @Sifonseal last year sometime
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    Unless they decide to skip all the nuisance as to why he's such a great character and boil him down to "Look at me! I made a Snark AND I'm British AND I'm damn find to look at!" The final chapter of this shitshow of a story just came out today. I've got some catching up to do on this series, but holy fuck it does NOT get better from here.
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    First things first: I HATE MOVING. SO DAMN MUCH. At least I have stable internet now, and now let's continue the Misadventures of Perfectly Good Content That's Been Stolen and Turned to Shit. So last we left off, Not-Heather Poe has been turned into a dried up human Caprisun and Lilith/Not-Christian are losing their shit. Lilith begs Not-Christian Grey to give the middle finger to the Masquerade and the Rules of the Not-Camarilla by turning Not-Heather Poe into a vampire. He is conflicted because he's realized this whole excuse of a plot is fucked a Not-Primogen and he doesn't have approval. The ramifications of his actions will cost him something, and yet he knows the life of an innocent hangs in his hands. There's no guarantee that she'll survive the transformation, and even if she does, there's a potential she'll just be beheaded by the Sheriff's pathetic cousin, Terry. Who still owes me money. Fuck you Terry, you prick. But his desire to bone and be a white knight for Lilith is too much for him to bear, and so Not-Christian Grey and Lilith race Not-Heather Poe to his office. On a positive note, Lilith reminisces on some old memories of when her and Not-Heather Poe first became roommates, showing that the writers can do well once they stop stealing shit. Not-Christian Grey then informs Lilith that surviving the first night is the hardest part because there's such a high chance of become a Discount Wassail. To prevent her from going Full Wassail--I mean, Feral--, Not-Christian Grey has to do a ritual-thing...which involves shoving her in a sarcophagus. At least I don't have to break into a museum, but then that means I don't get to meet a dashing, intelligent, snark master of an archeologist who studies the origins of vampires. What a shame. It might have redeemed story. Anyway, nobody notices the obviously dying woman in Not- Christian Grey's arms as he goes through the building. And wouldn't you know it, Stereotypical Right Hand Woman sees this and promptly asks WTF and he's all, "just roll with it." Stereotypical Right Hand Woman pieces together that Not-Christian Grey is going to Embrace Turn Not-Heather Poe and is pissed, but he tells her to STFU. They get in the elevator and go down to The Archives, which leads to The Chamber and-- Wait what? So on top of a woefully outdated Archive room, there's a creepy ass chamber with a sarcophagus? In the ginormous corporate building? In New York City? What the fuck??? Convenience is the only reason that this thing exists. Fucking hell. God forbid someone the PC cares about actually dies as a result of Lilith's actions to be a fuckwit earlier. Moving on... So they get to the Chamber and Lilith is trying to piece together the logic behind shoving someone in a sarcophagus and Not-Christian Grey says, "No idea, it just does. Btw, it might not even work." He might as well have just said, "Look, world building is hard when you can't steal shit. Leave me alone and stop asking questions." Lilith then offers her blood to help and he is stunned that she knows this piece of info. She tells him (at least one can choose to) that Kue-Jin Blades Rodriguez told her the things and he's all, "meh, k." More nothing then happens and eventually, Lilith decides to wander the archives and finds another acid-trip inducing fragment. The acid trip takes her back in time to see Egyptian Ming Xiao, Mr. Angry Bits, and Dumbass French Vampire Child in a castle. Apparently the locals found out they were vampires and decided that their kind wasn't welcomed in those parts. Damn Bigots. Anyway the three of them play the blame game as to who is at fault and Chekhov's Sire waltzes into the scene, telling them all to grow a pair and that they're totes going to slaughter the villagers, LOL. And so they do. Chekhov's Sire says that he's getting too old for this shit and proposes that they sail away to the New World and make their own little kingdom there. Lilith snaps out of her Purple Haze and meets Not-Christian Grey in the elevator. He tells her that he knows he did the right thing morally, but that there will be huge ramifications for this. Not-Christian Grey then reveals that he has to file an appeal to allow Not-Heather Poe in, and Stereotypical Right Hand Woman was hoping to be the next addition to his clan. Lilith, for fucking once, voices a concern and he's all, "Nah, she's fine!" I'm sure this won't become an issue later. Not at all. Egyptian Ming Xiao greets the two of them and pulls Not-Christian Grey aside to promptly chew him a new one, saying that he's on thin ice and he's about to get his ass reamed by the Discount Camarilla. Lilith opens her mouth like an idiot and Egyptian Ming Xiao calls both of them out for being idiots. Not-Christian Grey tells her that she's not his real mother and storms off to the rooftop because she doesn't understand what it's like to be young. She then turns to Lilith and tells her that if shit goes south, she'll kill the PC herself. Oh, and get her a coffee too. Bitch. Holy shit, guys. Can it be? A real character? Egyptian Ming Xiao attempts to salvage the plot by telling us more about herself and, indeed, is the most interesting person in the whole damn story. Fingers crossed, guys. Lilith decides to go and see if Not-Christian Grey has stopped listening to Good Charlotte and have a possible chance to bang him. No. I'm serious. That's an option. Known him for less than a week (48 hours at best) and it's an option. You know, when I said I wanted choices in my games, that's not what I meant. So they shoot the shit for a little bit and Not-Christen Grey reveals he's part of the Dead Wife as Part of a Backstory Society and talks about how she turned Feral. After he was forced to kill her he decided that he was going to give up his life as an over-indulgent fuckboi and make society better. So. Fucking. Original. I for one decided at the beginning to not romance a single person, so I went to the internet to see what happens. Gamer Poop has deeper writing than this shit. I'm so glad I didn't waste in-game currency on that shit. The two return and they open the sarcophagus and then the chapter ends. Thank. Fuck. For. That.
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    Here are a couple of shots of Darwin in his harness:
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    NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    I tell ya, I'm being ejuhmucated about all kinds of stuff here--cars, cats...
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    Yes, I have been trying to realign the cities to the best of my ability. The issue is that VI’s mod team design the province using Arena’s Valenwood map as its basis. So while VI’s placement is technically “lore friendly”, it isn’t compatible with the the Cyrodiil Provinces map that was released later that corrected all the positions. It’s pretty difficult to fit some of the bigger coastal cities into TWMP’s confines. A couple of them aren’t blocked together and actually run along the coast some distance. Regenerating the path grid will be a nightmare once I finish, ugh. Elden Wood is done (and I added a big Graht tree at its center to fit the lore), for the most part. I believe Envy said Arenthia and one other city is more-or-less in the right spot, so with those it’s just a matter of landscape adjustment. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the sharp cliffs I’ve seen in the mod. I will take a look at the Camp mod too.
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    Nah. She only has nine rescue cats.
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    A lover of cats, eh?
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    Yeah...she's passed. This might be an issue I've run into before and I'm just too foggy to remember at the moment, but while assessing the final product loaded into CSE, I'm finding these weird...square-shaped holes in the landscape where the heightmap is absent (it's alllllll the way down, and totally flat...?) along the border of Elsewyr and Valenwood despite objects being there. I assume it's some conflict with Tamriel.esp and ElsweyrAnequina.esp, because they both add cells to the Tamriel Worldspace. I can't figure out how to fix them. Manually "raising" the landscape to match its neighbors is extremely tedious, and...there's quite a few of them along the border.
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    I’m sorry to hear that puddles. Spend some time with your grandma. Modding can wait.
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    Well I’ve actually got a very unhappy household right now and I’m at a loss on how to fix it. I did everything right in getting Ada, who was going to be my breeding female when she got old enough. We were undergoing house renovations that were only supposed to last a year. They went on for over two years. Anyway, I knew I had to get a male cat before Ada got too old or she wouldn’t accept him, so even though the renos were still going on, I got a male kitten, that I named Pascal. I was right. After some initial hissing, Ada accepted him and they get along great. Because of the renovations, it was hard to keep them apart. I managed until Ada was old enough to breed and even though I wasn’t ready, Ada and Pascal had other ideas. I was only able to sell one kitten, but everybody was happy. The two remaining kittens from Ada and Pascal’s first litter are named Kyan and Kyra. When I was trying to sell the kittens, I put an ad on an online classified ads site. That’s when I saw the ad for two cats that had been imported from Russia. The breeder said they had to sell the cats. Long story short, the breeder bred dogs and realized she couldn’t handle cats as well, so she decided to sell them to another breeder. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I knew I was crazy for bringing in another intact male, but the male cat was amazing and I wanted a blue pair in addition to my silvers. The male cat is lilac, which is even better. We need new stock in Canada, so an imported pair was needed. I was hoping I could make it work. It isn’t. If things weren’t bad enough, the cats were also mistreated. They are not socialized. They don’t even know how to play. I named the male cat Darwin and the female is named Curie. Darwin attacks all the other cats. He used to get along well with Curie, but she’s adjusting to life with other cats and no longer accepts Darwin’s advances when she’s not in heat. She’s not supposed to, so she’s behaving fine in that regard. Unfortunately when any cat hisses at Darwin, he loses it and chases them. If he catches them, which he always does, he attacks. So Darwin spends most of his time in a cage. Curie is grumpy though. She hisses at the kittens, which really isn’t so unusual, but that makes Ada mad, so Ada attacks her. I’m hoping that Ada will relax once I sell the kittens. Btw, Ada and Pascal had another unplanned rendevous, as I’ve mentioned in the Kitty thread. Anyway that’s the story of my unhappy household. I don’t think Darwin and Pascal will ever get along and quite frankly, I don’t have enough females to keep them both happy. I will offer them for stud service if I can. I would just like Darwin to stop attacking the others and the others to get along among themselves. I might try Jackson Galaxy’s Essences to see if they help. He has an essence that’s supposed to ease the agression of bully cats.