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    When you’re dealing with recalcitrant electronics, you usually have the options of kicking it, hitting it with something or just pleading with it. I discovered another option: ignore it for a week or two. When I last tried to boot my PC, I got boot, beep, boot, beep, boot, beep... It just keep rebooting itself before the BIOS even finished loading.That’s when I decided the motherboard was toast. I powered it down and just left it as I started to search for the components for a new PC. I had a hunch the other day and decided to power it up... You guessed it, it booted just fine. It’s really flaky so I need to get a new PC, but the CPU I want is on backorder everywhere. All the kittens have been adopted, so that will help with the bills, but I’m still looking for a new hosting service.
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    Thanks Though this is in fact going into a not so little mod, Better Cities. But anyone who wants to take the script and make it their own for another mod is welcome to. I actually thought that the code for identifying distance from a given point might be good in a quest for the player to find things without quest markers. Wait, this would be PERFECT for Blood & Mud which is integrated into Better Cities, finding some things/locations in that quest is too difficult as it is. Yay. More scripting...
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    Now that all of Ada’s kittens have been adopted, she has retired from breeding. She’s five years old now and it’s time to retire. We got her spayed the other day, so now she gets to wear her pumpkin suit to stop her from chewing her stitches: It’s called a maternity suit. As you can see, she’s really happy with the new garb.
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    Black Marsh will continue on new forums. 14 years and still going.
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    Qarl's Textures can probably be uploaded to Nexus. They have a caretaker system that will look after orphaned mods. Thanks for finding that @Leonardo. As I said, I really don't know what's been uploaded. Please let me know if there are others. I've spoken to @Ibsen's Ghost and Black Marsh will continue so I'll be setting up new forums to support that. They will be called The Lab, but the URL will still be theassimilationlab.com as the domain just renewed in July. I'll edit the OP.