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      Linode Critical Maintenance   01/10/2018

      Phase 1 is complete. There will be a second round once Linode gets a patch. I have updated the forum thread -  please see my post here.


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    Commence the murdering. I mean, thanks.
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    Random Stuffz

    Because it didn't have Walrus as a gender choice?
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    WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    Ah, yeah. No, it's easy to 'export' them...there's just like 40 of them and translating coherent paragraphs is even worse than translating dialogue! ;_;
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    Happy Birthday. Have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday NobleShadowHunter!

    Sorry, I ate the cherries. I have a problem. (Note: best way to freak out the niblings: pit two fresh bing cherries, place in mouth just behind the canines, smile while biting down slowly. Wear shirt you don't care about. Prep explanations for sisters when they pick up said niblings.)
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    Took some digging, but it turns out they are in fact still offering all of the official patches: http://patches.bethsoft.com/ Personally I always forget which ones should be getting used for MW so I'm pretty happy to have that handled with the GoG installer now.
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    What kind of cake do you want?
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    Nice job with the trailer.
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