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      Second IP obtained. The issues with IPv6 have also been fixed, but we can't switch to HTTPS until we switch forum software. We can't switch to HTTPS without a current license with IPS.


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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    One of the three WIP Bosmer City house styles, this is a "Dummy" cell to use as a template for the rest of Elden Root, etc...eventually. You an get an idea of the size, my character is sitting on the mushroom chair I made on the top level. It's...really hard to find furnishing for this architecture. Oblivion's artictecture uses a lot of 90* angles or cylinder shapes, so the furniture and wall stuff doesn't really fit the curves here. On the bright side, it's almost safe from the Hounds of Tindalos!
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    TWMP Elsweyr Valenwood Improved WIP

    Ponyrider0 on the Tesrenewal forum created a Tes4edit script that can resynchronize disconnected LAND and PTGD records, so that quickened things exceptionally. The .esp is “done”, in that all the major cities are accessible and most of the dungeons & settlements are accessible. The new path grid set isn’t done though, so NPCs will probably wander against walls and stuff. I’ll release a Very Beta Beta sometime this week, I hope. Also almost done adding collision to Eressea’s Bosmer Tree City kit that I converted for @Sifonseal last year sometime