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      03 Sep
    Sigurd Stormhand

    There is a naked man lying on the floor of my kitchen asleep - I assume he is very drunk.

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      02 Sep
    Daggerfall Dev

    Hammerfell R: The Eastern Grasslands needs Beta Testers, I will be hosting the file on the Nexus as a Open Beta for 1 week to gain interest in the Project. Message Me for Details

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      01 Sep

    Here's hoping Houston has clear skies for the next few weeks.

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      01 Sep

    TAL's Back! Did our collective incantations find a sweet spot?

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Happy Birthday Amadaun!

The Central Plexus Yesterday, 07:51 AM
Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
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Regex for Apache rewrite

Software 18 Sep 2017
As some of you might know by now, we deployed a new bug tracker at AFK Mods. It seems to work fairly well, but now we have old URLs out there that are generating 404 errors and causing Google to send me nasty notes about it in my web property reports. I know Apache has a means to handle this, but...
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Useful tools for various tasks

Software 07 Sep 2017
I thought to start a thread about useful tools that is essential for any user regardless what OS one are using.   The reason I started this thread is simple, I suspect my RAM to have a *corrupt* address, because right now I got the same error twice when playing Settlers 3 Gold Edition (bough...
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Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.

Discussion 06 Sep 2017
On Monday, there have been reports of Wildfires in Oregon to Montana to Idaho and now there is bad air quality again here in Washington. The wildfire is heading towards Spokane I think of what I've seen on a map. Now even worse than ever, after the aftermath of Harvey in Texas. Now there is...
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How to Generate LOD for Skyrim SE

Modding 04 Sep 2017
Question!                 Is there anyway to Generate LOD for Skyrim Special Edition, I used OSCAPE to generate it before but that was for the original skyrim, I heard that the CK LOD generator doesn't work right? But is that c...
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