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      Linode Critical Maintenance   01/10/2018

      Phase 1 is complete. There will be a second round once Linode gets a patch. I have updated the forum thread -  please see my post here.


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  1. Random Stuffz

    Ah, yes, SuperMAN versus SuperGIRL. It's so fucking sexist, it's disgusting. Just think of the Australian Open a few years ago when the on-court presenter asked Eugenie Bouchard to twirl her skirt. Yeah comics are like that, but SG is particularly annoying to me.
  2. Windows 10

    The oldest .NET you can find is version 3? I’d try installing that and see if it works. I’ve played Dragon Age. In fact I played it before it was called Origins. Anyway I can check and see if I’ve got version 2 around. I have a feeling that I’ve got newer versions now though.
  3. Windows 10

    Have you tried just installing the game? The .Net releases should be backward compatible. Quite often the game will also install the files it needs.
  4. Windows 10

    You’ll have to search the net for that, I think,
  5. Kitties!!

    Actually Ada can walk along the top of a TV set like that.
  6. Movie Quote Game

    Damn, that sounds familiar. Ice Age?
  7. Movie Quote Game

    Yeah, let’s try a new quote.
  8. Finally got the website for my cattery set up! Should have been done months ago, but it’s up. Still more work to do, but it’s functional.

    1. Schtearn


      Hey, wow. Cattery hey. Got a link? 

      Mum (English teacher) used to tell me there was no such word as cattery in the parlance- but that was before Google Books. Not much in use prior to the 20th century - but look, it starts to get a guernsey as early as the 1900 edition of Concerning Cats! Possibly derived from O.E. Cattinge.

    2. AndalayBay


      Here, kennel is reserved for dogs. We call the feline version cattery.

  9. Linode Critical Maintenance Notice

    Ok, it looks like there will be additional downtime once they’ve come up with a patch. The first round was to apply a patch for part of the problem. There’s a second part to the problem, which they don’t have a patch for yet. I’ll keep you posted.
  10. Random Stuffz

    In a really cheap, pathetic move to make you watch all of them, they also do cross-over shows. At first it was just Arrow and Flash, but the latest was a four part show. I’m way behind in watching the shows that I had recorded on my PVR and I just watched the episodes last night only to discover I didn’t have the first part because I don’t watch Supergirl! Supergirl is insulting and way too fucking stupid, even for a person that enjoys the silliness of these shows. I also found that Supergirl wasn’t available on demand, so I suspect it’s not being carried on any of our tv networks anymore.
  11. Movie Quote Game

    Guardians of the Galaxy? That's the only movie I know that has a raccoon in it!
  12. Recipes

    Yeah I guess it would be like noodles.
  13. Random Stuffz

  14. Linode Critical Maintenance Notice

    Phase 1 is complete. Linode says additional maintenance is needed, but I have no idea what that is. At this point, no additional downtime has been scheduled.
  15. Random Stuffz

    Then it's not a whiteboard anymore.