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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. How to Add Dialogue Specifically for Guards

    I’ll take a look when I get back to my PC.
  2. How to Add Dialogue Specifically for Guards

    Always use the quest window to add dialogue. The dialogue window from the NPC window doesn’t work because the dialogue has to be linked to a quest. You can have a look at DBC to see how it’s done. Basically you create a quest that’s start game enabled and runs all the time. See DBCAwakeningGenDialog. We don’t have guards, but all the NPC’s have greetings, rumours, etc. I’m not sure if the “production” version of DBC has all the dialogue. One of the fixes in the new release was adding the rest of the dialogue, but hopefully there’s enough to get you going. In terms of the arrest stuff, have a look at the crime quest in vanilla. Have a look at a guard and see which quest the dialogue is connected to.
  3. Question for people with math skills

    While doing some work on DBC, I just remembered a modder's resource that might help with your efforts: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/27291
  4. [RELz] Tes3cmd

    That's the bug he fixed. He also fixed the wiki link.
  5. Daggerfall - The Western Kingdom (WIP)

    Yes, open the console, click on the NPC and then type evp and hit enter. If you post a screenshot of the NPC's AI packages, I'll take a look.
  6. [RELz] Tes3cmd

    Fritz found a bug and fixed it.
  7. Daggerfall - The Western Kingdom (WIP)

    The order of the packages is very important. Make sure you have the specific activity packages at the top, with the default wander packages at the bottom in the package list for the NPC.
  8. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    Hello stranger! I'm glad to see you're still around. I got a couple of small fixes and changes done to DBC last night.
  9. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    There is no "rest of the team" anymore. *sigh* Cray and Sue are still up for writing the story for Consequences, once Cray has gotten a new computer.
  10. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    You’ll need to install Awakening anew and play through it again when I release the new version. There are some major bug fixes and I have to change the final quest on both sides in preparation for Consequences. I am working on DBC again, when time permits.
  11. Northern UI Compatibility

    I miss my coloured map markers from MMO. A request: could you differentiate closed Oblivion gates? That's one feature from MMO that's particularly handy. Other than that, the MMO features are working just fine. The character stats menu should show the numerical progress for Oblivion XP. Most players don't have it displayed on the HUD and rely on the character stats menu instead. It's not shown in the pop-up, but next to the progress bar. Your pop-up is correct. Could you provide some instructions for people using mods like Display Stats? I didn't realize you had integrated support for DS until I checked the magic popup menu with the intention of customizing it myself. I suggest telling people that when they install Display Stats, NUI has support built-in, so they should leave the UI selection unchecked.
  12. Northern UI Compatibility

    Yep, saw that already. Good stuff. Now if you do the increased limits for spellmaking and enchanting, I think I could back to NUI! I'll check out the new release.
  13. [RELz] Tales of Cyrodiil

    That's another difference with vanilla and the other UI's: they don't scroll. Thanks for fixing that David.
  14. Northern UI Compatibility

    Tales of Cyrodiil. See the OP of the link I just posted for the download link here. Or look in the files section in the right pane on the forums. Go to the Two Sisters Lodge in Skingrad and talk to Borwen. I have screenshots of the truncated dialogue in the linked thread. That thread also shows the fix using MenuQue. For NUI, we would just need to reduce the wraplength, provided having wraplines set to 2 is enough and there's enough vertical space.