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  1. Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    Our writers are still interested in doing the sequel, so DBC will migrate to the new forums as TAL is shutting down.
  2. Kitties!!

    Not yet and she’s developed complications from the surgery, so she’ll be going through another surgery on Monday.
  3. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Yeah I set things up to route through Google too. I have it receiving emails as I have logwatch running. I changed the forum emails to come from a noreply address, but that didn’t work. I guess Google said fuck you, as usual. I had it set to a real email address and despite changing it in the forum software, it never changed. I have found configuring email quite difficult, so I’d rather not deal with it anymore.
  4. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    I don’t want to manage my own server anymore. I could get a smaller Linode, which would be much cheaper, but I’d still have to manage the server. I’m still debating my options as I could probably run the forums without mirroring on a Linode that only costs $5/mth (USD). Linode has scripts to install all the software, so it’s tempting, but I really don’t want to deal with a mail server...
  5. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    I need shared hosting for the Black Marsh forums. We’ll have some community threads as well. We won’t be a mirror site anymore. Our NAS’s are back up and running.
  6. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Any publication that recommends GoDaddy is not to be trusted. These guys explain why: https://hostingcanada.org/ I have been exploring their recommendations. The sites they recommend are also recommended by many other reviews. @Malonn, cloud hosting is not an option for forums as I need to set up something for Black Marsh. In terms of our personal needs, storing 16 TB would cost $800/mth. Obviously that’s out of the question. The computers and hard drives in question were purchased 2013 and earlier, so we have no complaints in terms of their longevity. We have purchased replacement drives for the NAS so we just need to replace my PC.
  7. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    I finally managed to recover some of my backups from the NAS today. I’ve been working on this for a while as the NAS also has a bad drive. I wanted the backups because some of the files I recovered from the failed drive on my machine are corrupted. Does anybody have a shared hosting service to recommend?
  8. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    My PC is kinda sorta working. I posted the latest update in the TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of thread in the News forum. Yeah I was pretty sure worldspaces had the flag because you can’t fast travel from Oblivion planes or What its Paradise.
  9. [RELz] Cobl

    We had gitlab running here until other server updates finally broke it. It was a ROYAL PITA to maintain. They were trying to make it easier, but the other software requirements made the whole installation complicated. If you have an old PC kicking around, you could install Linux and gitlab to check it out.
  10. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Damn, I wish my PC was working right now. I’ve got lots of debugging stuff in my code. Oblivion XP in particular. I’ve also used shadeMe’s runtime debugger - https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37105
  11. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Aren’t there locations in the game that don’t allow fast travel? Is that a region setting? If it’s a region setting, perhaps you could modify the IC region? Very vague memory here.
  12. Kitties!!

    Now that all of Ada’s kittens have been adopted, she has retired from breeding. She’s five years old now and it’s time to retire. We got her spayed the other day, so now she gets to wear her pumpkin suit to stop her from chewing her stitches: It’s called a maternity suit. As you can see, she’s really happy with the new garb.
  13. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    When you’re dealing with recalcitrant electronics, you usually have the options of kicking it, hitting it with something or just pleading with it. I discovered another option: ignore it for a week or two. When I last tried to boot my PC, I got boot, beep, boot, beep, boot, beep... It just keep rebooting itself before the BIOS even finished loading.That’s when I decided the motherboard was toast. I powered it down and just left it as I started to search for the components for a new PC. I had a hunch the other day and decided to power it up... You guessed it, it booted just fine. It’s really flaky so I need to get a new PC, but the CPU I want is on backorder everywhere. All the kittens have been adopted, so that will help with the bills, but I’m still looking for a new hosting service.
  14. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    When you’re coding for key clicks, there are a lot of events you need to deal with. I’ve tried to pare the scripts down as well and usually find I need all the checks. You can prevent fast travel to a map marker with a setting on the map marker in the CS, so there might be a setting you can change when the game is loaded via OBSE. I’m guessing you don’t have control over the map marker itself. Yes, I just did a search for “map” in the OBSE docs and there’s a function to set the travel option. You could put that in the game loaded and reloaded events to turn off travelling to that marker. http://obse.silverlock.org/obse_command_doc.html#GetMapMarkers Quoting from memory regarding the game loaded and reloaded as I am still kicking and punching my PC. After being ignored for over a week, it decided to actually boot again. Working on a new machine, but the CPU I want is on backorder.
  15. [RELz] Cobl

    The events work much better than quest scripts. So I would go with onUnequip.