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  1. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Nah. She only has nine rescue cats.
  2. Bethesda.net Discussion

    Here's the exact markdown syntax NodeBB uses. That's what Beth.net is using.
  3. ...for commuting times. Yep, Toronto is the worst city in North America for travel times when commuting to work. On average, people spend 96 minutes commuting one way to work. City officials here have been reducing lanes on streets to add bike lanes or give streetcars the right-of-way. They think that making it harder to commute by car will force people to take transit... except it takes even longer by transit, there is NO transit in a lot of areas in the city and what transit there is is packed solid with people. They reduced a street down to one lane in each direction near where I live. They wanted to add a bike lane in each direction. Well that road is one of the major arteries from the highway, so the single lane just means that there’s a big line of cars backed up down the highway! Oh, and we’re number six on the list worldwide. The only cities that are worse are some cities in Brazil and one city in Columbia. Toronto really drives me nuts sometimes. We do have a new premier for Ontario and he’s promising to improve the transit system. I have no idea where he’s going to get the money. Our new premier is Doug Ford, the brother of Rob Ford who was Toronto’s controversial mayor. I supported Rob Ford because he was fiscally responsible. Doug is promising to do the same for the province, and after the mess the Liberals made, we need it. Yes I voted for Doug Ford.
  4. Oblivion XP Configuration Samples

    Configuring Oblivion XP This is a collection of the changes other players have made to the levelling parameters to suit their gaming experience. Basically as more quest mods support Oblivion XP, we are finding that the original equations developed by SirFrederik need a bit of tweaking to slow your rate of levelling. All of the players below are either running FCOM or have a large number of quest mods loaded. You can see what kind of effect these numbers will have on your game by downloading the spreadsheet from the Miscellaneous files section on the Nexus download page, or from the download page on The Assimilation Lab. The spreadsheet has a graph of the existing formula, as well as an area for you to plug in new numbers and see the result. If you are running FCOM, I recommend using settings labelled as much slower. If you would like to submit your own customizations, just reply to this thread. Levelling Parameter Customizations Player: astr0wiz Levelling Effect: Much slower Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeeded to 3 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededBase to 4500 ; 1500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededLinear to 150 ; 150 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticSlope to 0.4 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticAmp to 30000 ; 20000 Player: omeletted Levelling Effect: Much slower multXPNeeded 3.00 multXPNeededBase 1500.00 multXPNeededLinear 200.00 multXPNeededQuadraticSlope 0.50 multXPNeededQuadraticAmp 40000.00 Player: Phitt Levelling Effect: Slower Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeeded to 1.5 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededBase to 1500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededLinear to 150 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticSlope to 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticAmp to 40000 Phitt also changed the sleeping bonus: Set ObXPSettings.multXPSleeping to 0.005 and removed or reduced many of the points from miscellaneous actions. Player: Prugalo Levelling Effect: About the same as default Set ObXPSettings.attributePointsPerLevel to 3 Set ObXPSettings.skillPointsPerLevel to 12 Set ObXPSettings.trainingSessions to 0 Set ObXPSettings.skillPointPreset to 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillBase to 100 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillBonus to 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillLevel to 0 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillSneaking to 2 Set ObXPSettings.multXPLevel to 0 Set ObXPSettings.multXPQuestLevel to 0 Set ObXPSettings.multXPArtifacts to 10000 Set ObXPSettings.multXPBook to 100 Set ObXPSettings.multXPEating to 3 Set ObXPSettings.multXPExploration to 100 Set ObXPSettings.multXPFame to 300 Set ObXPSettings.multXPGates to 10000 Set ObXPSettings.multXPHorses to 500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPHouses to 1000 Set ObXPSettings.multXPInfamy to 300 Set ObXPSettings.multXPInvest to 500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPLockpick to 100 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNirnsFound to 500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNPCDisposition to 250 Set ObXPSettings.multXPPickpocket to 50 Set ObXPSettings.multXPPotion to 250 Set ObXPSettings.multXPSouls to 200 Set ObXPSettings.multXPVampireBite to 250 Set ObXPSettings.multXPSleeping to 0 Set ObXPSettings.globalQuestXPMult to 30 Set ObXPSettings.capLevel to 100 Prugalo didn't change the levelling parameters, but he reduced the number of skill and attribute points per level and changed many of the other factors so that levelling is much more static. You'll see that many of the levelling bonuses have been removed. Player: Terra Nova Levelling Effect: Slightly slower Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeeded to 0.8 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededBase to 10 ; 1500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededLinear to 380 ; 150 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticSlope to 0.5 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticAmp to 35000 ; 20000 Player: Rehwyn Levelling Effect: Slower multXPNeeded: 2.00 multXPNeededBase: 4500.00 multXPNeededQuadraticSlope: 1.50 multXPNeededQuadraticAmp: 17500.00 Rehwyn reports that these numbers "greatly slow down the first 10 to 15 levels (450% increase XP at level 1 down to around 200% increase at 10), where the XP you get from killing stuff in FCOM seems to be most exaggerated, before eventually tapering off to around at 100% increase in the upper 20s (when you encounter fewer enemies above your level)." My settings: Slower Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeeded to 2 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededBase to 1500 ; 1500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededLinear to 150 ; 150 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticSlope to 2 ; 1 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticAmp to 20000 ; 20000 I also reduce or remove several of the miscellaneous point awards, as follows: Set ObXPSettings.multXPArtifacts to 200 ; 300 Set ObXPSettings.multXPBook to 0 ; 25 Set ObXPSettings.multXPGates to 100 ; 200 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNirnsFound to 0 ; 50 Set ObXPSettings.multXPVampireBite to 0 ; 50 I don't play with FCOM or OOO, but I do have a number of quest mods loaded. Player: emptythe Levelling Effect: Slower Best way to handle unscaled overhauls, like TIE, WAC and OWC-ND with OBXP (WAC+OWCND is my current setup with OBXP), is to tweak the ini for a steeper ramp and less exp for kills. I generally leave all other exp settings to default and ends up like this: Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeeded to 2 ; 1 - changed this to be higher for more exp per level needed Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededBase to 1500 ; 1500 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededLinear to 150 ; 150 Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticSlope to 2 ; 1 - changed this higher for a steeper slope Set ObXPSettings.multXPNeededQuadraticAmp to 20000 ; 20000 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillBase to 3 ; 5 - changed this lower for less exp per kill Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillBonus to 0.5 ; 1 - changed this lower so that enemies need to be tougher to yield full exp Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillLevel to 0.3 ; 0.3 Set ObXPSettings.multXPKillSneaking to 2 ; 2 Set ObXPSettings.multXPLevel to 0.2 ; 0.2 Set ObXPSettings.multXPQuestLevel to 0.2 ; 0.1 - higher quest gain as you get higher level, I feel its better at higher levels like this <
  5. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    Basically. There was nothing in Trump's agreement about time-frame and verification. Kim gets the sanctions lifted and he can continue building nukes. He also got the States to stop their war exercises with South Korea. That will save you guys a ton of money. Trump got played for a fool.
  6. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Cataholic. Yes, the spelling is intentional.
  7. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    Yeah apparently he's not behaving like an ass anymore or not as much anyway. He was in Kitchener recently shooting hoops at a gaming arcade and when fans noticed him, he posed with them for pictures and signed autographs. Apparently he's found religion. Meanwhile, the front cover of this week's Economist said "Kim Jong Won".
  8. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    I think it would have been better if it was 911 in binary.
  9. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

    If you're using the CSE, you should be able to see the landscape textures that were used. The CSE highlights the changes made by a mod. The vertex colours are usually used to add a shadow - they aren't used to colour a texture. The vertex colours are usually various shades of grey/black. Load up one of the border cells and open the landscape editor. That will list the textures. You can find the textures in Data\textures\landscape. They might be in a subdirectory under that path. One way to see if they used vertex colours would be to create a small test world, do the landscape texturing with vertex colours and see what you get when you CTRL+right-click to copy the texture. I have used vertex colours in the past, but I can't remember what happens when you copy the texture. I just checked Black Marsh and it looks like we just used custom textures and not vertex colours. You can view the vertex colours in TES4Edit by expanding Worldspace - Worldspace name like BlackMarshes - Block - Sub-block - form ID - Temporary - form ID Landscape. The vertex colours would be listed in the VCLR record in the right pane.
  10. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

    That’s odd. We have custom textures in Black Marsh and the copy thing worked. I don’t think LLH will help in this case. I’ll take a look a bit later. I do remember something about tweaking the colours, but I’ll need to take a look to refresh my memory.
  11. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    No offence taken. No worries. Although Justin seems to be finally growing up.
  12. Confusing issues, need help.

    At this point, I would just move your entire Data folder somewhere else, well outside the Morrowind installation directory. I would do the same thing with your saved games folder. Then I would reinstall Morrowind. Apply the MCP and verify the game works. Then install TR and verify it works. When you reinstall Morrowind, you shouldn't install it in Program Files. Modded games usually need to write to the installation directory and Windows won't allow that. It might be messing up Mash too. Other than that, I don't know enough about Mash to say why it's not seeing your mods. Hopefully a clean install will fix that too. Once you've got TR working, then you could start installing your other mods, but don't install a mod unless you're really going to use it. If you get a stable game with all your mods, you could try copying the last few saved game files back into the saved game directory and see if you can load up one of your old saves.