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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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    From the album Andalay's Stuff

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    From the album Andalay's Stuff

  3. Northern UI Feedback

    Does your crosshair show companion health? My horse has gotten attacked several times, but the crosshair never changes, so I'm wondering if it's just a case he's not taking any damage or if the crosshair doesn't change.
  4. Northern UI Feedback

    I finally found a game instance where I could easily enchant an item or create a spell to show you the raised limits. Note that the area limit has been raised to 300 as well, although I'm not showing that in these shots. Enchanting Menu: Spellmaking Menu: I took a look at your menus, but you're not explicitly setting the width like the other UI's, so I'm not sure what to change.
  5. Northern UI Feedback

    I can confirm that your fixes to the alchemy menu are working. There is a minor oddity with the alchemy and the repair menu though. Both menus gray out items in the list when they shouldn't be. You can ignore it and click on the item anyway and it will still let you select it or repair it. The alchemy menu only does it when you're selecting an unrelated item. Then you get the warning about it being a wasted ingredient. However the new matching ingredients do correctly highlight with potential selections, so that's fine. With the repair menu, it will do it randomly.
  6. Northern UI Feedback

    Here's the DM map showing the extra roads and bridges: Those are just a few of the roads and bridges. I didn't circle all of them. The key is that these changes are not based on a plugin. They are DDS files that modify the base map directly.
  7. Northern UI Feedback

    First, my apologies. I didn't realize you had found a way to incorporate Display Stats into your menus. I compared TNO's menu to yours and yours didn't have the extra elements, so I didn't think it would work. The order is different, but all the stats are there. Do we still need to have TNO's Display Stats? If so, then your compatibility section needs to tell people to install Display Stats FIRST, pick the vanilla sub-package and then install NUI afterwards. I strongly suggest you package up a readme with your mod with these instructions because people don't always read the description, at least not in full. This is not the norm for installing these mods, so a readme might help a bit. I know. NorthernUI parses that INI file, reads its contents, and writes overlays to the world map. I tested it with Castle Dunkelore and that worked. You say Roads and Trails and Roads of Cyrodiil aren't working? Do you know if this problem is specific to them, or are there other mods not showing up properly? The rest are fine. It's just the ones that are trying to inject the textures into the base map. I missed the screenshot of this issue earlier: That doesn't help much so I'll grab a screenshot from my other game instance and will post it separately. I can't switch until I've finished posting. When clicking on an existing map marker -- "the menu?" What menu? Here are the MMO menus. First showing the icon choices when you press the marker key: Then the naming menu, with its wonky non-existent text box: The new marker showing on the world map: If you ctrl+left click on an existing map marker, you'll see this menu: If you ctrl+click on your custom map marker, you'll see this menu: If you choose to delete your marker, you'll get this confirmation menu: To answer your question: the MMO customization menu. Sorry for my vagueness. Please explain? I'm not familiar with these mods. I don't play this game casually anymore. I'm primarily a Skyrim guy, but these days, I barely even play that casually because I spend so much time making stuff for it. I'm not sure how to explain it. If you grab Supreme Magicka, the custom menus are included for Vanilla. The SM version of the menus has extra stuff that the other UI mods don't need because they have parameterized everything. The Darnified menus only need to have the enchantmentsetting_config.xml menu modified. enchantmentsetting_config.xml Basically it looks like SM increases the limits by a factor of three. It's unfortunate that you chose a different path than vanilla for your basic menu elements. As you said, you didn't realize there were this many mods that overrode the menus. There are probably many more. I honestly don't know what to suggest at this point. If you restructured your menus, then you'd obviously have a better chance of working with many more mods. However most of the old Oblivion players have moved on and it's hard to say how many new players even know about these mods. I suggest waiting for feedback from other players before deciding on drastic changes. I really like your UI and I'd like to continue using it. Perhaps you could tell me what to do for the fixes I'd like and I can customize NUI for my play-through. However I don't think modifying your DLL is feasible. I'm not a C++ programmer and don't have the setup to compile it. I'm using VS, but it's for C# and it's the latest version. I will try to contact TNO, but even if he responds, I'm not sure I can modify his mods!
  8. Northern UI Feedback

    Ok, first I’ll grab some screenshots of the MMO stuff so you can see what I mean. If we do the fixes as patches, we don’t need to worry about permissions. I can try contacting TNO anyway. I don’t think I can overhaul his mods because even though I consider myself an excellent Legacy scripter (yes Oblivion’s scripting language has a name :P) his scripts are super complicated, perhaps overly so. To be fair, his mods were created before MenuQue offered all the features it offers now. I think he used templates so extensively because that was the only option at the time. You have to let Display Stats replace your menu because your menu doesn’t have all the lines it needs. I checked. TNO added almost a dozen extra elements to display all the stats. I’ll take a closer look at your post in a bit.
  9. Northern UI Feedback

    I corrected some details in my previous post. One more compatibility issue is Supreme Magicka's raised limits. I think that if you do create compatible menus for these mods, you release them as separate patch files. That way people can download NUI as is and then download the separate patch files if needed. I don't think you should package NUI as a BAIN package with all the patches included because that would mess up Wrye Bash's override functionality. The normal installation procedure for mods like this is: Install UI. Install mods that override UI elements, like Oblivion XP. Install patches that fix compatibility issues with the two mods. I can help with the patches. I just haven't figured out your menu structure in terms of the location of all the elements and the user traits you need for your menus.
  10. Northern UI Feedback

    I saw that you updated the description for NUI and I'd like to pass along some comments: Oblivion XP Update is compatible MMO doesn't have any files in common with NUI, so there's no need to tell people not to overwrite NUI's files. That will just cause confusion if anybody actually reads your notes. See below for other issues. tell people to pick the Vanilla sub-package for Display Stats. It does override NUI's Magic Popup menu. I might look at making it fully compatible with NUI. Enhanced Economy is compatible. However it will replace the Negotiate menu if people pick the auto haggle option. I just did that and it seems to work fine. Enhanced Hotkeys is compatible. Here's the Display Stats menu: It would be nice to create a NUI version of that. You'd need to modify the menu and the icons with the NUI style. There are three sets of icons for the different resolutions. How does NUI handle different resolutions? Enhanced Economy with Automatic Haggle As I said, this works fine, but this might be another menu you might want to give the NUI treatment: It shows the haggle slider, but that's just to show the settings. The slider doesn't work, nor should it. Dynamic Map Partially compatible. Several features not working. default zoom set in Dynamic Map base.ini not working. all the custom map textures added by DDS file listings in Dynamic Map.ini not working The last point means that the extra roads, trails and bridges added by Roads and Trails and by Roads of Cyrodiil aren't working. Here are the pertinent sections of the ini: set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "Road and Trails - N.dds" set tnoDM.x to 599 set tnoDM.y to 85 set tnoDM.w to 987 set tnoDM.h to 419 SetStage tnoDM 20 set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "Road and Trails - SW.dds" set tnoDM.x to 211 set tnoDM.y to 463 set tnoDM.w to 711 set tnoDM.h to 551 SetStage tnoDM 20 set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "Road and Trails - SE.dds" set tnoDM.x to 1281 set tnoDM.y to 728 set tnoDM.w to 539 set tnoDM.h to 723 SetStage tnoDM 20 set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "Road and Trails - II.dds" set tnoDM.x to 1022 set tnoDM.y to 458 set tnoDM.w to 199 set tnoDM.h to 163 SetStage tnoDM 20 set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "Roads of Cyrodiil - 1.dds" set tnoDM.x to 200 set tnoDM.y to 326 set tnoDM.w to 1523 set tnoDM.h to 1072 SetStage tnoDM 20 set tnoDM.base to 1 set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "Roads of Cyrodiil - 2.dds" set tnoDM.x to 294 set tnoDM.y to 448 set tnoDM.w to 504 set tnoDM.h to 435 SetStage tnoDM 20 Base means that DM wants to modify the base map. It will insert those textures into the map. We also use DM to set the default zoom, which would be 120% in this case. Your map doesn't remember the last zoom setting. DM's map doesn't seem to have as much overlap of the icons, but perhaps that's because the background is transparent. Display Issues The text next to the progress meters is cut off or the end of the meter is cut off in the stats menu. See the orange rectangle at the bottom: Lastly, there is some information missing for Oblivion XP in the stats menu. You should be able to see exactly what your progress is: Map Marker Overhaul Ignore my previous comment. I was hitting the wrong key. However, the extra features aren't quite working. First, the icons for the different types of marker aren't showing up. TNO includes the icons on this menu so you can see what they look like: Second, there's no cursor for the text entry box and your typed text doesn't show up: As a result, the name is garbled. Also, when you ctrl+click on a map marker, the menu should be displayed. In NUI, it just asks if I want to fast travel to that location. I have my MMO.ini file set so that fast travel is just left click and the MMO menu shows on ctrl+click: ; Set how to invoke MMO and Fast Travel when clicking on a Map Marker ; 0: Fast Travel activated with left click, MMO with ctrl-click (default) ; 1: MMO activated with left click, Fast Travel with ctrl-click ; 2: MMO activated with left click, Fast Travel disabled ; 3: Fast Travel activated with left click, MMO with right-click set tnoMMO.FastTravelMode to 0 ; Set key used to add new markers while in game. Default is Insert (210) ; For letter keys, use: ; 16-25: Q-P ; 30-38: A-L ; 44-50: Z-M ; For full list, see http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/OnKeyDown set tnoMMO.markerKey to 50 ; Stick with M
  11. [RELz] DarNified UI BAIN

    I suspect that the community she was using for her mods is shutting down or is just too quiet. Anyway, let’s not derail this thread.
  12. Northern UI Feedback

    Ok, I'll check out the latest. I'm back now and recovered after twelve hours of sleep!
  13. [RELz] DarNified UI BAIN

    Interesting. I'm glad to see she's still around.
  14. Happy Birthday Vincent!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Sorry for the late post. Just got back from a cat show!
  15. Northern UI Feedback

    Also where are we at with Map Marker Overhaul?
  16. Northern UI Feedback

    Super. I’m at a cat show this weekend, so I may not be able to take a look until Monday. Regarding Dynamic Map: you can add support for Roads of Cyrodiil manually. Will Northern UI recognize DDS files added via the DM ini file? I can try it now that I’ve configured it. What about Custom Spell Icon compatibility?
  17. Northern UI Feedback

    Confirmed. It will happily let you waste two ingredients. So the only stop is if you have ingredients with nothing in common. You need to have one pair with an effect in common. You can pick a second pair with a completely separate effect. That second pair must have something in common between the two, but doesn't need anything in common with the first pair. It's also possible to combine positive effects, like Restore Health + Restore Magicka. I usually don't bother because the effects restore over a period of time, so they aren't as useful as potions you'll find in the game. Isn't this fun? Perhaps not what you expected when you decided to create a new UI.
  18. Northern UI Feedback

    Re. superfluous ingredients: vanilla will let you do it. It wastes the third ingredient. It would be very unlikely you would do that because you know that you need ingredients in pairs. I suspect it would do that with two extra ingredients too. I'll see if I can test that.
  19. Northern UI Feedback

    Yes, that’s exactly it. I was having a hard time finding the words to explain and you did that perfectly. You can have AB + CD = ABCD. In my case above AB = Burden effect and CD = Damage Health. The minimum amount for creating a potion is two ingredients. The Alchemy Calculator will give you these combinations, but yeah if you aren’t familiar with Oblivion, it might be tricky to use. If you want to do some testing, open the calculator, set your skill to 25 and leave all the equipment at Novice level. Then generate a list of potions with multiple effects. I have a list of favourite potions that I regularly make on each play-through. Here are some examples: Burden + Damage Health Burden + Damage Health + Damage Magicka Burden + Fire Damage Burden + Frost Damage Damage Health + Fire Damage Damage Health + Damage Magicka + Fire Damaga Damage Health + Damage Magicka + Frost Damage I really don’t know what it would do with superfluous ingredients. I’ll have to try that. I don’t think it will let you pick the ingredient. I’ll try it and will let you know.
  20. DarNified UI BAIN

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my BAIN package with a wizard script for DarNified UI. You can install manually or use the wizard. See the DarNified BAIN readme file in the package (Core/Docs) for details. The readme has the links for Trollf's loading screens. The loading screens themselves are not included in the package.
  21. Sid Meier's Civilization Discussion

    Nope just Civ 5 special edition still sitting in the box. I'll get around to it one of these days.
  22. Sid Meier's Civilization Discussion

    Civ 5 is another game I own but haven’t played yet!
  23. Northern UI Feedback

    I've got another potion I can't create, but should be able to. Damage Health + Damage Magicka + Fire Damage = Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap + Fire Salts + Harrada + Spiddal Stick If you check these ingredients on the UESP (link above), you'll see that once again two ingredients are supplying the fire damage and the last two are supplying the damage health and damage magicka. You can't limit your algorithm to one effect. I really need this potion, so I'll uninstall NUI temporarily.
  24. Northern UI Feedback

    Perhaps you just need to divide by 10? My Destruction is 53, so the message wouldn't appear if you divided by 10.
  25. Northern UI Feedback

    Another incompatibility for you: Custom Spell Icons. From the spell menu, you can normally hit "i" to bring up the icon menu, but that's not working. There's an update to CSI here, but I'll still be using the DLL from CSI. I'll see if the new version works better though. I'll certainly test any fixes or new releases for you. Edit: The update doesn't work either.