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  1. Help needed to customize Firefox

    Personal experience here! Firefox can also blow up if your PC has a hissy fit and forgets the current date. I’ve had some problems with my PC forgetting the bios settings, including the current date, so all my plugins failed. It really pissed me off because FF actually removed some of them and I can’t get them back. Anyway Arthmooor has nailed the issue in this case, but just as a head’s up, if your bios fails for some reason, make sure you set the date correctly or FF will have a major hissy fit and might delete some shit you don’t want removed. I really hate current browsers.
  2. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    I asked Jac about this and he said that it looks like this has been fixed already. He posted the fix so I’ll verify that it’s in the plugin.
  3. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Also, it turns out there's a bug in the wizard that won't set the level cap properly. I'll fix the wizard, but I recommend setting the values in that section manually if you haven't done so already.
  4. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    That sounds vaguely familiar. I don't have it specifically listed in our change log though, so I'll ask Jac if it got fixed. Thanks for the head's up and welcome to TAL!
  5. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Not that wide a range. That would be Stunted Scamps and Clannfear Runts running around with Daedroth. I think he's running MOO or one of those other mods that delevel Oblivion so you have a chance of encountering anything.
  6. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Bethesda released another big update to the game and they might actually be listening to complaints! First, you don’t need an account on Bethesda.net to play anymore. The game is now available on the iTunes store and I’m guessing it would also be available on the Android equivalent. Second, and this is a big one for me, you can now get more crafting materials from daily and weekly jobs. I’m finding the jobs very difficult because I’m encountering enemies that I just can’t beat, so I need to craft potions and enchant my weapons, but I can’t because I don’t have the materials. Another nice feature is that you now get a pop-up taking you to your daily reward from the store. I know about the daily reward, but I often forget to check. Today I got a gold chest. When you get chests in the daily reward, they open immediately. I did spend a bit of money on the game to buy enough gems to get the Imperial Shipment special. That gave me a bunch of building materials for the town so I was able to add several improvements to my town.
  7. OFFLINE!!! I’ll be offline for a few days. My modem died and I need to get a new one from my ISP.

    1. AndalayBay


      We can’t afford it.

    2. Malonn


      Understood.  You spent all your money on your home renovations that took 10 years?  :)

    3. AndalayBay


      Yep. And more. :(

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  8. If you’ve noticed some issues when visiting lately, that was me getting IPv6 working on the server.  I wound up getting help from Linode. All fixed now! If you are using IPv6 you should now get a full IPv6 response.

    1. Schtearn


      Sounds as if they had a couple of "Teksavvy" work experience ops in for the day.

    2. AndalayBay


      I got a test modem from them today, so I’m back online for now. I’m going to see if I can “repair” my old modem before buying a new one. The test modem is an upgrade, but I don’t really need the extra features.

      We’ve enabled IPv6 on the test modem, but I have no idea if I’m visiting with IPv6. I probably have to switch to my static IPv6 account.

    3. Schtearn
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  9. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Oblivion XP's ini is meant to be edited by the player. The wizard is a very recent addition. Here's a thread on how to customize your levelling rate based on the mods you have loaded. I suggest taking a look at Bash's readme. I'm not familiar with that setting. It sounds like you have a mod that's messing with NPC and creature levelling.
  10. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Back to Blades. I think this silly game has me hooked somehow. The dungeons are dull, but the enemies and combat aren’t bad. Hopefully they’ll add more variety as the game develops. I might even buy some gems!
  11. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    I think Vorians took care of that. I haven't changed anything like that, but I think Vorians did make a bunch of changes to BC that required an update to the patch. Actually I will have to talk to Vorians about Skingrad. The changes I made there might affect BC and/or UL. Good point!
  12. Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening Version 1.2.6 Download Links: The Assimilation Lab TES Nexus Introduction Once upon a time, our name was whispered in the dark corners of the deepest caves and feared in the highest towers. Once upon a time, we bore the blood of emperors on our hands. Once upon a time, we were mystery, and secret, and the greatest in the Empire would gather our rituals to be allowed to grovel at our feet. Once upon a time, we scorned Mephala Herself, stole Her treasures, and found a master far beyond what She ever was. But now... Now, we are scattered, the Sanctuaries sealed. Now, the blood you have on your hands is that of your own family. Now, our secrets are broken, for we never saw the traitor in our midst. Now, the body of your master and mentor hangs in Applewatch, and the Night Mother herself scorns us for our failure. Where is the power of Sithis now? In the aftermath of the traitor's destruction, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood now faces new challenges. Shadowy threats from without and little trust from within. The Sanctuaries have been locked, the Dark Family hidden. But still, someone has found them. Someone seeks to wipe the weakened assassins from the face of Tamriel. The greatest secrets of the Black Hand must be unearthed if the Listener is to save the Dark Brotherhood from extinction. Or perhaps he will aid the Brotherhood's greatest enemy. The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large-scale quest mod. It boasts many new NPCs, locations, and both a large main questline and sidequests, delving deep into the shadowed history of the Dark Brotherhood. Features: Choice. You have the power to decide not only how to perform within quests, but whether or not to accept them in the first place. If you turn down some quests, they are no longer available. Save your game before talking to an NPC. Interaction. In some quests, the clothes you wear can affect an NPC's reaction. You can also taunt your target before the kill... Decision. Some of our quests are disturbing. These aren't your morally ambiguous, or even justified, assassination missions. In tDBC, you are a heartless assassin, and will be called upon to perform reprehensible and grotesque acts. However, there are alternatives to these reprehensible acts: you can choose the path your character takes rather than being shoehorned into a purely villainous role. Several new exterior locations and dungeons, including several new sanctuaries. A wide variety of NPCs, with their own distinct character traits. Custom rumours and greetings. Lots of books and notes that enhance the lore and expand on the recent events in the Brotherhood. Quest Notes: The quests that comprise the main quest are neutral until the end. Then you will be forced to make a choice that will earn you fame or infamy. Some of the side quests will earn infamy points. However, they are optional, so you can turn them down if you don't wish to do them. If you wish to complete all the side quests, do so before starting the final quest. You will be asked to retrieve a dagger. Finish all the side quests before handing the dagger over. Awakening will end once the final quest is finished and the side quests will no longer be available. tDBC is aimed at characters level 15 and over. Companions and enemies are scaled, but quests are meant to be hard so higher level characters are recommended. Requirements OBSE version 20 or newer MenuQue version 9a or newer Patches Open Cities Better Cities Unique Landscapes Roads of Cyrodiil Patch ImpeREAL City Unique Districts If you are using the Skingrad Outskirts module for Unique Landscapes, grab the 1.02 or newer update as that resolves some conflicts with the area outside Skingrad. Translations French translation by Sita Compatibility Awakening is incompatible with: Anvil Bay Expansion (unconfirmed - assumed due to pre-patch conflicts with BC) Duke Patricks - Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs (this one breaks the final quest in Awakening) A Brotherhood Renewed (AI package conflicts - both mods are too similar to be run at the same time) The Return of the Dark Brotherhood. Same reason as A Brotherhood Renewed. Minor cosmetic issues with: Reclaiming Sancre Tor (road passes under one of our locations - can go around) Gallery Screenshots and concept drawings for the project: tDBC Gallery Special thanks to: Arthmoor for being at our beck and call to answer at least 10,000 questions for the last year and for stepping up and giving us a new home when we needed it most. Our beta testers for playing through the entire mod at least 47 times. They are never going to want to see Awakening ever again. And a special call-out to omeletted for her thoroughness, being a royal nitpicker, breaking it in ways we never thought it could be broken, and methodically killing every single one of our NPCs at least twice. Team Members Amadaun - Team Lead, Modelling, Texturing, Level Design AndalayBay - Team Lead, Scripting, Quest Building, Level Design, Site Administration Cray - Team Lead, Writing 'Drea - Writing, Beta Testing, Voice Acting Morrigain - Writing Sunseahl - Writing Vincent - Level Design, Modelling Sue - Voice Acting Ibsen's Ghost (Ibsen3) - Voice Acting Arthmoor - Technical Consultant Vorians - Landscape editing and patches Also a big thank you to the two previous teams who paved the way for us. Voice Acting Ibsen's Ghost - The Hermit Mick Mize - The Scholar (Antony Percival), Male necromancer chant 'Drea - Female necromancer chant Remaining roles still in progress. Credits Bethesda for creating Oblivion shadeMe for the CSE and Conscribe scruggsywuggsy the ferret for OBSE mr_siika for the Sanctum meshes Helborne for the Chitin armour and weapons Xiamara for the chair and sofa meshes Gildur and Demonmaster for the Anima Cyrodiili tileset Meo for the ceremonial dagger mesh Ren for the blindfold mesh Phoenix Amon for some of the book covers Emillia for various meshes and textures InsanitySorrow for various meshes and textures Qarl for his spider web meshes and textures TheTalkieToaster for the Spider Draedra NPC elveon, Malo, mikal33 and AlienSlof for the spider resources LHammonds, Sita and Jerros for the Paladin armour Klaus for his UI topic fixes fg109 (RandomNoob) for his help with scripting and quest building Unofficial TESA Clutterer's Guild for various meshes PrettyMurky - XML, Scripting Rahvin - Writing theinfamouskat (thechickwhopwn3dyou) - Writing Thomas Kaira - Interiors Ysne58 - beta testing Elec0 - Modelling, Beta Testing Koniption - Modelling, Texturing Lareneg - Writing, Beta Testing omeletted - Texturing, Beta Testing Silver - Modelling Siulil - Beta Testing
  13. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    NO DON'T DO THAT. Leo you're contradicting me! You can't use setav when you are using Oblivion XP. Oblivion XP has to have control over your skills and attributes. You can use modav, which is how the game awards bonuses when you do certain things, like talking to Baurus after helping him with the Mythic Dawn. Same when you read a skill book. In this instance, Terrorix shouldn't be using the console at all. He should read the Ob XP readme for instructions on how to manually change his level, if that's what he wants to do.
  14. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    Wait for the new release though! All those fixes are in the new version that I haven't released yet.
  15. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    I use it too. I was referring to the fact that Terrorix is messing with his level using the console and that won't work with Oblivion XP, so he might have broken it.
  16. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Just edit the Ob XP ini directly. Not everything is in the wizard. The ini file has explanations of all the settings right in the file. The readme also explains the settings and how they impact the game. Don’t use other tools to modify your skills or attributes. Ob XP has to have complete control over them. Elys Uncapper doesn’t alter your skills or attributes, it alters the game engine so it can work with the higher values of your skills and attributes as modified by Ob XP. I have no idea if the mod is working correctly or not. What is your character’s level? Please read the Ob XP readme. I suspect your character isn’t at a high enough level to permit you to increase your skills and attributes. You can’t use other tools to change your skills and attributes because Ob XP has an internal record of the values.
  17. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    We actually wrote the program years ago in BASIC for DOS. I’ve been trying to find the source code so I don’t have to reproduce the logic, but it looks like it’s gone. Jimi works full-time so I’ll have to do most of the coding. He’ll help me with the logic.
  18. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I’ll post about it once we’ve released it. Until then I want to keep it secret.
  19. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    You might get a kick out of the change log that I've got so far then. Warning: SPOILER ALERT! The big fix was a loophole in my logic that had some stuff in Awakening kick in before it should. Now you can install Awakening as soon as you start a new game and it will just sit quietly... waiting...
  20. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    It's just a solitaire game. However we have a unique method for changing the difficulty that I've never seen in other games. Bethesda has actually released several patches for Blades. I just hope they can open it up a bit more. There is one interesting feature. The dungeon dives are little quests or jobs. You're tasked with collecting six portions of glow dust, for example. Well when you're done, a dialogue box pops up giving you the option to complete the quest or continue to explore. You can continue to explore to loot the last bit of treasure from the dungeon. Once you're done, you can pick Complete Quest from the menu. In any case, when you complete the quest, you are teleported back to town. I like the fact that you don't have to trudge back through the dungeon again. Although they made most of the dungeons circular anyway, so if you do finish it, you usually wind up back where you started.
  21. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Just encountered my first real bug. I was unable to apply a poison to a weapon. After trying three times, I got “Lorem Ipsum” as an error message and all my poisons, of that particular type, disappeared. I reported the bug. Just a minor annoyance, although I did spend gold and materials to create that potion.
  22. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Also, I read in an article (it might be the one I linked above) that Bethesda had already made $500,000 on Blades. That was a while ago. We’ve got to get our mobile game done!
  23. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    I recommend holding off until the new release. Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag due to an engine limitation so I haven’t worked on DBC for a while. I’m trying to find a work-around. If you do play through the current version, you have to redo the last part of the mod. I’ll suggest to people that they play the mod over again due to all the bug fixes, new ways of completing some quests and the voice acting.
  24. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    It’s certainly the norm for mobile games. I play a few others and they are all geared towards you continually spending money on them. I’m at the point now where I won’t spend any real money at all on them. I might spend a bit of money on Blades, but I would cap it and only do it once. At this point though, Blades just doesn’t have enough content to make it worth it. The only part of the game I like is rebuilding the town. That’s a real grind though because it’s hard to find enough materials. You need tons of limestone and you only get a few pieces at a time when you do a dungeon dive.
  25. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Now I understand all the complaints about chests. You have a limit of 10 chests. That’s it, so you can’t continue the game until you’ve waited six hours for a chest to open. Or you can pay 10 gems to temporarily increase your limit, but there aren’t many gem rewards. Obviously the plan here is to force players to spend real money on the game to buy gems. I guess I’ll continue playing tomorrow. I’ve got other games to play.